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Why limit the protest to University of Portland?

Let's greet Bush and those who support his visit to Portland by shutting down the city not standing next to a fence.
Bush picked U of P because it is easily to defend. The police can build a fence around the campus and keep us out. The campus is also hard to get to and isolated so there will be fewer witnesses to the police beating people down. If the demonstration is only at U of P no one will even see the protest except through the corporate media's distorted account.

Let's greet Bush and those who support his visit to Portland by shutting down the city not standing next to a fence.

better yet... 06.Aug.2003 10:11

republic of cascadia citizen

...we keep the resident of the white house from entering portland in the first place. the republic of cascadia has denied george w. bush's request for a visa, on the grounds that he is an international terrorist. lets make sure he knows that he is NOT WELCOME!

I agree 06.Aug.2003 11:45


We will draw alot more people if we dont confine our actions to the campus. Perhaps some at the U of P and others downtown. Besides we will be much harder to contain if we at 2 locations that will spread the police out thinner also.

... 06.Aug.2003 11:50


i think this is an excellent idea...doing an action at U of P just seems rather pointless, plus its what they would expect. lets make a plan for the downtown area.

It is not nessasary to be where bush is 06.Aug.2003 12:42


Downtown is easier to get to. The police could not use the excuse that they were defending the president, or the resident, or whatever he is.

It makes no sense to attack a fortified position. Downtown would be a good flanking action.

um... 06.Aug.2003 12:57

to ...

Oh yeh, they'll never expect anything downtown! No way. Shhh. Oh wait. You don't suppose they read this site, do you? Nahhhh.

(Disclaimer: Don't take this too personally. It's not meant as an attack, only pointing out the obvious.)

UofP is a good target 06.Aug.2003 13:46


It's completely reasonable to mobilize enough people to the UofP campus to not only force Bush to move by helicopter but also PREVENT HIS CONTIBUTORS FROM EVER GETTING THERE. This, I think, is the best approach. Actions downtown (rushhour?) will be valuable as well, but UofP is a peach that's ripe to pick. There are only a few roads which lead there and if you put a thousand people in each of them, POOF...no fundraiser. Don't worry so much about how things "look", work on being effective.

Yes, work on being effective 06.Aug.2003 14:10

Gonne be at UP

While shutting the city down is always fun, how effective will that be? Better to inconvenience the usurper and those who support him, than to inconvenience the rest of the city. Is he staying downtown? If so, then that's a legitimate target of any protest action. But if not, why not target our energy where we know he will be? I'm not sure there will be enough of us to scatter ourselves in two different areas. (If there will be, then yes, that would be great because it would also spread out the riot fucks.)

Anyway, I plan to go to the place where he is supposed to be, because I want to inconvenience him personally. I want him to be faced with the indictment of The People anywhere and everywhere he goes. We don't want him, we don't support him, we'd as surely throw rotten vegetables at him as look at him. He should know this. He should not be deluded into believing the PR crap the corporate media swills out at us.

Yes, dissent is not allowed in the US. Yes, the pigs will work overtime to keep us from coming anywhere near him to deliver this message. He may never see us or hear us. But it's ALWAYS worth the try, right? Besides, whether he sees us or not, the rest of the world will. They won't hear about our dissent on the corporate media, but they will hear about it from our own lips, from the pictures we send to everyone we know, from indymedia and other alternative press, from the videos from the resistance and other videos we make. The truth is out there.

U of P is a Reasonable Target But.... 06.Aug.2003 14:20


There are only a few streets leading to U of P which means they can and will be heavily fortified by police and protestors. Blockading those streets is perfectly reasonable and will be effective. Go for it.

Actions in the downtown and throughout the city will also be effective.

As far as the comment "Don't worry so much about how things "look", work on being effective" goes ....Calling for downtown and other actions is not about worrying how things look it's about creating the biggest impact and making it so inconvenient and expensive to have Bush in Portland that he doesn't come back. Many fronts are both more expensive and inconvenient.

