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Driving Without the Vote

In my burgeoning youth (I am still youthful) I would meet people who still haunt me today. In a racist class system we were re-educated from common sense to the New American logic: Christopher Columbus discovered America, Paul Revere yelled, "the English are coming" (if everyone was English who exactly was coming?), if we Americans weren't the only country to have used NUCLEAR WEAPONS against another country we wouldn't have ended the war with Japan, etc. Every day in history class I would have to answer questions reverberating American logic. In English we studied primarily white male writing from America and England. Then I would have to engage again in this American logic by trying to immitate their writings, i.e. thought processes.

Haunted by the ERA being regulated to a real estate company, after women having finally recieved the right to fully own and control property less than one hundred years previous, I felt the destruction by our re-education camps.
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