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Portland Says No To Bush: A21 March Announcement

Converge Thursday morning, August 21, 2003
Columbia Park at Lombard St
North Portland

March at 10 am

Who's behind all of this? You, if you're willing to say NO to BUSH! Organize an affinity group or just grab some friends, relatives, or neighbors and come to Columbia Park before 10 am the morning of the 21st.

All are welcome.

Further information will be posted as the date nears. Please add the TIME (10 am) and LOCATION (Columbia Park @ Lombard) to your posters... let's get the word out!

In solidarity-

The PSN2B working group

Thank you for stepping up! 10.Aug.2003 13:44


Thank you for setting a time and a place for these events. The name is good as well. See you there!

please feature this 10.Aug.2003 14:15

or at least direct link it on the bush page

thanks, psn2b working group, for calling an action. hey, indymedia editors, can you make this call to action more prominent on the front page? thanks.

Excellent! 10.Aug.2003 18:24


See you there!

I did some scouting in N. Portland this afternoon. I'd recommend it to anyone who can make it up there before the 21st. I spoke with a few homeowners in the area as well...nobody knows that Bush is coming! We've got to get some signs up on Lombard and Willamette at least.

Most people were pretty excited to hear that there was going to be some a march and some resistance. I was a bit surprised...I thought I might here more of the "damn protesters are comin' to mess up my lawn" sentiment. The residents I talked with were pretty cool about it all...some will have their lawn chairs out to watch the action...others want to join us!

I only talked with one Bush supporter near the University. He was shocked by the sticker price of the luncheon ($2000). He doesn't mind the march, either. "Nobody's going to mess with my house, and anyway it's a free country," he said.

Nice neighborhood, vast diversity (for Portland) of class and race from block to block, lots of people in their yards and in the parks, definitely a good place to visit.

door-to-door leafleting 10.Aug.2003 20:04

j. witness

a proposal (by not in town, but to be present on A21, and with respect for those in a better local position to consider this)...

some quick neighborhood flooding of rubber-band-over-door-knob leafleting on the essentials of the visit-focusing more on bread and butter issues (bring the troops home now, restore vets' medical benefits, cancel huge tax cuts for billionaires and fix oregon schools, bridges, no war and occupation based solely on lies to congress and the american people, etc., etc. ) for broadest appeal. this is proposed with no knowledge of local ordinances on that type of solicitation (rubber band over door knobs leaflets), but a large area can be covered in a short time by not too large a group of folks.

the leaflets don't have to have some of the masterful and poignant graphics that have appeared over the last week or so, but more of a straight-ahead bulleted list. they don't have to be that voluminous, either, so an individual can carry a lot of them to put on doorknobs or stick into door cracks (don't put them in mailboxes, which most probably know, will bring you trouble from the authorities.) a folded half-sheet printed on both sides, perforated at the top corner of the fold (think hanging telephone book) with a rubber band through the hole would suffice.

it sometimes helps to avoid "strange female/male going up to peoples, doors" perception, it everyone is wearing some common item of token "uniform". in candidate leafleting of this type performed elsewhere, that can be attested to, just wearing a white painter's cap serves to deflate suspicions. (know it sounds dumb, but it seems to ease folk's unease-looks more like someone on some mundane duty.) this might not be an issue, but it's thrown in for consideration.

given both the apparent dearth of local foreknowledge of this event and the potential for local participation and support for this demonstration of er...disatisfaction with the junta, it would seem essential that the neighborhood be flooded with information on a house-to-house basis. possibly this would have more effect than postering and pasting, if a choice between one or the other has to be made.

see you in the park!

gather at 10 am 11.Aug.2003 15:40


From what I have heard, the march isn't starting 'till after 10:30 am. !0 am is when everyone needs gather.

come early if you can 11.Aug.2003 19:14


Some sources say that doors to the Chiles center will be opening at 10:30, so come early if you can...good to have a good crowd on at Columbia on Lombard to welcome (or even stop?) the limousines and Lexii of the wealthy.

Columbia Park 12.Aug.2003 09:42


Drove down to Columbia Park yesterday. Noticed a whole bunch of barriers (not up yet) titled "Road closed" in the vicinity.

$2,000 would be a bargain 12.Aug.2003 12:56

UPstudent against Bush

The per plate price of the luncheon was $10,000, and it sold out practically right away. Gross!

correction 12.Aug.2003 16:26

jackie treehorn

it's $2,000 per person to attend.

Here's how to protest this thing 13.Aug.2003 01:35

Justice Evans justiceforestevans@yahoo.com

At first I thought that shutting down the city would not make the right point to the people for whom the city was shut down (i.e. the guy who just desparately wants to not be late home ANOTHER night from work to see the wife and kids, who is thinking nothing about politics or the state of the world and would simply be fuming irritated to be stopped in gridlock by a bunch of no-good-hippies), then I realized that the people who it would effect wouldn't be angered by these protesters who "do not support the troops"...they'd be dealing with a force that shut down the city SIMPLY BECAUSE the president is in town.

Shutting down the city, with a ferocity, is the only way to make a point. Black Bloc, stay away. We don't need your violent, anarchist ways upsetting the enormous point that is about to be made. The police will react only when pushed, and then they will react with ultimate vengence. Don't give them a reason to act, and hopefully they will not act.

You know how you make a point? You know how you make the rest of the nation see that Portland does not accept President Bush? You make it known to the world. You bring in the media, you have 27 helicopters overhead filming and reporting with headlines like "CITY SHUT DOWN--PRESIDENT'S EXISTENCE PROTESTED BY THOUSANDS."

You must get the word out. You must get the crowd. You must act professionally. You MUST act professionally. You must show the world what you can do, legally, and Gandhi like, Christ like.

Well said! 13.Aug.2003 12:00

Tom Bee

Well said, friend! Count me in, along with as many who will come with me!

Next year, when Bush II is thrown out of the White House, let history show that the political momentum for his fall began in August 2002 in the streets of Portland . . .

Let everyone who came to hear Nader turn out . . .

Let every person who voted against Bush rise up . . .

Let every woman, man and child who marched in the anti-war protests return to the streets, and let each and all bring someone who didn't . . .

Let us eclipse, with the strength of our numbers and the passion of our collective voice, the Battle of Seattle . . .

Let us not be just a mere inconvenience, but a spear tip that strikes fear into the heart of the political establishment . . .

Let us stage nothing less than the 21st Century equivilant of the Boston Tea Party!

