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Urge Fred Meyer to have paper recycling by photocopier

Late on a Saturday last weekend I had to make some flyers, and I had to default to Fred Meyer on 39th and Hawthorne since other places were closed. There was a garbage can by the copier, but no recycling. ... You can call the store director, Greg Monda, at 503-232-8844 to request that a recycling container be put by the copier.
The woman at the customer service counter said that she had asked management to put a recycle bin out there, but they refused. There wasn't a good reason given, and she, despite the manager's request, secretly put a recycling box i her customer service area.

Here is the email I sent to corporate headquarters; I'll be sure to post the response. If you want to write a similar letter, you can do so here:
And, if you're lookin' for more armchair activist work, give Greg Monda a call at 503-232-8844! Please post your letters and replies here!

"The other day I went to make photocopies at Fred Meyer on the corner of 39th Ave. and Hawthorne in SE Portland. As I was working on a flyer I made some mistakes and had some extra paper. Much to my dismay, there was no recycling container. So, I went to the customer service counter nearby, and a very nice woman took the paper for me and said that she would recycle it herself. She said that she had asked management to put a recycle bin out there, but they refused. Why would anyone put a trash can and not a recycle bin where paper will be disposed of? I will boycott your store until you come up with a recycle bin by your photocopier, and will ask all of my friends to do the same."

How about cardboard recycling by the bottle returns? 09.Aug.2003 15:42


It seems as though everywhere I go to take back my empties I am left with the choice to either toss my empty beer boxes or haul them back home. I don't see why these businesses don't have a recycling bin available. The bottle returns seem to be creating alot of trash in this sense. So while your at it you should also urge them to provide carddboard recycling also.

Fred Meyer Recycling 20.Aug.2003 11:03

Mariposa jocelynlily@hellokitty.com

I would like to say that now there is a recycling bin to the right of the photocopy bin at the Customer Information Desk at the Hawthorne Fred Meyer. I do not know who is in charge of it or who takes it to the back. That is one step toward making FM a more waste consciencious business, but I feel that incredible amounts of paper are still thrown away there every day. People just do not care. I can dig out about one paper bag full of paper from the garbages at the CI desk alone in one day's work. It is not just the management, but also other employees who just don't realize the importance of recycling. I will keep recycling when I am there, but have only a month left to work at FM. Thank you everyone for contacting the company about this issue.

Greg Monda , Manager Fred Meyer 20.Nov.2006 20:06


I am so pleased that Fred Meyer has such a wonderful manager at their Hawthorne store. I asked the manager if he would put a recycling bin by the copier and the next thing you know it was there. Thank you Greg for caring about our earth and listening to your customers.