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Condoleeza Rice tries to play the Race Card to defend US Foreign Policy

Another pathetic attempt by Condoleeza Rice to justify American Imperialism around the world by accusing critics of US foreign policy of being "racist." Apparently, Condoleeza doesn't believe that demonizing and vilifying Islam in order to whip up fanatical American nationalism as part and parcel of the fraudulent "War on Terror" is racist. What was it that Harry Belafonte said about Colin Powell being a "house slave"? It seems that Powell is not the only one..
The Telegraph

Critics of US policy are racist, says Rice
By David Rennie in Washington
(Filed: 09/08/2003)

Condoleezza Rice, the most senior black woman in the Bush administration, has levelled a charge of racism against critics of the US drive to bring Western freedoms to the Middle East.

In an unusually personal speech, Miss Rice, the national security adviser to President George W Bush, said the push to bring democracy and free markets to the Middle East was "the moral mission of our time", to be compared with the civil rights movement that ended racial segregation in America.

Miss Rice rarely plays on her upbringing in Birmingham, Alabama - a hotbed of racial strife in the Sixties, culminating in the fatal bombing of a black church. However, addressing the National Association of Black Journalists in Dallas, she used that personal history to issue a direct challenge to all those critical of the Bush administration's ambitions in Iraq and beyond.

"Like many of you, I grew up around the home-grown terrorism of the 1960s. I remember the bombing of the church in Birmingham in 1963, because one of the little girls that died was a friend of mine," she said.

Black Americans should stand by others seeking freedom today, she went on, and shun the "condescending" argument that some races or nations were not interested in or ready for Western freedoms.

"We've heard that argument before. And we, more than any, as a people, should be ready to reject it," she said. "That view was wrong in 1963 in Birmingham and it is wrong in 2003 in Baghdad and in the rest of the Middle East."

Miss Rice was questioned about her role in approving the president's State of the Union address, with its now infamous claim that Iraq was seeking uranium in Africa.

She expressed remorse for the episode, saying she had read a top-secret national intelligence report that expressed doubts about the uranium connection "cover to cover, a couple of times".

But she played down the importance of the claims. "Of course the president did not go to war over whether Saddam Hussein tried to get yellow cake from Africa," she said.

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after all... 10.Aug.2003 09:35


After all, oil is black.

Rice is grabbing at straws 10.Aug.2003 10:50


Rice is clearly at such a loss of any remaining credibility that she has resorted to grabbing at straws. Certainly the American civil rights movement had its abundant share of tragedy. Perhaps the greatest tragedy of all is that the self same people with whom she has now aligned herself - i.e. arch-right wingers, the FBI, etc. - are the ones who struggled mightily (and some would say successfully) to fend off true civil rights, integration, and freedom for all Americans, black, white, and others.

How the woman could even stand to be in a room with Tom Ridge, for example, without wanting to go for his throat is beyond me. Unless my suspicion is true: that Condoleeza Rice has tried since childhood to wipe her black skin off and become like one of the people she now serves so shamelessly.

Equating Bush's illegal wars in the Middle East to the American civil rights movement is a new low, even for her.

seriously, i am asking " are we stingy with our way of life" 10.Aug.2003 23:23

Stingy american growingflora@earthlink.net

I thought that maybe the Iraqi culture was valuble to the Iraqis and that our shallow materialistic greedy ways would pervert their way of life but maybe I am wrong.

poverty of thought 13.Aug.2003 13:32

Wallaby Wally

Condoleeza Rice is simply participating in the contemporary poverty of thought that pervades all American political discourse. To criticize Israel is anti-semitism, to raise the question of Israeli nuclear weapons is anti-semitism, christianity is anti-semitism, whites have the anti-semitism gene, Islam is anti-semitic, the Prophet Mohammed is a pedophile (or course, actual pedophiles are role models and moral supermen), only white supremacists have white children, supporting the war in Iraq is white racism, opposing the war in Iraq is white racism, protecting American borders is anti-semitism, opposing the apartheid wall is anti-semitism, equal rights for whites is white racism, civil rights for whites is white racism, opposing super-rights for illegal immigrants is white racism, opposing gun control in America is white racism, supporting gun control among the Jewish militias on the West Bank is anti-semitism, if America has nuclear weapons it is white racism, if Pakistan has nuclear weapons it is anti-semitism, opposing Israeli nuclear weapons is anti-semitism, opposing Israeli concentration camps and torture is anti-semitism.... blah, blah, blah...