Mr. 14.Aug.2003 09:47

ver97233 ver97233@teleport.cc

Would like some posting of observing rallys and police, demonstrations interactions

Black bloc for Justice 14.Aug.2003 14:51

Fish Sandwich/Death Skwad Kreu skankyshaker@hotmail.com

I am again amazed at the interpretation of succesful protests tactics such as the black bloc described by Justice Evans. Man what are you thinking? You state, "Black Bloc stay away," because you feel that our 'violent, anarchist ways upset the enormouspoint that is about to be made.' Just so you know, and i have a feeling you have not been involved with much mass action before, the black bloc is present at protests not only for a sense of autonomous solidarity but also as a sign of civilian protection from the fucking pigs. So, if you would rather hold hands and spin in circles with peace signs dangling from the mouths of pretty doves all while getting pepper sprayed by the cops, go for it. For the rest of the masses that don't feel like accepting the perpetuating monotony that is passisive non-direct action protests, bring a black mask and a head full of subversive ideas, and get your grove on. Not only are black masks rather fashionable in an art-deco sort of way, they do wonders for dyi gas masks.
One more word of advice for Justice Evans, if you ever get to the front lines and get arrested by a pig, you think that you're peace loving liberal compadres are going to help you, nah it'll be the violent anarchists that set you free.
In Solidarity,
your mom

oh yeah property destruction is not violence.

directions? 14.Aug.2003 16:13

concrete x@moonmonster.net

maybe i missed something, but as a new transplant to pdx, i'm not really sure how to get to the protest. is it possible to get directions (public transit, bike, car, etc) posted somewhere? is there a max stop near the park?

No love for the bloc? 14.Aug.2003 23:52

humble anarchist

"Black Bloc, stay away. We don't need your violent, anarchist ways upsetting the enormous point that is about to be made. The police will react only when pushed, and then they will react with ultimate vengence. Don't give them a reason to act, and hopefully they will not act."

What?! The police have proven time and time again that they will act with or without valid reason or cause. It is for this reason that black blocs have formed, that they are necessary. We are the ones who seek to counteract the police in some limited fashion. We are those that seek anonymity from the state that we protest against. I have grown weary of the constant steriotyping and biased comments that are shower the bloc. I for one, seek to act in reaction. I seek to do something rather than be beaten when the police move in.

"You MUST act professionally. You must show the world what you can do, legally, and Gandhi like, Christ like."

First of all, what then does one do when protesting is illegal? Do you just swallow your personal views and admit, well it is against the law? Do you not realize that one must act without a sense of what is legal and what is illegal, but rather with a sense of what is right and what is wrong? Christ and Gandhi were both killed, they are dead. We must live our lives in today and decide for ourselves what is an appropriate plan of action. In my mind worship of individuals and what they HAVE done should be kept to a minimum. This is today, it is our today and it is our world. We cannot sit idly by while the pigs march against us. Do not criticize us because our tactics vary from your own, instead realize our motives and embrace us as kin. That is all, don't hate us because we wear black. Thanks

Destruction of Property 15.Aug.2003 14:26


Destruction of property is not violence?? It's good to hear that it's so black and white. We should all feel better now.

No rest for the wicked - don't let Bush sleep in Portland 15.Aug.2003 17:43

Your sweet old auntie

Is Bush here one, two, or three days?

Where is he spending the night? It shouldn't be to hard to figure out.

Let's keep the bastard awake all night long with chanting, screaming, drums, firecrackers, whatever.

Make sure he never comes this way again.

What is the threshold that justifies violence? 15.Aug.2003 17:49


It can be argued that violent reaction is necessary at some point. No one could argue that the Germans ought to have violently resisted Hitler. Where are we in this spectrum?

Be aware of the presense of provocateurs 16.Aug.2003 16:33

Schizoid Embolism

Understand that this protest would be a perfect opportunity for the government to hire a bunch of thugs to cause property damage as an excuse to declare a civil emergency and crack down on peaceful protesters, just like they did in Seattle at the WTO protests. BE AWARE OF THIS POSSIBILITY. Thank you.

bush at the Benson???? 16.Aug.2003 18:35


I have heard via a comrade who works at the benson the commander in theif will be staying there for this trip. Theres no way to confirm this rumor exactly, but has anyone alse heard similar accounts?? It would be nice to surround the hotel with hundreds of people for the night.

Beautiful 16.Aug.2003 19:49


"So, if you would rather hold hands and spin in circles with peace signs dangling from the mouths of pretty doves all while getting pepper sprayed by the cops, go for it."

Excellent, really well put! BB is the best part of the protests . . . Anyone who wants to protect their coprorate logos and corporate profit-making storefront displays should go right ahead and bend over for the CEOs, I'm sure they'll have you.

A lot of people who want to stop BB have both control and authority issues - they need to control everything around them, and they need to protect authority.

Bush staying at bensen? 16.Aug.2003 19:59


If bush is at the bensen or any place downtown we can jam him in or out. make the pig squeal.

Trendy idiots 17.Aug.2003 01:13


Oh, we live in Oregon and we in Portland are so cool. Let it be known that this city doesn't accept Bush. What a bunch of crap this forum is filled with, and what a bunch of crap the streets will soon be filled with!! How many people on this forum vote? How many people here don't appreciate a tax break? How many people here realize that they're going around in fucking circles chasing their own tails? All this marching and whatnot only angers the citizens who, as someone else put it, "just want to get home to their families" (to paraphrase). It's like the idiot hackers who create virus software just to prove the point that Microsoft products have security flaws. Their point goes unnoticed and unappreciated because the manner in which they go about proving their point only pisses people off. When you people here realize that leading by example, voting, and using the system in the way it was meant to be used will get you the results you desire, perhaps then, and only then, will anything really be accomplished. All you're doing is reinforcing the notion that Portland is a pretty place to live, but that to do so, you have to put up with a bunch of whining little street rats all the time. Shut up, get a job, pay your taxes, have kids, vote, get involved in politics if you like (it's your right, after all), and just fucking relax a little. You're so riled up that you just go looking for something to protest, some cop to piss off, that you lose site of what you're supposedly after. Everything you do is to provoke a reaction from authority just so you can bitch and moan about the consequences when you get that reaction. It's so contrived and old. Grow up and move on.

Ignorance never goes out of style. 17.Aug.2003 04:12

Harmodius and Aristogiton

Thoughful(less) indeed. You should lay off the TV, dude. That shit's bad for you. It makes you see shit that ain't even there, man. You've been brainwashed and now you're in denial.

