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Meeting Spot for SE/NE at City Bikes on SE20th and Ankeny to ride to the Protest.
Unless you want to meet somewhere else closer by?!
Hey y'all I have started a list for e-mailing details as to time and place to meet (on Bicycles)! I already have about 10-15 people!

So anyone in the vicinity of SE/NE Burnside Area from like 8th to 39th, or wherever you live/work, lets meet at City Bikes on SE 20th and Ankeny, unless otherwise majority rules elsewhere...Chopsticks Express on Burnside, or Beuhlaland, or Holmans......

SO, e-mail me at  talisman@riseup.net and I will add you to the list for updates. We can figure out a good safe bike route, etc. The more the merrier, I like the idea of the Star Mass, so there will be groups of bikes coming in from all directions.

I will create a flier for the SE/NE area... and post it, so you can help print/pass them out.
Alternative Idea 06.Aug.2003 21:18

Random Biker

Do not try to meet up anywhere. If you bring your bike on your car, then park it in northwest area past 23rd street, or on the other side of the river in the southeast area. Stay on back streets until you have to join up with a major arterial. Then look for a place along the arterial where a lot of other bikers are converging. There are natural spots where bikers from east side and west side locations will converge. If a natural convergence spot appears to be compromised (by u know who), it will be quite easy to choose another convergence zone. However, if you plan on meeting at preannounced locations, then you might as well ride up to the safety building and turn yourself in. Although parking on the northwest side may be more difficult, one advantage is the ease of slipping into downtown without having to cross one of the bridges. If security is tight, the bridges could become a bottle neck. The idea is: don't risk getting caught in a sweep until you get to the protest zone. Stay anonymous as long as you possibly can, then join up with the protest.

DONT you WORRY 07.Aug.2003 09:47


I have had that plan all along! Thanks, great advice... the object is to be mobile and converge in many different directions making it harder for (u know who) to "do their job" of protecting people against peaceful bike riders!

this shouldn't be a concern, Random Biker 07.Aug.2003 13:16

we're not worrying

I'm fairly sure that I don't know any cyclists that are planning to sneak around with bolt cutters and slingshots. We're just biking to a protest here, people, there shouldn't be any problem with the authorities knowing where we're meeting. Anyway, the more meeting places there are the more they will have to divide themselves up. Bring cameras / video cameras if you like, if they try to round us up for merely riding legally to a destination then it will be documented and they will have their asses sued off.

PLEASE, if you want to meet others close to where you live / work to ride to the event, post here with the place / time.