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Muscleman Arnold Scwarzenegger can't seem to keep his hands to himself
AN OUTRAGED Maria Shriver exploded after not one, not two, but three sexy women accused Arnold Schwarzenegger of groping them in a London hotel

As The ENQUIRER reported last week, the famed muscleman was accused of openly fondling a pretty young TV interviewer's breast while promoting his new flick in Britain.

Then, the same day, TWO OTHER attractive TV gals say he lewdly groped them.

Incredibly, one of the incidents was caught on film -- and when Maria caught wind of it back home, she flipped her lid.

"She gave him hell for getting touchy-feely with three women just trying to do their jobs -- and being a fool," said a close pal of the NBC newswoman.

"Arnold would be threatening to break heads if anyone did that to her when she was doing an interview with them!" said Maria's pal, who revealed Maria blistered Arnie's ears over long-distance phone lines.

When she was finished with him, "he sounded pretty embarrassed -- like a naughty little boy!" Maria told her pal.

In England, Anna Richardson branded Arnie as "totally unprofessional" after he pawed her breast and patted her bottom during a TV interview.

Richardson, 29, claims she was told her career would be threatened if she didn't keep quiet about Arnie's hand probe. "The implication was, if this story hits the papers I'd be in a lot of trouble, and I was to keep my mouth shut if I wanted to stay in this business," she told a reporter.

Denise Van Outen was the 53-year-old star's next target. Millions watched as he repeatedly squeezed her on live morning TV.

But blonde bombshell Denise, 26, didn't mind. At one point she exclaimed: "You grabbed my breast!" then quipped, "I really liked it. Go on, have another go!"

Arnie smirked and replied: "It was a handful -- but I never know if my wife is watching!"

A show insider said afterward: "Denise said what big hands he has! The crew was shocked -- but it made good TV."

Melanie Sykes, 30 was the last. Arnie grabbed her around the waist while she was taping an interview, she alleged. Pushing him away, she said, "Get your hands off me!"

Moments later his meandering mitts were on her again, she said, inching toward her breasts. She says Schwarzenegger told her: "You don't get the big money for nothing" before pulling her closer.

Publicly, Maria tried to laugh the incidents off, but privately, she is not happy.

"She was especially embarrassed when TV colleagues were kidding her and asked, 'What's the big guy up to, anyway?'" divulged an insider. "Maria openly told friends, 'Arnold's a big flirt, but he's not into sexual harassment.'

"But secretly, she can't understand how her husband could be so foolish, especially with cameras running.

"She told him: 'You'd better stop, you're making an idiot of yourself -- and me too.' "

Although hurt and angry, Maria still trusts Arnold, added the insider. "She says if Arnold were going to cheat on her, he certainly wouldn't do it with the cameras running for all the world to see."

One showbiz source agrees, and suggests Arnie's serial grope was just a crass publicity stunt.

"He was in England to promote his new movie, 'The 6th Day' -- perhaps he's getting desperate because it's bombing at the box office," said the source.

"Arnie's an old pro, and probably believes there's no such thing as bad publicity! So maybe he's not going through a mid-life crisis after all. Maybe it's just a mid-career movie crisis!"


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Illuminati endorsed 09.Aug.2003 14:49


A recent meeting at Bohemian Grove gave the thumbs up to Arnie. Even Karl Rove was there. This will put him on the fast track to the govenor's masion in California.

Logic of the Project's Illogical Intent 09.Aug.2003 16:11

Non-sequencible Logic

As Seattle Jim Page once said "The logic of the project's illogical intent says an actor makes a damn good president, so they chose a hero from a celluloid reel..."

The illuminati like their celluloid heros, the illuminati loves Hollywood, the illuminati loves fantasy, the illuminati loves anything - except that which is REAL. The illuminati has lived in a world of wishful thinking for 10K years - "Once we have control of every last human being, then we can use death, destruction and torture to send our over-lords all the energy they want..." Psychopaths - all of them. Think its a joke?


The NASCAR Voter's Candidate 10.Aug.2003 14:08

Running Man

BIGGER, Dumber Than Reagan!

BIGGER, Dumber Than Bush!

Now come on Running Man 10.Aug.2003 15:31


Ah-nold is bigger than Bush, but dumber? No way.