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Teen arrested at airport for having a note in his bag

No, I'm not making this up; this country is fucking insane and anyone that defends what is happening must also be fucking insane. All this goes to prove is that those in power will not accept any level of disagreement or resistance to what they are doing. Step out a line at all and face their punishment.
Note to Logan Airport Screwballs

by Charley Hardman

David Socha, a 17-year-old on his way to Hawaii from Paxton, Massachusetts, was arrested last week in Boston and charged with a felony for having a note in his gym bag which read: "[Expletive] you. Stay the [expletive] out of my bag you [expletive] sucker. Have you found a [expletive] bomb yet? No, just clothes. Am I right? Yea, so [expletive] you."

According to WCVB, he was charged with "making a terrorist threat." Now, I know I don't have the ability to read tea leaves like today's prosecutors and "law" makers, but I do know that there's no terrorist threat contained in that note. Nor is there a "bomb threat," a "false bomb threat," or a reminder to pick up a quart of milk at the local cash 'n' carry. However, reality can't stop the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office locomotive. Their spokesman, David A. Procopio, is quoted as saying, "Putting a false bomb threat in your luggage is not something we take lightly. In the current climate, it's just unacceptable because of the fear and panic it causes."

Will one of these federal, state, or neighborhood lunkheads please explain exactly how Socha's note is a bomb threat? Well, they don't have to, because TSA quack Ann Davis says, "There was no commotion whatsoever, but when [we] see the word 'bomb,' we take it very seriously. In today's security environment, there's no room for that sort of joking."

Nor is there any room for brains. Where, in Socha's brief note, is there a joke to be found? Please show us. Show us, you unaccountable fruit loops.

Making things a little more sinister, the note is quoted elsewhere as saying, "Have you found the bomb yet?" The bomb, rather than a bomb. In other words, there's a bomb somewhere. Nothing like piling on against the poor guy. And the final blow comes from loyal Socha neighbor Ruth Ryan, who says, "I'm surprised. I thought he was a good kid."

Let me tell all you lying pukes something: He is a good kid. He's obviously better than the lot of you obedient sheep who would never think to shout "LUDICROUS" at people who've done nothing but finish the job for Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden's gift to the ruling class was a publicly delivered, Grade-A license to ill. There's nothing they can't say or do now, apparently, for when truth is removed from public discourse, anything goes. George Orwell either predicted it or wrote the manual - hard to tell which. And doing its part for the end of humanity, the driveling public falls right in line with the script. A passenger is quoted as saying, "Maybe a little over reacting, but challenging the federal government to find a bomb in his bag is the wrong thing to do."

Did he challenge the federal government to find a bomb in his bag? Has everybody gone bananas?

Mr. Socha, I would have worded the note slightly differently, but ya done good, brah. We need another 200 million like you. People like you founded this country, and look how you're treated now - in Boston of all places! I swear those damn British must have left some sleeper cells back in the 1780s. Maybe it's time to dig under Logan Airport.

No, that's not a terrorist threat. It's a joke - just like TSA.

this country was found by the same people who rule it today 06.Aug.2003 12:15


Maybe you should take another look at your history books. Contrary to what the history channel might tell you, this country wasn't founded by freedom-loving revolutionaries. It was founded by the same class fo people who rule it today- wealthy white men. These men started the american "revolution" because they wanted to be the ones on top, not because they cared at all for the people on the bottom.
In my opinion, things probably would have been better off if the british stayed in north america. They were more against slavery, and they weren't as hostile against native americans.

This is what fascism looks like 06.Aug.2003 12:54

Get to know it.

I just finished reading the article about the "raisethefist" guy being sentenced to a year in prison and then years of probation for something he said on his web site, and now this. Holy shit. Fascism is, indeed, breathing down our necks. It's scary. And really frustrating that so many people don't seem to see this. I always wondered how the people in Germany could let the Nazis take over there and not do anything about it. Now I'm watching it played out right here, right now, and it's really terrifying.

OUT OF CONTROL 06.Aug.2003 14:40

[ ]

Have to wonder what TSA's reaction would have been to the note if David had substituted the words "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" for "Bomb." This government is totally out of control. They have taken complete advantage of the 9-11 disaster. Are there any names,addresses,phone numbers or e-mail addresses that we can contact to to offer support of David and against the terrorist tactics of theTSA? If so please post them.

and closer to home... 06.Aug.2003 18:13


I saw a headline in "The Dog Nose News" that the Laurelhurst Park dog poisonings are going to be treated as terroristic political acts, or something of that nature. I didn't have a chance to read the article. But in any case, prosecuting whatever sick individual poisoned dogs as a terrorist is chilling in the extremis.

Pigs Pigs Pigs 06.Aug.2003 20:20

Mother of Sam

This is all I got for contacting the Suffolk DA and letting him know how I feel. Wish I had an email!

Daniel F. Conley
(617) 619-4000.
District Attorney for Suffolk County
One Bulfinch Place
Boston, MA 02114

This could have been any of us, our kids, our friends. This shit is happening everywhere, every day.....

Call or Write to Voice Concerns 06.Aug.2003 20:31

[ ]

Mother of Sam: Good job. Its a start. I will call tomorrow and voice my feelings. Hope others will also call or write.

Also Closer to Home 06.Aug.2003 21:36

Mr Bojangles

Designating the Lauralhurst poisonings as a terrorist act may very well provide more excuses to harrass and search people in and around city parks, in general.

"Sir, I notice that you are not walking a dog in the park. May I please search your day pack. I notice something here that looks like a pipe..."

(Of course, never consent to such a search.)

You Have The Right To Remain Silent ... 07.Aug.2003 19:14

[ ]

Mr. Bojangles
Excellent point
Both of them