It seems pretty obvious to me that Bush will arrive and depart in a helicopter regardless of the number of demonstrators - so mobilizing everyone to U of P is not the best way to create the biggest impact. I definitely think people should go there in large numbers but....Chaos is our best ally.

no 06.Aug.2003 14:38

no no no

i'm protesting BU$$h - not in downtown portland, unless he goes there. they can't completely wall off and imprison the people from the rulers, that's bull#@#@#!!! this isn't the west bank. fences are designed to be climbed, people are designed to run fast & solve problems. it'll take a little courage, a bit of creativity (like the star mass idea), a little civil disobedience, but the protest should be where the pretender is at, not somewhere else. otherwise, why downtown p'land? i mean, why don't we just protest from a warehouse in spokane, if we're not going to protest bu$$h's venue? i'm not trying to mock the idea, i'm just saying it's about Bu$$h and illegal wars and occupation and the environment. he's the problem, so lets get on with resisting and protesting and direct actioning BU$$H and his security state.

Two protests are better than one 06.Aug.2003 14:58


Two protests will make two news stories. I think Bush already knows that we don't approve of him. If that mattered to him the message would have sunk in by now.

lessons from evian 06.Aug.2003 15:29

G8 observer

The "fence" will most likely be one of those not too tall rent-a-fence cyclone metal types which are easily pushed over or climbed. Unless, they run electricity through it or put masses of razor wire on top... This isn't the G8, it's just one guy, so I can't see that they would fortify UP to quite the extent that Evian or Genoa was. If you have time, do a web search. There's tons of info out there on the tactics folks used during those protests. Also, just like last time bush came, there's going to be many fronts even on the UP campus. Remember all the barricades and running from one to another and never quite enough of us at one at any time? I think we need to get all the people we can get at UP, lest they divide and conquer, ya know?

residential area around UP 06.Aug.2003 15:38

watermelon man

Looking at the map of UP, the campus is nestled right into a residential area. I'm pretty sure the secret service will be checking in with those folks before the prez arrives. You never know who has a rocket launcher in their basement. I'm thinking maybe we should get some fliers up in that neighborhood? I'm sure not everyone that lives there is too happy that their lawns will be smushed by protestors' feet and their flowers wilted by the pepper spray in the air. They might be inspired to make some phone calls for the resistance.

who is monitoring this site? 06.Aug.2003 17:53


Since PDX Indie media' inception, there have been random posts warning of government security agencies, police forces, operatives, spys etc monitoring this site. So what? I think its great! I think if Kroeker, Sizer, Burke, Katz, Ashcroft, Meyers, Lee, etc read this daily, they will realize that the people are rapidly uniting against their unsactioned oppressive behavior! Our numbers are growing daily. The tactics more spirited and creative! The furstration turning to action! Anarchy is not practiced by just those dressed in balck, but but common pissed off citizens. The pResident and corrupt government will be challenged in our neighborhoods. Katz and Co will not prevail.. Guilty until proven innocent will no longer be tolerated. We will rise up to expose the theivery of multinational corrupt corporations and WTO mentality! So PDX Police and Secret Service cronies, take note. We will be throughout our fair city on Thursday and every other day you to attempt to shove your corrupt propaganda our way. I look forward to the dialog!! Unite*Resist*Laugh

Bush strategy notes 06.Aug.2003 19:14


It seems likely that bush will fly into UP. There are multiple possible helicopter landing zones (LZ) on the UP campus, several of which offer good protection and easy access to meeting places (the soccer field, e.g.).

IF bush drives, the best & most likely route is PDX / I-84 / I-5 / Portland Blvd / Willamette Blvd.

Several buildings at UP could serve bush's fascist function. The Chiles Center is likely, but the Commons could work for a smaller gathering and the indoor tennis courts could be modified to work.

There is a steep bluff abutting Willamette Blvd and the UP campus. Don't get caught between the bluff and the po po!

The part of the bluff behind the Commons is not steep from the railroad on up and is covered in trees & brush.

UP has two ROTC contingents (air force and army) stationed on opposite ends of campus. There will most likely not be many ROTC kids present as school will not yet be in session.

There is a Coast Guard station directly below UP. (The USCG is now part of "homeland security.")

It is easy to climb the dome of the Chiles Center. No ladders or special climbing gear are required. The dome is red. White would contrast nicely.

Wealthy donors coming to UP will most likely travel Portland Blvd to Willamette Blvd. In any case there are only a small number of possible routes to reach UP. Along each route there are several places they must pass that hold some tactical possibilities.

The area near Columbia Park is where Willamette & Lombard (the two major arteries of North Portland) are closest together.

