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There goes the state - Arnold is in the race

That's it folks - the couch sheeple of Amurica will be deciding our next guvner in CA . . . Given that only 20 some odd percent of the voting public actually voted for Davis, no one can say what will happen now that every mall rat in the state will be coming out, most likely for the first and last time ever. And get ready for the most SICKENING press coverage you've ever imagined as NONE of the third party or progressive candidates will be able to pull the f**king press up with a leash to notice there's a serious election going on, if it could ever be called that.
Schwarzenegger Announces Calif. Gov. Bid
Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger Announces Gubernatorial Bid in California's Recall Election
The Associated Press

Arnold Schwarzenegger ended the suspense Wednesday and jumped into the race for California governor, instantly becoming the best-known of the declared candidates seeking to replace Democrat Gray Davis in a recall.

The surprise announcement by the "Terminator" actor, a moderate Republican, capped a day of fast-paced developments in one of the most unpredictable political races in recent history.

Earlier in the day, Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein had ruled out a run, labeling the election "more and more like a carnival every day." And political commentator Arianna Huffington declared she would run as an independent.

Schwarzenegger, 56, announced his decision during a taping of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," calling it the toughest he's made since deciding to get a bikini wax in 1978.
Bigger, Dumber Than Reagan 06.Aug.2003 19:54


Arnold's election platform:

"Bigger, Dumber Than Reagan"

Should certainly appeal to all those lowbrow Bush (NASCAR) voters.

Go team!
Hooray for the USA!
How many kids have we bombed today!

Arnold is no different than any other candidate 06.Aug.2003 20:14


Politicians and movie stars and professional wrestlers are all cut from the same cloth; entertainers. Their job is to smile and mug and kiss babies and take no real stand so that the maximum number of fans will be won over. Politicians whole job is to constantly campaign for the next job. I hope more rock stars, movie stars, porn stars, wrestlers, rappers, etc. will run for public offices. That will just underscore the inanity of reformist politics.

feels good to live in Oregon, finally 06.Aug.2003 21:01


Gary Coleman gets some sort of endorsement from the East Bay Express at  http://eastbayexpress.com/issues/2003-08-06/recall2.html/1/index.html

The comedian Gallager is in too. Larry Flynt and Ariana Huffington! Yee ha!

Hummer Bummer 06.Aug.2003 21:37


The Earth Terminator has about 5 Full size Hummers and one of his main motivations is to expand the California freeway system and I wouldnt doubt that he is being backed by General Motors which makes the Hummer H2 as his election will probably triple their sales of Hummers.

You guys are great 07.Aug.2003 03:28


It's feeling really terminal down here, so it's nice to see some comments which are funny and insightful.

It was actually sad to me to watch him on Leno. He seems like a good person, a regular person in some strange way, but I get the feeling he's depressed, like he has no choice but to do this even though he doesn't really want it. He seems really a lot worse than Reagan at being an actor, so he comes off horribly, which is also sad, despite the teen cheers from the audience. His summation of Davis is in phrases like 'the government is fumbling around." Jesus. It's feeling pretty sickening down here. The Lt Gov - Bustamante (D) - decided to file papers as soon as Arnold did. It's basically a crisis situation.

I'm guessing the CA Supremes will step in and do something severe. The average person on the street has no idea the state even has a Supreme Court. I barely do. That's the sort of insanity that we live in. Only the right wing newspapers have touched on that in any depth yet - they know who their friends are.

Do Nothing 07.Aug.2003 21:17


Your supremes did NOTHING. Your state is TOAST. Move up here dufus and buy my house for a 70% mark up.