I suggest that you actually try to get to know some of these "whining little street rats" about whom you obviously know nothing other than the distorted image you see on the boob tube. Perhaps you might learn something about family and politics and democracy and work and relaxing. You should even come to the rally this Thursday. Protests are much richer and more nuanced than what the TV would indicate, and are best experienced in person. Maybe then you will be in a position to judge the character of the diverse people who attend the effectiveness of the various tactics employed. Until then, please shut up and let those of us who want to make a difference work.

Where have you been, thoughtful(less?) 17.Aug.2003 07:55


Ignorance is bliss, perhaps?

Have you forgotten that Bush did not get a majority of the vote? Do you recall he was put in office by a Supreme Court with a political agenda? Have you forgotten all the stories told to justify attacking Iraq are lies or without evidence? Have you forgotten that the tax cuts go to the rich? Have you forgotten that we have the worst economy in decades? Have you forgotten that you live in the state with the highest unemployment in the country?

This list goes on and on. Have you got your head up your ass?

Bush to Visit UP... 17.Aug.2003 08:31

UP Employee

They are keeping a tight lid on this one, so be sure to get the word out. Even in the information they've disseminated to employees at UP, they're not naming names--they refer to GWB as a "visiting dignitary". Not sure exactly what time he'll be arriving--they won't tell us much at all. Spread the word and come to NORTH PORTLAND to protest his presence in our city. I have heard they may stage a die-in. Any more word on that?

U of P recon 17.Aug.2003 14:59


I Talked to the guy PG & E is paying to take our Bush protests signs down from all the Utility poles (and anywhere else he can find them). He drives around in a little golf cart and he says he does it every day. Interestingly he has not been told to take all the signs down from the poles -- just the ones without dates or whose dates have expired.

"But, these Bush flyers all have unexpired dates on them."

"Yeah, and they're all going in the trash."


It is very very quiet around the University. THERE IS NO FENCE being put up. There are no guards or watchmen evident.

IMPORTANT (and I expect already understood):

The rally sure has hell had better be starting the the Columbia Park Annex, not the main Columbia Park. That is Columbia and the SOUTH side of Lombard. The North side is prettier, but it is fenced in along Lombard. The South side affords a choice of walking down through the Park to Williamette Blvd and up to the Univ that way or down Lombard to towards the University.

Let's keep an eye on the Park and the University Wednesday to see what changes.

Gathering Location 17.Aug.2003 17:33

N Portlander

I live in North Portland and suspect that people will have to gather at Columbia Park on the South side of Lombard and not in the annex which fronts on Willamette. It's not that far to walk and I'll bet that Willamette Blvd. and the residential streets nearest Willamette will be partially or completely blockaded to traffic with no place to park or lock a bike. Because of that, any homeowners near U of P will be just as inconvenienced by police and barriers as they might be by any marchers coming through Columbia Park. People coming in for the march from the South on I-5 (heading N) can take the Lombard West exit while those coming from the North can get off at the Interstate exit (and turn onto Lombard) or get off at Portland Blvd., head west, turn right onto N. Interstate to get back to Lombard and then head west out Lombard. Get yourself a Portland map, check out Mapquest ( http://www.mapquest.com/) for custom directions, or take Tri-Met which runs down Lombard.

the south side of Lombard is where the Annex begins 17.Aug.2003 19:00


To North Portlander --- Yes, we are talking about the same place on the south side of Lombard & Columbia. It is just that there is a sign there labeling that side of the street as the Columbia Park Annex. And the other side is too fenced and hidden by trees for the motorists to see us.

peaceful protest please 17.Aug.2003 19:39

a mom

Your tactics (black masks) will be in the minority. Those police are down there to do a job and if you act like an idiot and destroy property or harm people, I hope they take every measure necessary to stop you. It's simple, obey the law and act in peace. I will be one among many protesting peacefully. Fear will not rule my peaceful actions.

Your actions will prevent many from attending because you are creating fear. How smart is that?

Peaceful protest vs. total anarchy 18.Aug.2003 00:12

Clark Kent thecompassionateconservatives@yahoo.com

Further to the comments by Justice Evans, Fish Sandwich, humble anarchist, Patriot, Fred, and "a mom"...
  • I'm guessing that Justice Evans and others are not suggesting that we all be meek and mild, holding hands and singing "Kumbaya". That strategy will gain us nothing except ridicule and scorn.
  • I'm also hoping that Fish Sandwich et al are not suggesting that we all get together and embark upon random acts of senseless violence*. The jails are already overcrowded, getting pepper sprayed isn't exactly fun, and there are plenty of other reasons why we should not deliberately provoke the police into arresting us.
*I think that destruction of property is indeed considered criminal activity in the State of Oregon, in particular Oregon statutes 164.345, 164.354, and 164.365.

Here is my modest proposal:

  1. As we all know, the police overreacted at this time last year. We also know that the corporate mainstream media did a feeble job of reporting this. This time around, we need as many media as possible (the bigger their audience the better) on-hand to verify and document the event, both visually and aurally and preferably in real-time if at all possible. If (and hopefully not when) the police overstep their Constitutionally-set boundaries, wouldn't it be nice to have the media assemblage on our side for our change, instead of spinning the story to make PDX sound like a city full of "trendy idiots", to quote persona non grata thoughtful(less)? Favorable (i.e. in our favor, not Bush's favor) media coverage should be one of the main objectives.
  2. Thinking that Dubya himself cares about us or our message is a dangerous pipe dream. He knows he's on thin ice on our turf... he knows what happened last year, and he will be completely shielded from us. He's a tool for deception and hypocrisy, and there's not much we can do about that fact... except to further the cause of Regime Change 2004. Therefore, another very important goal should be to awaken the Slumbering Giant: all the Oregonians (and Americans) who have been effectively brainwashed by the administration and the mainstream media. Smashing things and generally acting irresponsibly will not persuade them to share our vision.

If you personally know a member of the print/radio/TV media, please contact them and convince them to cover A21. If you don't know any media, but are literate and/or own a digital camera or video recorder, then try to become the media for that day. See if you can cover A21 for your local newspaper. If you are a student, try to cover A21 for your school newspaper and/or radio station. If you are able to do this, avoid obvious bias unless you know that you are preaching to the choir... but try NOT to preach to the choir! We need new converts.

