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alternative media a21 bush protests

film crews for A21

calling out everyone with a video camera
does anyone want to make a movie about bush's trip and the resistance to it? i've got a camera and want to hook up with others. we can make our own press passes and make a good movie together. out of all the cameras i see at protests, rarely will i get to see the film afterwards. We can work together to change that. this is a great opportunity.
simon: see the link below 10.Aug.2003 10:54


A21 Jail Support Fundraiser and Videography Workshop


Simon: Your Work Will Be Important 10.Aug.2003 12:56


As one of the A22 lawyers, let me stress that good video of protests is important - cops routinely lie on their police reports, but video doesn't lie. It showed on A22 that the cops conducted a premeditated attack on peaceful protesters, as opposed to corporate media spin that the protesters were violent.

Comments 10.Aug.2003 20:04


Probably there should be multiple cameras, in a variety of locations, to capture as much of the action as possible. If cooperation is possible, there could be a "master" video compilation of the best scenes from each set of tape.

Also, it would be great to have some electronic formats of the videos, like MPEG format. Real Media and Windows Media Player are pretty crappy, and not in the activist spirit of being free/open. :-)

Digital Camera 11.Aug.2003 09:53


I'll volunteer the use of my services with my digital camera.

gone digital 11.Aug.2003 10:45


I will gladly pitch in with my digital camera and perhaps a video camera.

There should be a collective place to reference copies of tapes/ images... perhaps someplace like the know, so attorneys can go and reference and filmmakers can use for material?

does anyone have anymore idea to that?

maybe we should meet up before hand 11.Aug.2003 16:58


we could choose a spot to meet and cordinate our filming so we all don't shoot the same scenes and leave others out. also we could talk about protection--i'm thinking of getting a gasmask. but the most important thing is finding a place afterwards to edit and distribute these materials. any ideas?

Alan Graf has a videographer on staff... 11.Aug.2003 23:28


If there is trouble, and you get it on video, call Alan Graf's office.....he has a videographer in the office who's worked with the A22 video, and will be at the A14 videographer meeting at the Red and Black.

We definitely do want to know in advance who's taking video so we won't have to scramble after the fact.

Get down! 12.Aug.2003 10:43

Videista videoresistance@ziplip.com

Hey! Great to hear this level of interest in getting out the story. Portland Indy Video Collective has been working to bring you videos from the resistance for some time. It's AWESOME to hear so many more voices interested in getting out to the streets with cameras in hand. If you're interested in working with members of the video collective, we're always looking for people who want to share their footage. We've edited projects from A22, from Day X, and many others. We've also been planning to do something for this event. Personally, I'd be happy to work with anyone who is interested in telling this story. Also, if you put something together, we can show it at one of the resistance screenings.

You can see some of our work this Friday at the Red and Black at 7pm, which would also be a good time to meet with video collective people if you like. Another good place to meet people interested in projects like this is at the indymedia meetings every saturday afternoon at the Red and Black.

So if you'd be interested in either working with the collective on this video, or if you'd like to put something together on your own but would be interested in showing it at a resistance screening, please drop us a line. Either way, see you in the streets.

Second that 12.Aug.2003 12:09

Videista 2

Debi said, "There should be a collective place to reference copies of tapes/ images... perhaps someplace like the know, so attorneys can go and reference and filmmakers can use for material?"

Good idea, Debi. The PDX indy video collective usually meets with anyone who wants to share footage after something like this. We copy footage we might use, and give the national lawyers guild access to any footage we have that they might need for legal action. In any event, it's important to have multiple copies, because we do live in a police state. The police do whatever they can to silence independent voices. It wouldn't be a good idea to have all the original footage in one easily accessible place, since that place would be screaming to be raided. But we could always have copies that people could access.

One word of warning. Since everyone will have access to this, please make sure you protect people while shooting in the streets. Don't shoot anything that could compromise people, and respect people when they say they don't want to be filmed. For more pointers, see the Guerilla Video Primer. You can contact CMC or the pdx video collective to find out more about that. (See email address above.)

I was just gonna say! 12.Aug.2003 21:40


Hey! I was just gonna say! What about the PDX indy video collective! Those guys ROCK. Did you see their A22 video?

curious 12.Aug.2003 23:11


can the video collective make extra press passes? that would be cool. i guess it would be unreasonable to expect the cops not to directly target people wearing those press passes, but are their plans to make gear available to protect jounalists from police violence?