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Believing In 'Free-Will': a violation of right

obvious made obvious

There is no such thing as choice and believing there is is belief in a lie, therefore lazy.

It IS obvious with consideration because it IS true. You can only be your experience- what would be perceived as a choice is only your experience reacting to the now--- this does actually mean everything- it means that pride IS a fallacy and that fear IS NOT real- it means that you are perfect with perfect integrity and immortal because you can't kill love.

Our greatest fear is not knowing if passion can exist without anger- have no doubt--- also knowing that we don't 'do right' because of reward...

in absolute forgiveness because there is only me,


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Huh? 06.Aug.2003 18:59


What the hell are you smoking?

Take a deep breath... 06.Aug.2003 21:21

Another Person (not you)!!

In some ways I've been where you're at and I know what it's like. But what you say is wrong. Take some time--a LOT of time, if necessary--to think this through. Don't jump to conclusions.

Determinism is just as "lazy" as you claim belief in free will is. I would claim that it more lazy that free will.

Pride and fear have just as much reality whether you believe in free will or you do not.

Even if it is true that we can only be what we experience, it would not preclude a free will. Fortunately I believe that I exist even when I am in a dreamless sleep.

You are NOT immortal. Get over it and stop being lazy!

"Solipsism is so self-evident; I can't understand why other people don't believe it too."

You are not a god. Look at what gods are said to be. Do you match that description? Probably not. So get over it and join the (merely) human race. It may suck, and yes we do die, but in my opinion it's better than not being (your only other option).