Portsmouth Park would make a logical staging area but could easily be contained.

to Um and all 06.Aug.2003 21:06


a)true, downtown is not "unexpected" but it is a rather large place and due to consumerism and such the city will not be able to build a fence around anything...there are relevant sites to which people can converge in the downtown area such as govt buildings etc.
b) i have never been to UP but from the various posts i have seen the general consensus seems to be that there are only a few streets...to me that seems like a perfect opportunity for the police to just trap us in and herd us where they want us. there seems like there will be little opportunity for movement as well as quick gettaways.
c)at least for me the point of protesting his arrival is to let other people know that i for one do not approve of his illegal residence in the white house. If its in the middle of fucking nowhere then no one will really give a rats ass. all they can do is if they see it on the news, change the channel. I say lets make it so the people of portland cannot change the channel and that oregon says no to the shrub in 2004.
p.s. if it's possoble then multiple places should be arranged for actions...the best way to do that is get some friends and some affinity groups-this will also spread the pigs thin and then they really wont know where to expect whome and what they will be doing(that is if u dont post what you are doing on this site). thats why i think Day X worked the way it did. there was no plan...just a meeting place and it was large enough so that there were a few groups of a few hundred doing a sit in, taking the freeways, taking the bridges...all at the same time!

access 06.Aug.2003 21:15

yeah, but

so, maybe bush will parachute into the campus in a miliary flight suit. the repub donors who are coming to see him will be arriving by car.

riot gear cops practice at U of P 06.Aug.2003 21:16

been there

Not to be a nay sayer, because I'm completely committed to attending the protest, but for what it's worth, be aware the U of P is where the Rapid Response Team - the riot gear cops -- train complete with horses and riot gear cops of other local police departments. They use some of the students as a mock crowd during these trainings and regularly practice issuing dispersal orders and then rushing the crowd.

That is so funny 06.Aug.2003 21:47

But I'm confused

---Not to be a nay sayer, because I'm completely committed to attending the protest, but for what it's worth, be aware the U of P is where the Rapid Response Team - the riot gear cops -- train complete with horses and riot gear cops of other local police departments. They use some of the students as a mock crowd during these trainings and regularly practice issuing dispersal orders and then rushing the crowd.--

How and why? What, er huh?

What is this strange place U of P? I thought it was a Catholic university.

"people are designed to run fast & solve problems" 06.Aug.2003 21:53


I love that.

Go out and run people!

Tactics 06.Aug.2003 22:16

Sometime Loser

I had been thinking of PSU until I saw the maps posted above. PSU would have been so much easier. No way that shutting down the downtown Portland area (even if feasible) could be effective. PU is too far removed from the downtown area. Not only that, but a cursory study of the maps, and a personal knowledge of that area, reveals many stratigic problems mounting any kind of large protest action. If a large protest looks imminant, I suspect they will block off Willamette Blvd from N Olin to N Portsmouth. N Portsmouth from Willamette Blvd to the river will be blocked. The only other way to get to the campus is via narrow residential streets. It would be quite easy for them to "block and sweep". (Remember the DC protests where 400 people got hemmed in and swept aboard busses.) In fact, I think PU was choose, in part, because it is very easily defended.

Interesting thought: the US now has to "defend" its presidents from its own people. I never remember anything like this when I as a child. I was even taken to see President Kennedy once, and there were no protests there. This further strengthens the idea that the US has, indeed, become a bifurcated society of the haves (1%) and the have-nots (99%). Frightening what has happened to the US in the last forty years. Look at the economy. How may homeless people are there going to be in three years? One million, ten million, forty million? What are they going to do with all these homeless "useless eaters"? Heard them into FEMA "safety" camps? Never to be heard from again? Everywhere I go I sense a dread falling on the land. Change is in the wind.... but what kind of change?

Diversity of tactics, diversity of ideology, common purpose 07.Aug.2003 00:01

Dr. Calvin dr_calvin@hotmail.com

I've been thinking about this upcomming protest and the flame wars here about black blocers and greens and weekend warriors have had about the tactics that work in protests. Even in this post I see people questioning the purpose and effectiveness of smash the state demonstrations.

How about if different groups dress commonly? Greens in, well, green, black blocers in black, weekend warriors in plaids (?), etc. I know it seems basic and limiting, but it solves a huge problem. Instead of having this massive, organic throng of people, (which is good in certain ways) we would have groups doing what they think is right, and each group would be held accountable for those actions. Pacifists are tired of black blocers making all anti-Bush people look like mad lunatics, and black blocers are tired of pacifists not doing a damn thing. This would let people do what they want to without having to take blame for something they don't believe in. ex; Do we believe in the War? No, but 'Americans' are blamed for it. This is the same idea but on a smaller scale. Why should you be held accountable for something you didn't do/don't believe in?