This is our Home 18.Aug.2003 09:52

Student of University of Portland

As a student of University of Portland, living very close to campus, I am quite confused as to why the college is bringing the President to our neighborhood - considering all protesters that are expected to be present. I would just urge everyone to keep it peaceful, and be respectful that this is our university and our home. We did not chose to have Bush come here, and do not want to see any violence on our front lawns. Thank you!

your statement is misdirected 18.Aug.2003 11:23


Unless your statement is to the police monitoring this site, your comments are misdirected. Last year the protests were completely peaceful with the exception of the violence of the police (check out the A22 video for details). If you want things to remain peaceful I urge you to contact city hall and the portland police and urge them to keep things peaceful and tell them you do not want to see any violence on your front lawns or on your streets.

Let's talk about ignorance... 18.Aug.2003 11:34


1st. Some of you are apparently ignorant the fact that in this country, the president is not elected by the popular vote, but rather by the electoral college. Bush did indeed receive the needed electoral votes to win the election (yes, with the assistance of the Supreme Court, whose charge it is to make such decisions, no matter what their motivations may be). So, let's get over that and move on. The election is long over and another one is coming, so why not focus on that instead of hanging on to something that happened nearly 3 years ago?

2nd. I guess I was unaware that I was rich, because I've gotten tax breaks since Bush came into office. Also, people I work with who have kids have received extra tax breaks for claiming those children on their tax forms. Now, we all make somewhere between 25K and 35K per year, and I would say that if that is considered rich, then someone has a skewed definition of wealth in this country.

3rd. Let's not ignore the fact that Iraq was ruled by a tyrannical dictator who has a supreme hatred for us (although we were once united against a common foe, Iran). Now, if I'm a terrorist looking for funding, Uncle Saddam would have to be the first on my list of people to call. Taking that guy out was just a good idea, and I couldn't give a rat's ass about the reason behind it. I don't care if those things that were told to the public were lies. I don't see how anyone could argue that taking him out was not a pre-emptive strike to avoid more potential terrorist acts against this country (and atrocities against his own people, for that matter). People blamed the president for not doing more to prevent 9/11. So now, when he decides to do something that could potentially protect us all, he's badmouthed for that, too. Make up your minds, people. You can only have it one way.

4th. The poor economy was something that was just going to happen. Economics are cyclical in nature and we happen to be on a down turn at the moment. The 90s were a boom driven by technology innovation and falsely inflated stock prices and the "dot com" explosion. When the floor falls out from under something like that, I don't care who is in office at the time. The economy is just going to go into the tanker for a while. A poor economy doesn't just happen overnight, but as soon as Bush came into office, everyone blamed his administration for the downturn. Now that's just plain ignorant.

As bad as the economy is and the supposed state of the nation in general, I'd still take this over anywhere else in the world. People still have the right to speak their minds and, yes, to protest when they just have to vent. We can travel, there's no curfew at night, we can work, educate ourselves, better our place in society, and do just about anything we damn well please. It's our capatalistic greed that most of you here abhor that has made this country the #1 economy in the world. Why does everyone else in the world come here to be free? Are they ALL fools? This country has achieved more in our short history than any other nation in existence. It's not just luck that's gotten us to where we are today. I know it sounds cliche, but if you feel that this country and it's leadership suck so much, then get a job, earn yourself plane fare to Rowanda or Palestine or any number of other shitholes throughout the world, and don't ever come back.

ok, let's talk about your ignorance 18.Aug.2003 12:00


1. The supreme court did not have the authority to supercede the state supreme court. The ultimate authority in a state election is the state supreme court. But that just further neglects the rampant voter fraud in Florida: the more than 90,000 voters illegally purged by the governor's office that Katherine Harris admitted to under oath in a court of law, the fact that voting machines in predominantly black counties were not set to notify voters of errors the way they were in predominantly white counties leading to 1 in 8 votes not being counted in those black counties, as well as voter intimidation and police blocks to prevent people from voting. The supreme court knew they were violating the constitution with their actions which is why they stated that Bush v. Gore would not be a precedent setting case, the first time in the history of this country that the court has ever made such a patently ridiculous claim (since the function of the supreme court is to set precedent, but in this case they chose to set president rather than precedent).

2. No one is saying their weren't scraps to pacify people like yourself in the tax cuts. But the bulk of the tax cuts went to the rich. 52% of the tax cuts are going to the richest 1% while the income group you refer to is receiving 6.2%. Does that strike you as fair? You can get more information here:  http://www.ctj.org/html/gwb0602.htm.

3. Hussein did not have a hatred for us; without the US Hussein would never have come to power, or remained in power. He was supported by the CIA in his coup, and supported with military and economic aid for decades to follow. There is a lot more history than being "united against a common foe." Hussein was an ally, despite his being a dictator. If you don't care about the president lying than I certainly hope you were the first to defend Clinton for his myriad of lies. Also, if you were a terrorist of the order of Al Queda you would not go to Hussein because he wouldn't support you. Hussein and Bin Laden hated each other; Hussein was a moderate and opposed to the Muslim fundamentalist movements. That's why Hussein was never a threat, he had neither the desire, nor the means (as should be abundantly clear to everyone by now) to further terrorist acts against the US. I blame the president and the administration for their complicity in 9/11. They knew it was going to happen and they decided to let it happen to further their agenda. They decided to go into Iraq because it was a part of their agenda. So there is really no inconsistency in the position.

4. No, a poor economy wasn't just going to happen. Targeted tax cuts, breaks for small businesses, paying down the debt, and a host of other sane domestic economic policies could have helped tremendously. Giving away trillions of dollars to the richest 1% of people simply is not going to have an effect on the economy, but it does allow Bush, his administration, and his campaign donors to become substantially wealthier. Cheney is going to save hundreds of thousands of dollars due to the tax cuts. But you're right, a poor economy doesn't happen overnight; their have been ample opportunities to rejuvenate the economy and this administration has chosen to ignore every one of them to give money back to their friends and colleagues. Without a sane domestic economic policy, things will continue to get worse, with more jobs being lost, more wages being reduced, more jobs moving overseas, collapse of various markets, etc.

As for the rest of your ignorant ranting, that kind of baseless rhetoric doesn't even warrant a reply. Back up your statements with evidence next time rather than just regurgitate what you've heard on tv and the radio.

Results 18.Aug.2003 12:22


You can quote all the history you'd like until you're blue in the face. Just get back to me here next week and list all of the policy and attitude changes you've managed to accomplish with your march.

