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The Portland Dove In: Benefit Concert and Art Happening for Peace

On August 17th from noon till 5 pm we hope thousands will join Granny D and aerial-art-activist, Daniel Dancer for great music culminating in the formation by participants as "paint drops" of a "living painting" of a peace dove bearing a rose. Choreographed to the participator music of Shantala, a special photo will be taken from the sky.

See WWW.DOVEIN.COM for details and registration information
The Portland Dove In:
A Benefit Concert and Art Happening For Peace

"We are standing for life in a time when the forces of death defy us to take our stand. So we stand. Bring your force and come and stand with us at the Dove In. We need you! "
-Love from Granny D.

Come One, Come All -- Stand with Granny D in this wonderful community creation of a huge "living painting" of peace dove bearing a rose. Each person will be a "human paintdrop," choreographed to the participatory music of Shantala. A special photo from the sky will be taken by aerial-art-activist, Daniel Dancer. Bring your open hearts and your generosity of spirit as we stand together to joyfully and artistically support this movement that we all believe in. Bring flowers to line the stage and perhaps something to share in the park.

Noon till 4pm
Tom McCall Waterfront Park, South

Music: Sky in the Road, SweetJuice & Shantala

Donation requested for special Dove In T-shirts that will give color to the dove. Please wear white in case we run out of t-shirts! Children under 12, free. Proceeds benefit Oregon Peaceworks and Columbia River Fellowship for Peace.

For details, directions and inspiration see: WWW.DOVEIN.COM

Sponsored by: Spirit Moves Peace Center, Oregon Fellowship of Reconcilliation,
KBOO Community Radio, Dove Tales, TS Designs, Stages Northwest, Golden Graphics, Ekone, Abundance Company and Portland State College.

Produced by: In Concert With Nature

"Art will awaken the slumberous mass of Humanity." WIlliam Blake

"If you can make a creative crack in the crust of the world's deadly abstractions, the divine will rush up, bringing great bounty with it." Granny D

homepage: homepage: http://www.dovein.com