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No Building, No Plan, No Clue. Round II.

If you have some time tomorrow, check out the latest collusion between a corporation and our 'trusted' officials, in this case Portland Public Schools Superintendent Jim Scherzinger.

Monday, August 11, 2003, at Noon - Blanchard Education Service Center - 501 N. Dixon - in the Board Auditorium
Banfield, The Pet Hospital™ has made a proposal to the City and Portland Public Schools. They want to buy the land currently occupied by Vocational Village School , at NE 82nd and Tillamook, to develop a multi-use site, including condos and a dog park. Rationale for moving the School rests primarily on a cost benefit analysis done by engineers assessing the cost of completing a seismic update on Glenhaven, the old school that houses Vocational Village.

They say it's not worth it. But it's unclear what that means or how the determination was made since there has been absolutely no real assessment of the cost of moving Vocational Village to another location suitable to its purpose and needs...

Portland Public Schools seems to be pushing the deal. They've declared Glenhaven "surplus property" under Portland Public School policy 8.7.040-P for surplussing "real property which is owned by the district but is no longer used, needed for, or suited to the programs of the Portland Public Schools."

Vocational Village School teachers and students are fighting hard to keep their school. The powers that be seem to want to railroad this through. This is our chance to stop them in their tracks. Please consider reading more about this issue and attending the School Board meeting *tomorrow at noon*, or the meetings scheduled for August 18th and 25th.

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