Critical Thinking = Good Americans 18.Aug.2003 15:26

North Portlander

The troll is free to cocoon and indulge in fantasies of helplessness, but frankly I wonder why he or she is bothering to post here. The position that Americans should simply accept whatever occurs in government because "things happen" and we should forgive and forget because it's a price we pay for living in the most perfect country in the world is simplistic and - ultimately - selfish. Just because your circumstances are comfortable does not mean that they will necessarily remain that way, nor that people in less than healthy situations are not being negatively impacted by this administration's policies more and more with each passing day. During the McKinley administration at the turn of the previous century, a similar business/government/economic situation existed and the policies of the progressive movement forced eventual change, to the benefit of all American citizens. Now we've come full circle again and thoughtful dialog and inquiry are both necessary and patriotic. The good things that we enjoy in America didn't just happen . . . and the triumph of pure capitalism at all costs, to the detriment of human concerns, does not make a well balanced economy or society "with liberty and justice for all."

Thinking again 18.Aug.2003 15:27


You made some very good points. I have extracted my head from Rush Limbaugh's asshole and smelled the residue. I am beginning to think for myself now. I have read some accurate reports of the facts and found that the history reported to me by G W Bush has not always been quite right. It seems when he talks about revisionist history, he is referring to his versions of history. This is going to take some time to get used to. I am going to have to start doing some of my own research and not relying on Fox and Rush to keep me informed.

Pretzels For W. 18.Aug.2003 17:34


That's right- Bring Pretzels, lots and LOTS of Pretzels!!!

We all hate that idiot who stole the presidency 18.Aug.2003 21:26

pdxgeek pdxgeek@hotmail.com

Protesting makes a statement, I'm all for that. This self proclaimed president has undermined the values that make our country great. If you could sum up what America stands for in one word... that word I would think would be Freedom. Throughout history Americans have fought for their freedom, and over the years we have had many victories, the revolutionary war, the civil war which led to the emancipation proclomation, the end of segregation, a womans right to vote, a womans right to choose.

It is imperative that we remember that at the heart of our own freedom must lie the respect for the freedom of our neighbors. Destroying property disrespects the community we live in, and is a crime to whomever that property belongs. Stand together, stand your ground, let the police arrest you without cause. If an officer arrests you in this manner, then there is recourse. People with video cameras... record these crimes against honest law abiding and protesting citizens. With a documentary of this kind injustice we will prevail.

We need to shout to the world that we will not stand idle while this regime spends our nation into oblivion with credit card economics. We need to show them that we care about the lives of U.S. soldiers who signed up to defend our country and instead are trading their lives so Bush's friends can line their pocketbooks. We need to remind them that as Enron officials walk away with people pensions other companies pollute the earth because the enforcement arm of the EPA can't get funding. These global acts are intolerable! If you truly care about these injustices, I implore you do not dilute this very powerful message we are about to send.

hmmmm 18.Aug.2003 21:28

casual observer turrinmc@netscape.net

does anyone find themselves wondering why these message boards always turn into bitch fests with everyone trying to push their opinions on others? no set of rules or regulations is ever going to be right for everyone, the importance shifts to trying to change what is wrong. protest, if it satisfies you, i know for sure it beats sitting on my ass and flipping channels on the tv, i know i will. of course, all of this is in the form of the humblest opinion of someone desperately wanting to change the world,
michael t
a new face of anonymity in the streets of portland

directions 18.Aug.2003 22:31

coming from out of town

What is the best way to get to Columbia Park? I'm coming west on 84, from Troutdale.

signs? 19.Aug.2003 09:44

teenage Bush-hater

Just curious... If people bring their own signs, what will they say? I plan on making one that says "Bush, in a school? Oh my God."


anonymous ex-cop

I think the best thing that we, as a group, can do when the police pull out their "Declaring an Emergency, leave the area" bullshit would be for ALL protestors (esp those in the front line) to turn their backs to the police.

That way, nobody will get sprayed in the face. When the Riot Cops attempt to move the crowd, they will be striking and shooting (less lethal) at everyone's backs. Not only will that make them extremely liable for any injuries and violations of civil rights, it will also make them look like the IDIOTS that they are.

Also, if the cops DO take action and strike our backside, how can ANYONE dispute the fact that we are merely responding to the request to leave, but can't really move due to the large crowd.

Let's all take part in Operation Backside! See ya all at the protest.

OPERATION BACKSIDE: Good Policy 19.Aug.2003 15:14

Justice Evans justiceforestevans@yahoo.com

If peaceful protesters standing strongly together and just being there brings the wrath of the police, turning your back to their orders, their eyes, their weapons, and their shouts will be a very effective tool for protection of self. It also creates an opportunity to pass on the symbolic message of remaining in place with your back to The Man.

The way the police choose to respond is out of the hands of the crowd at this moment. Bad things will likely happen, but in an effort to make a point, fear should be avoided. Perhaps the cops will realize that they are dealing with the backside of a crowd that can't do anything to the frontside of the protest, except protest. A rear facing group can do little advancing into a line of riot-geared police.

If somehow Operation Backside can be adopted by all protesters, then it will undoubtely work. Twenty-seven news helicopters overhead will surely capture the images of thousands of protesters facing away from police and remaining in place, maybe even capturing the brunt of unprovoked violence in the form of pepperspray and clubs. You can't deny video.

Get a Job 19.Aug.2003 15:51

tax-paying, law-abiding citizen

How many of you protesters have a job? Do you vote? Do you have families? Why do you have time to protest on a Thursday morning?

If you are going to protest and require the presence of police being paid overtime rates, then at least pay your taxes.

get some new rhetoric 19.Aug.2003 16:01


What, did you just wake up from a 40 year coma? Is "get a job" really the best you can come up with? Like most people that will be at the protest, I have a job and pay my taxes and I'm pretty pissed off that once again Bush comes to Portland to make millions of dollars to put in his pockets and stiff the city with the bill. If he's coming to earn money for himself, the least he can do is reimburse us for the costs of his visit.

any mamas want to form a stroller posse? 19.Aug.2003 18:03

mama nena antinena@hotmail.com

Is there a place on indymedia to post looking for other parents who would like to protest? Anybody already organizing something like?