Let me know what ya'll think.

one quip then back to the topic 07.Aug.2003 00:32


"What are they going to do with all these homeless "useless eaters"? Heard them into FEMA "safety" camps? Never to be heard from again?'

Two words...Soylent Green.

OK, now back to the topic at hand.

The unique situation with U of P...the limited access...works both to our advantage and the popo. While completely different from downtown actions, I think the advantages to both sides will be a wash with no predetermined gain on either side. It's easier for popo to defend but it's also easier to blockade. Such a situation calls for traditional seige tactics. We don't need to starve the inhabitants out or catapult yellow fever corpses over the fence, but we can prevent would be donors from ever getting in. All this action needs is lots of people. It's best if they have a simple plan, but many folks will show up without planning ahead of time and should be brought up to speed fast.

Downtown should be the focus of more seasoned affinity groups. Pranks, disruption, publicity stunts, etc... Likely the popo presence downtown will be minimal (even though they're reading this) because they will be overwhelmed. Work fast and get out. Consider multiple actions for each affinity group. Don't just lock down and wait to be arrested. Have fun and stay safe. The revolution doesn't need more people in jail.

More strategy and tactic ideas. 07.Aug.2003 00:46


I think Sometime Loser & Kajhfgva are right on. I know that UP's president has always tried to get high ranking officials and dignitaries on campus in order to increase his stature and that of the university. Not that I have anything against that per se; if he can get bush, more power to him. But obviously it takes more than one's wanting bush to show up somewhere to make it happen, and I'm sure that UP was chosen primarily due to its easy defendability and because it is somewhat isolated from most of the rest of the city. The peninsula itself serves as a kind of natural defense. The rivers are a moat, if you will. And don't forget the bluff.

S.L. also brings up a very crucial point that I have failed to mention. UP is surrounded by residential neighborhoods all the way up to Lombard. And many of the streets in this part of town are quite narrow. Even if the cops don't blockade Willamette as S.L. suggests (although it seems very likely), there really isn't any place for large numbers of people to gather near UP. The closest place is Portsmouth Park, but people gathering here could easily be trapped if the po po sense a threat and pull the old "let's surround 'em and order 'em to disperse and then arrest 'em when they don't" trick.

So what's to do? I agree with others that there should be multiple actions around the city, but I think the main action should be at and near UP. Bush's wealthy supporters can and should be prevented from reaching the fundraiser. So what if they just mail their check to bush later that evening? Deny them their little rah-rah feel-good get together. Remind them that the policies they support harm innocent, hard working people who only happen to be less fortunate than they. Make them think, perhaps, about the absurdity of a democratic nation's leader having to ensconce himself behind a fence for fear of the people.

So, look at a map of NoPo. There are two main roads in: Portland/Willamette and Lombard. (Colombia Blvd is also a major road in, but it's a bit out of the way.) Willamette and Lombard nearly intersect at Colombia Park. If the park were occupied it could cause considerable disruption on both streets. (Kill two birds with one stone.) If, further, a couple other key intersections were occupied (I'm thinking of Lombard & Portsmouth, and Portsmouth & Willamette), the primary routes to UP and main alternate routes (Willis to Portsmouth, e.g.) would be denied. It is not necessary to block every possible route to UP. The cops are not going to be able to personally escort every Republican to the fundraiser; so even if they set up a detour, small, highly-mobile groups can easily block intersections along the detour route (which, to be clear, would be running through residential neighborhoods). And conversely, it doesn't matter if any particular intersection is held indefinitely; it only matters that it is held long enough to force an new detour. In this scheme, the main (and most difficult) objective would be to occupy Colombia Park and thus force detours, the routes of which could then be disrupted by small, highly-mobile groups.

Beware the dangers! There is the bluff, which very steep so it doesn't make a very attractive escape route. The part of Colombia Park north of Lombard has a fence around it (or around part of it--I don't remember). This also limits escape.

One final point for your reflection: when protestors occupy an intersection, what do the cops generally try to do? They try to occupy the intersection themselves so as to force the protestors to either disperse or be surrounded and arrested. Now, what does it matter if the intersection is occupied by cops or protestors? In either case the goal is achieved. Use their power to achieve your goals.

