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Sherman Austin needs your help!

He's been railroaded to prison on politically-motivated charges; don't let the US government muzzle his raisethefist.com web site as well! If you have lots of storage and a fast Internet connection, you can help by storing backup copies of the site.
Note: This mostly recapitulates a comment I made on the earlier article about Sherman Austin and raisethefist.com. I'm posting it separately here in the hopes it can get featured.

Sherman Austin is about to become the latest political prisoner in the USA, essentially for the crime of running an anarchist web site (an analysis of how this is the case, written by a conservative college professor nonetheless, can be found at
 http://www-2.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/raisethefist/ ).

I've exchanged a few e-mails with Sherman. At this point it looks like raisethefist.com will survive the incarceration of its founder. Volunteers have been found to take over the running of the site. What he needs now most of all is people with five gigs or more (more is better since the site tends to grow) of storage space and a fast net connection who are willing to mirror the site, because it would come as no surprise if the FBI continues to fuck with it. Having access to a high-capacity tape drive or DVD burner so multiple copies could be stored offsite is even better.

If anyone does have such capability, contact Sherman (his sentence doesn't start until early next month, so he can still be e-mailed for a few more weeks) at   keepfistraised@yahoo.com .

address: address: Portland

featured 09.Aug.2003 09:51

pdx indy editor

good idea. to the center column it goes!

That's it? 09.Aug.2003 13:29


It'd be nice if there was a story here. I mean, thanks for the heads up but ...

Judge Wilson Has Failed His Master 09.Aug.2003 17:07

Solidarity InSitu

Ha! May be the illuminati will fail him for failing them, the judge who passed sentence on Sherman. Far from discouraging people from doing the same thing, judge Wilson's harsh sentencing will inflame many more to take up the cause. Since Raise the Fist isn't going away, now the fun begins - COINTELPRO ops against Raise the Fist organizers. While they work on bringing down Raise the Fist, activists will continue to dog them on countless other fronts. The more they try to control, the more will slip through their fingers.

Bad Site, Bad Sentence, Bad Judge 11.Aug.2003 13:49

Made up

In all of the media reports I've read about Austin's case, I can find nothing that justifies the actions of the feds or the harsh sentence Austin was given. Unfortunately, Raise the Fist is not really worth saving, although I support saving the site on principle. When I first read the story, I immediately put a link to Raise the Fist on my website, but I removed the link as soon as I looked at the site more closely. While there's some good content, most of the "stories" posted on the page are rife with grammatical and spelling errors that make it difficult to take them seriously. Though the Indymedia site doesn't look as nice as Raise the Fist, the content makes it far superior.

Read the legal documents 20.Aug.2003 00:28

Justice Evans justiceforestevans@yahoo.com

This article inspired some exploration of Raise the Fist by me and what I found was rather interesting. The article states "Sherman Austin is about to become the latest political prisoner in the USA, essentially for the crime of running an anarchist web site." Seems this is true, but it also seems there is cause. Read the affadavits (which are available on the very website that is being "persecuted") surrounding Sherman Austin's arrest. The Feds tracked him and caught him, and while I don't agree with many many many of the things the Feds do, arresting a man for providing information and inspiration to attempt a fruitless bloody revolution is the job of the Feds. When will anarchists understand that anarchy will only work when everyone is an Anarchist.

Everyone is NOT an Anarchist. Many of us just want to live our lives quietly, freely, humanely, and without intervention by the government. Inciting rule-less-ness, pushing for lawlessness--this only works on paper. Most of our society could not function without rules or laws or a government. Perhaps, as anarchists, you feel that these people are weak..and maybe they are. But the fact is, they must have guidance, a code, a law. We need a heirarchy, and this does not make us weak, this makes us human. What needs to change is the heirarchy, the government. The heirarchy needs to serve the people again.

I don't understand because so many many many of you Anarchists are so intelligent, how you cannot see through the uselessness of your vision.