I believe that unelected item is viciously anti-mama and anti-kid. I want to protest, and be seen as a mother with my kids who wants him gone. I believe mamas should be visible. I also want to keep my 5-month-old twins safe from the unpredictable violence of the police. I'd like to gather a stroller brigade of parents with kids who will stay together, and be ready to leave together if problems arise that endanger the kidlings.


ignore trolls or activists?Pick one!!!!! 19.Aug.2003 18:31

Nature Boy

I have been sifting through these arguements for over 30 minutes looking for the answer to a simple post. HOW THE FUCK DO I GET TO THE PROTEST!!!!!! Ok, they didn't say fuck, but I am." How Do I get to the protest? Which bus es can I take? I'm coming from out of town were do I go?" etc. etc. I think that these questions take a first seat priority in these conversations of planning a good protest than "BB is violent fuck e'm! Hippies are too peaceful, fuck e'm! Your all Pinko commei wimps, get a job!" etc. etc.
Let's face the facts. PEOPLE WILL DO WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO. But not if we don't know where to do it at. It's that simple. Let's all try to keep it that simple.PRIORITIZE! help your fellow activist before your fellow troll.

work 19.Aug.2003 18:35


yup, I'm taking Thursday morning off from work as a shoe repair dude. My boss is letting me work tomorrow (wednesday) evening to make up the hours in advance. So fret not ye tax-paying law-abiding comrade; I work to pay my way through school and to pay my taxes. And I do something more: instead of sitting on my duff and complaining inarticulately about those with the initiative to come together and make their voices heard, I get off my behind and take a risk to speak up for what is right. I think that's how we can be patriotic. Bush has no real love for this land or its people. He's kind of embarassing. I'll let him know that on Thursday. See y'all there!

reponses 19.Aug.2003 18:37

indy volunteer

Nature Boy, Sorry you've had so much trouble getting the information you've wanted. Hopefully these links will help:

Bike/Bus Info:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/08/270054.shtml
Carpool Info:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/08/270058.shtml

Mama Nena, that sounds like a great idea. You may want to post an article (by clicking "Publish" on the front page) calling for the "stroller posse". Many more people will see it than will read through all these comments.

Got a Job. 20.Aug.2003 01:30

another tax-paying, law-abiding citizen

I work. I pay taxes. I have a child. I own a home. I will vote (against George Bush). And, I make time to protest injustice. We are all real people with real lives. Don't be so naive.

Not everyone has a 9-5 job 20.Aug.2003 03:47

Blue Collar Worker

To the tax-paying, law abiding citizen...Who do you think waits on you when you go out to dinner at night? Or when you pick up your dry-cleaning on the way home from work? Not everyone has banker's hours. A lot of us work, are in college, and even abide by the law. We also find time for the things that are important to us. The last time I checked it was my RIGHT to protest.

You are obviously ignorant so I will enlighten you, I pay my taxes. I have worked now for about 21 years. If the police happen to get overtime because of a bunch of peaceful protesters, I say GREAT!!! Let them go spend that extra money in Portland. Maybe the protest could boost the local economy.

Check out Seattle! Gearing up for A22 and A23! 20.Aug.2003 08:12

Mike Yossarian

Businesses Against Bush 20.Aug.2003 09:19


The notion that protest is reserved for the disenfranchised is nonsense. I am the owner of a successful business that has operated for 20 years in Portland. I will be present on Thursday to protest an administration that is destroying our country and communities to benefit transnational corporations. I urge others in similar positions to turn out and add their voices in peaceful protest.

Bus Directions to the Protest - Take the Number 1 from downtown 20.Aug.2003 10:55


From your friends at Metro

1 Greeley to University of Portland.
09:48 AM Get off at Willis & Woolsey
Walk 0.4 mile south to Columbia Park (N LOMBARD ST & N WOOLSEY AVE)

better than Mapquest:  http://www.trimet.org/go/cgi-bin/plantrip.cgi

Slightly confused 20.Aug.2003 12:21

14 yr. old

Are we meeting at 10 and marching at 10:30 or does the march start at 10. I have heard different ideas of when and need to know which is true.


Get a job?? 20.Aug.2003 12:42


Does a job, an Ivy League Master's degree, past work in an active conflict zone, living through 9-11 first-hand in NYC, volunteering at the rescue site and a solid history of paying taxes and voting count? Now do you deem it allowable for me to exercise my constitutional right to protest? Perhaps, instead of encouraging people to get jobs, you should encourage yourself to become better informed - or at least think up a more effective rant.

Bus 20.Aug.2003 13:58

Sara Cecily drsaraprocto@hotmail.com

I haven't noticed if anyone else has given a bus route to get to Columbia Park... at 9:23 the '1-Greeley to University of Portland' is picking up downtown at 6th and Pine... it shoud have you there by 10:00.

Our Computer Savvy Protestors 20.Aug.2003 14:26

User of the Internet

I am blown away by all the questions regarding the location of and transportation to the protest sight. You are all on the internet and obvioulsy have access to mapquest and other information services. Have they not made it simple enough for you to use?

No wonder you ALL don't have jobs......you can't even use the internet!!

One more thing... 20.Aug.2003 14:37


Did I mention that I save starving children in Africa, donate blood twice daily, and am currently researching the cure to cancer?

I am the most informed protester in the world...ever.

Bus Stop Closures 20.Aug.2003 14:47


Many of the bus stops near UP have signs stating they will be closed tommorrow.

Another Bus Option - the 75 20.Aug.2003 15:32


From the ONRC alert

Corner of N. Stafford St. and N. Woolsey Ave
Columbia Park, near University of Portland
(Look for the giant Stop Signs we'll be carrying!)

If traveling by bus, we recommend taking the #75 all the way to Columbia Park. See www.trimet.org/schedule/r075.htm for details.

PPRC Permit Problem / Police Position on Protest Boundaries 20.Aug.2003 16:12

North Portlander

PPRC applied for a permit for a separate gathering and a "feeder march" to the Bush protest at the University of Portland campus. The city chose to withhold granting that permit until a Portland Police Bureau representative had verified that the Columbia Park protest planners had refused to accept a permit. In other words, it appears that the city decided to offer the Columbia Park protest planners a permit for their action (which the protest planners had NOT requested), and that until it was clear that the offer of a permit was turned down, the city refused to grant PPRC's formal application for a permit. PPRC has chosen to cancel all plans for an independent feeder march. No word on how difficult it was for the Pro-Bush supporters to get their permit (if, indeed, they applied for one).