We will win if we remain on the offensive. Remember, it is BUSH who is hiding behind a fence, in a defensive posture. Stay fluid and force them to react to us.

UP protests will turn the tide 07.Aug.2003 08:57

The Watchman

If the objective is to confront Bush at the U of P, the protesters have already outsmarted themselves. Here's why.

Downtown Portland has been the traditional battleground, and all it's properties are either owned by large faceless corporations or the government. Trashing downtown has therefor been no big deal to the citizens of PDX, good proletarians that they are, who don't give a rip about corporations or government.

The University of Portland sits in a residential district, all of which (except the actual overlook road) is blue-collar proletariat homes. A large protest there will spill into that neighborhood, and property damage will occur, and probably a homeowner or two will shoot a protester or get injured by one. The result of all this will be that the corporate media will be full of trashed yards, broken windows and little old retired laborers whose existence has been disturbed.

This will turn the tide in PDX, and galvanize the vast silent majority against protests. There will be a screaming demand to end them, and all available government resources will be channeled to that effort. Draconian laws will be passed, and all hopes of regular expressions of freedom will be dashed.

Some die-hard anarchists will cheer this result, but when all protesters get painted as raving revolutionaries, the entire movement loses it's relevance and power. Remember your history. The German Nazis are best-remembered for the Jewish Holocaust, but before the Holocaust, they killed and imprisoned thousands of street radicals, WITH THE FULL SUPPORT OF THE CITIZENS.

The lesson here is that if the protests get carried away, the Average Joe will support his government's mayhem against protests. If the protests stay civil, the Average Joe will support the protests. It's really that simple.

The Watchman, looking ahead to Endgame

the neighborhood 07.Aug.2003 09:27


So do the people who live over by UP know that Bush is coming to their neighborhood yet? Do you think they will be contacted and warned? The corporate news still hasn't confirmed anything. How can we warn the residents? How can we sway them to our side and make it look like the police's fault if shit goes down? I would hope that protestors would respect their homes but, still, lawns will probably get walked on, bushes maybe peed on, tear gas in the air, yelling, chanting, drumming, Rosey making announcements in her ice cream truck... It's not going to be "peaceful" enough for these folks to relax. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a homeowner peering out the window. What would make you smile? What would make you scared? What would make you angry? The Watchman is right. Aside from the obvious geographical challenges of the UP location, there's a chance for some really good, or really bad, PR on the part of the resistance.

watchman makes a good point 07.Aug.2003 09:31


Every effort should be made to get the NoPo proles on our side in advance. Perhaps flyering the neighborhood, informing the residents of the Bush visit, encouraging them to get involved and assuring them that the crowd will clean up after itself. I can't see the scenario Watchman suggests, that "revolutionaries" will trash residential property, unless a homeowner starts the altercation, and even then it seems unlikely. Outreach, outreach, outreach. The working class folks who live around U of P can be great allies, if we talk to them first and don't allow the popo scare them.

Another Bridge 07.Aug.2003 09:39


is the St.John's bridge another likely route from the west hills, west suburbs and from other donor enclaves, coming down columbia river hwy from the NW? that bridge is about 1.5 miles from UoP via N. Willamette and/or via N. Lombard and N.Portsmouth. (i'm not familiar with actual street usage in that part of the area.)

hell, maybe the donors will come in by helicopter!

regarding scrutiny of this forum, i say let the ideas flow fast and furious (to a point!), as that will only complicate and dilute response planning by the regime's forces. anything very specific with respect to time and place, unless it can be discussed in a relatively unstructured and poorly detailed way, should probably stay at the affinity group level. in my view, many options should be aired here, keeping them relevant to a general zone of assembly and convergence, allowing for a lot of mobility and fluidity of tactics. basically, entertain and thereby rehearse a huge number of possibilities here, so that when it's game time, some (all or none) can be employed as the situation develops. but it will give the mercenaries, who are burdened by command structure, a whole lot of possibilities to plan on reacting to, not knowing where and when, or if. the more-many more-ideas aired here will stimulate other ideas. just keep hard details to yourself, in my opinion.

