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"Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride" Kick-off event--Fri Aug 8, 6pm

Come support the Portland kickoff of the historic Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride, which will bring activists from around the country to converge on Washington DC to demand amnesty and fair treatment for immigrant workers!
"Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride" Kick-off!

When: Friday August 8th, 2003

Where: at the Northwest Labor Council Union Hall

(1125 SE Madison St. Portland, OR.: on the corner of 12th and Madison)

6:00 to 8:00pm

***Special musical presentation by Irene Farrera***

What: Come join us in an evening of solidarity, music,poetry, and testimonies designed to kick-off a state-wide organizing campaign that will send a Freedom Bus filled with Freedom Riders to Washington DC.

Immigrant workers, living and paying taxes in the United States, deserve the rights to legalize their status, to have a clear road to citizenship, to reunify their families, to have a voice on the job without regard to legal status, and to enjoy full protection of their civil rights and civil liberties... rights denied by their undocumented status and outdated laws.

Join us in drawing a new map for the road to Citizenship!

For more information about the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride contact the Portland Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride Committee at: Jeff Richardson, HERE @503/230-2304; Judy O'Connor, NWLC @ 503/235-9444; or Samuel Davila, CAUSA at 503/763-1694. Also visit our web site: www.immigrantworkersfreedomride.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.immigrantworkersfreedomride.com

More background information forwarded from organizer Samuel Davila 07.Aug.2003 12:01

Red Emma

Date: August 1, 2003

Dear Compaņeros,

You are invited to join the Portland "Immigrant
Workers Freedom Ride" Committee in kicking-off a
state-wide campaign that will send a bus full of
Freedom Riders to Washington DC this September. The
kick-off event will take place next Friday, August
8th, 2003 at the Northwest Labor Council Union Hall
(located on 1125 SE Madison St., Portland OR) from 6
to 8pm.

As you know, the tragic events of September 11, 2001,
swept aside the political momentum for immigration
reform that had been building for some time in the
United States. Instead, a new momentum has made
immigrants the target of some of the most repressive
legislation and executive policy in recent memory.
Government raids on workplaces and homes, punitive
detention for protracted periods of time, the constant
threat of deportation, and often the abrupt loss of
employment, now characterize immigrant life in the
United States.

Especially vulnerable, before as well as after
September 11, are the eight million or more
"undocumented" immigrants in the United States. They
live in the shadows, exposed to exploitation by
unscrupulous employers, separated from their families,
and fearful of organizing to better their conditions.

With the 2004 election season already underway, a
dramatic intervention in the political process is
needed to insure that presidential and Congressional
candidates, as well as both major parties, know that
millions of voters care about the rights of immigrant
workers in this country.
The Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride will carry that
message proudly and loudly across the country. It will
focus attention on three essential requirements of a
new immigration policy:
· Legalization and a "road to citizenship" for all
immigrant workers in this country;
· The right of immigrant workers to re-unite their
families; and
· Protecting the rights of immigrants in the

Inspired by the Freedom Rides of the Civil Rights
Movement, immigrant workers and their allies will set
out in late September 2003 from ten major cities
-Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las
Vegas, Houston, Miami, Boston, Chicago and
Minneapolis-and cross the country. They will converge
on Washington, D.C., where they will meet with members
of the Congress on October 1st and 2nd. Then, the new
Freedom Riders will head to New York for a mass rally
on Saturday, October 4th. The purpose of the campaign
is to focus public attention on immigrant rights and
the injustices of current immigration policies

We all must do our part to help support this campaign
and pave the way for a long overdue legalization. Come
learn more about the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride,
learn how you can help and join us in kicking-off this
historic journey. I've included an informational
flyer with added information about the kick-off.

Please feel free to contact me for more information
about this event or about how you can help by calling
CAUSA at 503/763-1694 or e-mail me at
 davilasam@yahoo.com. For general information about
Oregon's Freedom Ride bus contact the "Portland
Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride Committee": Jeff
Richardson, HERE at 503/230-2304 or Judy O'Connor,
NWLC at 503/235-9444
Also, visit the national organizing committee's
website at www.immigrantworkersfreedomride.com

Samuel M. Davila,
CAUSA Organizer

In Solidarity! 08.Aug.2003 00:37

Lennon Wong ydwong@seed.net.tw

Being a activist on both migrant and local workers, I'm in full solidarity with you all. The migrant workers in Taiwan are severely stereotyped and discriminated, either by the law and the society. In Taiwan, there's still a long way to the stage that all migrant workers can form their unions and fight for their rights, but that's the direction we'll keep on marching.

In solidarity!

Lennon Wong
Taiwan Migrants' Forum
& volunteer in TIWA (Taiwan International Workers' Association)