PPRC's police liaison has been informed by the Portland Police Bureau representative, Commander Rosie Sizer, that the following will be the PPB's approach to the Columbia Park gathering and march. According to Commander Sizer, since the event is not permitted, the PPB will expect participants to stay on sidewalks, not cross against traffic lights, and to otherwise obey all relevant traffic laws. Commander Sizer said that the incident commander on the scene will decide whether and how to enforce these traffic laws. She said that one factor that will influence the incident commander's decision will be the size of the gathering.

Commander Sizer also informed the PPRC police liaison that an area has been designated for protestors. That area has been tentatively set to be N. Willamette Boulevard from N. Portsmouth Avenue to N. Olin Avenue. THIS DESIGNATED PROTEST AREA HAS NOT BEEN VERIFIED, AND MAY CHANGE. (the Constitutionality of the PPB's policy of creating a "designated" protest area is open to question.)

The behavior of Portland Police has been difficult to predict. PPRC urges protest participants to weigh carefully the kinds of actions that you take part in on Thursday. If you choose to attend the protest, go with a group of friends that you feel comfortable with, and consider the likely consequences of actions that you choose to take part in. You do not have to take part in the Columbia Park gathering or the protest march in order to participate in the protest at the University of Portland.

Advice on first aid and the sorts of crowd control tactics used by the PPB (pepper spray, etc.) is available at  http://www.blackcrosscollective.org/

A jail support telephone number has been posted for the Bush protests: (503)234-4518

GET A JOB? 20.Aug.2003 16:31

Retired Schoolteacher

Dear Get a Job Comments:

The protest tomorrow will draw people from all walks of life. I am one of many different people who will be there. I am a well-off, upper middle class retired schoolteacher. I own two homes in Portland and happily pay taxes as the price of living in a civilized society . I own stock and contribute to about 200 charities and policital organizations a year. I conrtribute about 15 hours a week of volunteer work in the community.

I taught school for 25 years. That was a lot of hard work and public service. But I didn't stop there, in my
retirement I still work to make this a better world. That's why I am coming to the protest to greet Mr. Bush.

There are many many people like me and like you who oppose Mr. Bush's policies for good reasons.
"Get a Job", you say. I say making a better world possible is MY MOST IMPORTANT JOB. Stereotyping protestors is a strategy of the Bush Administration. It is designed to alienate ordinary people from one another. Let's not let it alienate you from me. I am your friend. I am your neighbor.

With respect,

The Schoolteacher who cares.

False "Facts" 20.Aug.2003 16:48

North Portlander


One of the reasons I posted the previous message is that radio and TV are perpetrating the falsehood that none of the protest groups have applied for a permit with the City regarding the marches. This is CLEARLY FALSE and contributes to the image they are building of all protestors as unpatriotic, loose cannon, lawless nutcases.

OPB Radio, generally balanced, reported only moments ago that NO PARTICIPATING PROTEST GROUPS had applied for a permit with the City and so we will all be relegated to the sidewalks and a small "protest zone" (strange, since so many protesters were forced OFF the sidewalks in downtown Portland). This is obviously a falsehood. Complain so that they will set the record straight. I've already done so.

Worked all my life 20.Aug.2003 19:13

Worked nearly to death

In reply to "Get A Job," I worked as a white collar worker from the 1950s until the mid-1990's. My work load doubled, then went to two and a half times, and maybe three times what I had been doing earlier in my career as an Executive Secretary, which was later renamed Office Manager with no more authority than I had ever had. The speed was horrendous. Finally I broke down and now I am on Disability. Now Bush wants to rewrite the wage and hour laws so people like I was, forced to be on salary, would work longer hours and get paid even less. Me, I bounced from job to job to keep my sanity as long as I did. For my good work, my pay went up and up, even though my strength kept going down, until I could take no more worker abuse.

I protest against the brutality of the Bush regime, not only in its manufactured wars, but also in its inhumane treatment of workers around the world. Starting here at home. If people want to save money, let them treat workers better, so we can have pride in a job well done, a job that makes sense. There is nothing I would like better than to still be working at the age of 62. But now I am protesting in behalf of the people who are under the gun of the giant corporations owned by the Bush cronies.

How many people are not yet aware that much of the Bush family money comes in a direct line from Dubya's grandfather Prescott Bush, who managed "a portion of the slave labor force in Poland, according to a Dutch intelligence agent. In 1941, slave labor had become the lifeblood of the Nazi war machine. The resources of Poland's
rich steel and coal field played an essential part in Hitler's invasion of Europe."


I protest wage slavery of today by marching on August 21!

Democracy and Dissent are one!

Dissent works!


Portland does NOT say No to Bush, only a select few 20.Aug.2003 20:56

Dave editor@portlandpolice.net

The citizens of Portland do not support a protest against Bush, only a select few persona do. Therefore, it is a false statement to say the "Portland" says no to Bush.

How late is too late to attend the protest? 20.Aug.2003 22:39

From Medford, Oregon

We would like to come up, but it is a four hour drive (at top speed with no obsticles) from Medford, Oregon.

We could leave no earlier than 9am so we would arrive at 1 or 2 pm. Since the procession seems to begin at 11 am, would we be way too late at 1 or 2?

Anyone know?

John in Oregon

C-average 20.Aug.2003 22:53


yet another strike against Bush- he was a c-average student in High School. Luckily, daddy had money and knew how to use it, so mr.average got into a prestigous college regardless. (just some food for thought)

pray for little beriut 20.Aug.2003 22:53

Uncle Matt skeena@attglobal.net

" There's a man goin' round takin' names, and he decides who to free and who to blame. Everybody won't be treated all the same. There'll be a golden ladder reaching down. When the man comes around."

Johnny Cash 2002

Pray for our city tomorrow. Please keep the protests peaceful. However let little George know that this area of the USA will not lay down to his imperialism and capitalism. WE ARE NOT AS DUMB AS THE ADMINISTRATION THINKS WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



1or 2 is too late 20.Aug.2003 23:10


arriving in Portland will most likely be too late, he is only going to be here for a few hours

not only that 20.Aug.2003 23:10

not a draft dodger

He only scored a 25% on his entrance exam into the Texas Air National Guard. And not only did his candy-ass get out of going to Vietnam but he went AWOL for over a year on top of that. All I can think of is that little George must have bought himself a lot of friends when he was younger because I can't see someone like him 1) making friends and 2) not getting the shit beat out of him every day in school.