Alternative Targets? 07.Aug.2003 13:56

outside the box


does anyone know who will be attending? (who attended the aug 2002 fundraiser? even a partial list of donors must be available, no?)...
where they work? the neighborhoods they live in? their morning jogging routes? where their kids go to school? for starters, i assume mr. UP prez. will of course be there, as well as others from the school, no?

it sure would be fun to flier those places, with their names and faces on fliers of course, with a brief message of public shame for squirting grease on the wheels of the purchase a president industry.

(for reasons of geography, i am unable, but take this idea and run with it)

St. John's Bridge 07.Aug.2003 18:47


The St. John's Bridge has been closed recently for repairs, but I suppose it could be reopened for bush's visit. They're doing work on the roadway, and I don't know what state it is in right now or what the timetable for the repairs is. If anyone has this information, please post it. Obviously, if the bridge were open it would be the logical route for those coming from the west side.

I don't think, however, that the bridge being open or closed should change our basic strategy. It would complicate things a bit, but not by much. The fact remains that NoPo is on a peninsula. Putting a bridge on the tip of the peninsula doesn't fundamentally change the fact that there are only a few major roadways in NoPo. Obviously, to shut down the bridge, we could try to occupy it. But that would be difficult and dangerous. Instead, consider this. From the St, John's Bridge, donors MUST go down Lombard to Portsmouth (the easiest route), or alternately, Willamette Blvd, in order to reach UP. This is necessary because there is a deep ravine that cuts across the peninsula and divides the St. John's neighborhood from the University Park neighborhood, and only two bridges (not counting Colombia Blvd) cross the ravine. Therefore, the same intersections I mentioned in an earlier post are also the key to shutting down the St. John's Bridge.

A couple of people (Watchman, et al.) have made some excellent points about the working class people in the neighborhoods around UP. I know that many of them are real or potential allies. I would say most all of them would be allies if properly educated about what the bush administration means in general to them as workers, and more specifically, what bush's visit to their neighborhood will mean. So I too think it is very important to keep the people of NoPo on our side and educate them about what's going on in their backyard.

Keep the ideas coming! Be sure that the Secret Service will have already thought through all of this; they are very good at what they do, and nothing we think up with will come as a surprise to them. And be sure that none of what has been said here has given any indication of what WILL happen. Things are too unpredictable, both for them and for us. WE are better off discussing openly all the various strategies and tactics. Of course any actual plans should be made with the highest secrecy.
St. John's Bridge
St. John's Bridge

Police station in St. John's 07.Aug.2003 18:57


Another thing I forget to mention: there is a Police station in St. John's right in front of the bridge.

give nopo a explanation 08.Aug.2003 00:54

personal pete

how about an organized door to door flyering around the imediate area.
a detailed pamphlet / flyer containing some education of why we are out there and some resource #s and websites to visit to learn more. this sort of personal interaction with "joe six-pack" could really change the neiborhood mood in advance! i think this sort of action is not common enough in our unpersonal computer age.

i dont know about this...... 08.Aug.2003 17:57


The more i read about possible tactics at the U of P the more i get a bad feeling. Heres why:
1. Its a small area so it would be easy to trap us.
2. The riot cops practice there (according to a previous post).
3. If the actions damage any homes or residential areas we will look very, very bad.
4. I would expect a HUGE police presence, especially if they are reading this site which they are. Therefore i would expect them to be ready for us and ready to contain us.
5. If they have any sense they will have an unexpected way to get the pResident and anyone attending the lunch onto the campus to avoid us (perhaps by boat, hellicopter, or guarded atlernate streets).

Therefore i think we need to seriously consider the dangers and be very cautious in our planning. I think the best plan would be to find out where the weasel is staying the night, likely downtown, and concentrate on that location. Then we can still be in his face and on our home turf and the only possible damage will be to corporate places. Also, the media will talk nonstop about his visit and posible protests so hopefully regular-joe workers will be warned and not bothered by our actions downtown. Just my thoughts.

wake up, speak up, and rise up

blocking downtown will cause misunderstanding 08.Aug.2003 19:41

ready to protest till I drop

Blocking downtown, if bus$ isn't there, will punish people who had nothing to do with him or his visit. Think of the woman trying to get through to pick her kids up from daycare, the guy heading for his urgent doctor's appointment, the waiter trying to make his shift on time because if he's late one more time he's going to get fired..., etc etc. People like this will be alienated from our message if we shut the city down.

