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imperialism & war a21 bush protests

Zieg Heil!

This is a picture taken yesterday at the rAnch where the pResident was having a fund-raiser.
He really should stop using his hand to gesture with, NOT!
He really should stop using his hand to gesture with, NOT!
I know, some of the trolls will claim that you can't really tell who it is. You know what my reply to them is?........ ;-)

Flyer? 09.Aug.2003 08:42


I don't have the software or a computer of my own but could someone please please please turn this picture into a flyer for A21? I know there's a lot of flyers as it is but this picture is priceless. I'll print it off and post it wherever there's a naked pole!!! Thanks!

fs 09.Aug.2003 11:00


i was watching the history channel last night, specifically a show on hitler and the third reich, and it was amazing to me some of the similarities that you can draw between the nazis and the far right of today. just the way in which all the leaders of the reich spoke in like this code of language where they weren't really actually saying anything at all, it was all really gibberish if you try to pay attention to what they're talking about, but yet the crowd would react in this lavish way is if they just told them the secret to every question they had for the rest of their life. i know people like to over-react when the hitler-bush analogy is made. even liberals, because they say it's unreasonable and bush isn't gassing people. but my first response would be, Other than Hitler, has anybody else in the history of modern civilization ever been as effective in totally and completely alienating the country he leads from the rest of the world? And also, what good was the second world war in terms of learning from history if we continue to let people who have such adverse and destructive views for the future of the world roam free in their quest of facism? so bush isn't committing genocide yet... i give him credit-- him and the people who believe in his world view will be able to remain in power longer... and the blinders get to stay on the masses for a longer time.

ha hah 09.Aug.2003 16:35

Red Baron

great picture. Where's the source, though? Is it an AP photo?

Photo source 09.Aug.2003 20:02

99th Monkey, ( one more monkey and you have a critical mass)

OOPS! I am usually a nitpicker myself about sources. ;-0
her you go: AP photo/Gerald Herbert.
url:  http://imgfarm.com/images/ap/BUSH-1.sff_GH109_20030808153035.jpg.

4X6 1/4" pdf conversion 09.Aug.2003 20:34

99th Monkey

I am still a noephyte using acrobat and limited knowledge with Photoshop too...........
But here is as good as I can do right now for use as a small poster.
photo w/text
photo w/text

You want Hitler? 11.Aug.2003 00:45

Ari Fleischer

So you want Bush as Hitler photos, how about these? Here is America's Fuhrer in Chief reviewing the troops. Only the flags have been somewhat photostopped.

my, how original 11.Aug.2003 13:49


First of all, it's "Sieg," (it means "victory") not 'Zieg", and the salute was that given to Roman emperors long before Hitler (or Bush) ever thought of using it. I like the picture, though.

hm... 31.Aug.2005 17:40

Just me!

OK you could be correct but if its Sieg Heil as you say it is, why would they speel it with a Z in all texts and lyrics? o well

sieg/Zieg 17.Sep.2005 17:26

Zero R.

Noone really cares if it's Sieg or Zieg. Do whatever the hell you want.