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A21 Jail Support Fundraiser and Videography Workshop

Thursday, August 14, 7pm at Red & Black Cafe, 2138 SE Division, $3 obo
In preparation for the A21 Bush visit, the General Defense Committee of the IWW, in conjunction with the National Lawyers Guild will host a fundraiser video screening and videography workshop "How to Shoot Litigation Quality Video." We will screen the A22 Bush video from last year, and maybe some of the Day X video. There will be a $3 cover, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Statement from NLG:

This is a city wide call for all activist owners of camcorders and cameras!!

In preparation for the upcoming visit of the Resident on August 21, 2003, the NLG will do a training session for all videographers and photographers on how to videotape and photograph a demonstration for use in suing the cops and defending protesters.