How do I get there? 20.Aug.2003 23:15


I desperatly want to attend the protest, but have no idea how to get there. (I recently moved to Portland and dont know my way around) I live on SW Washington, by morrison and Pioneer Square. Could someone tell me what to take and how far and where to get off? Its much appreciated

Thanks Courtney 21.Aug.2003 00:15


I was afraid it would be too late. Oh well, I heard he is going to be in the Medford area....guess I'll show up there....not as much fun as with whole bunches of people though.

John in Medford

Got a job 2 21.Aug.2003 00:35


I work too. I own a home. I have children, married, occassionally shop at the mall. You wouldn't know me from the next mom on the escalator. But this president is out of control, his administration is funded by the corporations who are now getting your tax dollars.

Your taxes are not going to improve schools.

Your taxes are not going to buffer health care or social security.

Remember, this is a president who wanted you to invest your social security in the stock market right before the bottom fell out, and many corporations were revealed to post fraudulant profits. Many of those corporations CEO's and board members funded this presidents election campaign with millions. How's your 401k doing?

Your tax dollars are not being used to improve your or your children's lives. They are being used to improve a CEO's life.

I'll be out tomorrow protesting because of all of the above. Think of all the instances in history where people could not fathom that their leader was corrupt, or evil, or a powermonger, and then turned out to be all of that. There are many. I believe that is where we are. Don't be in denial. Don't protest if you don't want to. But don't display your ignorance. It's not pretty.

Buses and other stuff 21.Aug.2003 00:50

UP student

The 1 will still run where you need it to go, the 40 WILL NOT, it usually does, but will not, also within walking distance are bus lines 4, 16 and 72, get off on Lombard when you see Columbia park.

There ARE fences around the campus. The Campus will be completely sealed by 10:00am, only students are allowed on, it is being controlled by secrect service, Portland PD, University Public Saftey, as well as other surrounding cities officers, I just got on campus at 10:30 pm, and my ID was checked, and I was asked for second and third forms. Facutly is being told to stay away (probably because most are liberal and would be out there with us, if they weren't stuck on campus.) Campus will be sealed until 3pm, meaning he will be here that long. We were told to expect to see snipers on the tops of buildings all over campus. There is a "veiwing area" as per constitutional right set up by the police, it is on Willamette between Haven and Hodge, probably not enough area.

I am a part of UP's student media, and the protests in my paper will be reports on "our side". That's all the info I've got, it is all coming from university organizers and what I have seen today.

Hope this helps. See you tomorrow. Peace.

I have a job, I vote, I protest this administration 21.Aug.2003 01:46

sadder but wiser

I, too, have a job. I have a husband, a mortgage, a dog, and frequent hot flashes. I took a vacation day from work to attend the protest because I love this country and hate to see it turning into something ugly.

If you object to the police getting overtime because of Bush's visit, then you should have tried to appeal to the patriotism of the attendees of the $2000 a plate luncheon by convincing them to mail the money to the White House instead of having Mr. Bush come here. He's the reason for the police overtime, not the protesters.

That really appeals to me--convince all those wealthy donors to pay Mr. Bush to stay out of Oregon!

Arrogance or Ignorance? 21.Aug.2003 09:38

Resisting the Resistance

Why is it that you crazies all think you are so informed? And if you want to point fingers about stereotyping, why do you think all Bush-supporters are rich? You are too arrogant to admit that you stereotype others and too ignorant to know that Liberal Activists are not the only ones who are informed.

Have your protest. You will not change a thing. The only effect will be that people think you are a joke and wasting your time.

what you resist, persists 21.Aug.2003 10:00


Or, to put it another way, you cannot resist the resistance without becoming a part of it. Change is inevitable, it cannot be stopped, that's what evolution is. And it's time to accelerate our evolution or we may still yet face extinction. Things are changing as protests bring hope to people across the world and increase awareness here in this country.

While not all Bush supporters are rich, the ones that aren't are fools to support someone who gives a huge tax cut to the wealthiest 1% rather than a tax cut that would benefit themselves. The policies from this administration have crippled the economy and alienated the world and all for the benefit of the wealthy elite who have seen their wealth grow by tremendous amounts. If you're not rich it's time to support someone who will actually institute policies that will help you and not hurt you.

Airport? 21.Aug.2003 10:22

ni-violent protester

I am surprised with only a few ways into PDX why more have not thought to line up on the vaious inlets and outlets........with signage. Hope the protest remains peaceful, but forceful. Team up on vandals and take 'em out so the focus remains strong. Plus has anyone kept a eye on the UP to make sure it is not a ruse to let the Bush visit go undisturbed elsewhere?

Airport2 21.Aug.2003 10:45

NONE-violent protester

sorry for typos..what I meant was that our Airport only has a few ways in and out and a few dozen protesters could cover most inlets and outlets into airport...so Bush could at least see a few signs. Wish I coud attend....might still have time to get to UP..also are there any local chat places I can join....that is associated with independent media? I need to get active and be one more voice.

Speech & Protest in Redmond 21.Aug.2003 15:00

North Portlander

I participated in the march with a disabled friend. Massive numbers of people but I think it would have been more effective if it had been possible to keep people moving or better organized. At one point two individuals with signs came through the east end of the crowd near N. Olin, suggesting that more numbers were needed along the motorcade route a few streets back from Willamette. When some of us tried to move there, we found all of the E/W side streets through Portsmouth and a block further from Willamette to Lombard barricaded with police tape and manned by officers in riot gear and bike police. We also saw a number of heavy trucks loaded with riot police hanging off of the sides headed towards Willamette. When we reached Lombard, there was no way to get onto Portsmouth. This misdirection served only to subtract numbers from the larger group and now I wonder if it was engineered. Most pathetic sights seen along the route: "pro-Bush" demonstrators singing "God Bless America" at top volume with their hands over their ears. I am getting very tired of these people equating a dislike of Bush and his policies with non-support for America, our troops, or patriotism. The TV coverage of Bush's arrival at the Redmond Airport with Senator Gordon Smith pointedly ignored any protest that might have been occurring, showing only cheering crowds of flag wavers and shots of an elderly disabled lady who had been carted out to meet Bush because it was her birthday. Pro: Seeing the numbers of diverse and thoughtful people who understand what the Bush administration is doing to our country. Con: Knowing that it did not make a damned bit of difference to the Fund Raiser in Chief who is now over 1 million dollars richer at our expense. I'd be very interested in seeing a list of those individuals who attended the speech/luncheon and donated to the Pretender's campaign. Any chance that might turn up and be published?