Yes, there should be protests downtown, as well as at UP. The arguments for making extra news, bringing it to more people's attention, letting Portland powers-that-be know bus$ isn't welcome here, and spreading the police response thinner, are good ones.

But blocking downtown, or shutting the city down as some have suggested, will cause a backlash of opinion against us. Let's make a ruckus without pissing off the people we're trying to get through to. Respecting folks and their needs while making them aware of ours can yield some amazing results.

Recon 09.Aug.2003 00:58


While 'migraineboy' didn't furnish the URL for the O article, let's say that his posting gives fair confidence of the donor/bu$h party location: Chiles Center.

With that given, and that the CC is right on the NW corner edge of the campus, does it look like the security perimeter will not be the edge of the campus (Willamette Blvd. and N. Portsmouth Ave.) but a block away, maybe, like N. Harvard St. and N. Van Houten Ave? Could it even be two blocks away from the campus edge?

If it's one block away, that leaves only narrow corridors (streets like N. Hereford Ave., N. Portsmouth a block NE from the campus corner, Willamette Blvd. a block NW from the campus corner and Warren St.) for "addressing" the visitor and friends inside the dome at the NW corner of the campus. Most of the crowd would be free-speeching and assembling at the fronts of residences along Harvard and Van Houten. The blocks look to be about 250 to 400 ft. on a side.

There are a number of intersections to conduct shifting and rolling scrimmages over. Shifting masses in the residential neighborhood would be more exposed to aerial surveillance (and potentially responded to more rapidly) than in the downtown canyons. No dumpsters either.

The SE flank (N. Willamette Blvd. and N. Olin Ave. vee intersection) looks interesting.

What's the latest on fencing the campus? How likely is it that there would be enough uniformed to occupy the entire NW and NE edges of the campus? At the event of a couple years ago, when bu$h came to the NE suburbs high school, the uniforms were frolicking around the playing fields on ATVs

Some thoughts... 10.Aug.2003 09:30


1. Unlike downtown, UP is PRIVATE PROPERTY. You go setting one foot on their land, the cops simply take you to the paddy wagon. Much easier than having to watch you do something illegal downtown before they can pop you.

2. I can't believe that the residents of University Park are not going to totally freak out when the word gets out that their houses and yards are going to get trashed. A lot of political favors will be requested to protect these folks' homes.

And by the way, whoever said the area was home to the bluecollar folks hasn't been in University Park in the last 10 years! Houses there are EXPENSIVE. It's as desirable of neighborhood as Hawthorne/Alberta/Clinton, etc. Maybe a little farther past there, in St. Johns, the bluecollar label is appropriate, but not for the area around the college.

trespassing??? 10.Aug.2003 09:53


i don't know if this is important, but i was hanging out in the area below the bluff a coupla years ago and was told by a security person that i was trespassing. i think that person said that some of that area back there belongs to UP, which is all private property, which means that the cops can easily arrest/ticket folks just for bein there.

THINK BETTER... 10.Aug.2003 23:51

Justice Evans just_ice999@yahoo.com

You can't stop his "contributor's" from contributing and you won't make a point if you shut down the city. People will become angry at the "immature" protestors who don't understand that they just want to go home from work, just want to go to the park, just want to go on with their lives and don't care whether the president is in town. You can't "attack" at UP because it is well "fortified." Also, it's private property and you will find cause for arrest if you step onto its grounds. The only successful protest will be people congregating by the thousands to the gate of the UP. Black bloc types will continue to alienate those of us without the energy to hate. Think better.

Think mo' better 11.Aug.2003 17:55


It is more than obvious that the people who want to contribute to bush jr's re-selection will do so whether they attend a fundraiser here in Portland or they do not. But that is not the point. The fund-raiser is really just a pep-rally. Its purpose is to make the donors FEEL GOOD about giving money to bush. By protesting this event--and specifically, by blocking access to it--we DO NOT intend to prevent people from contributing money to the bush campaign; that would be futile and ultimately pointless. But we DO intend to make it very unpleasant and inconvenient for the donors to get to UP. If you need any evidence of the effectiveness of this strategy, please review the history of the WTO protests in Seattle, November, 1999.

Oregonian URL 11.Aug.2003 19:39

Pink Emma

Here's the URL (and the entire article) for the Oregonian piece about the pretender's visit. Yes, the fundraiser luncheon is at the Chiles Center. And note the pretender (with apologies to Elvis! oldsters will know what I mean...) may visit Redmond too.

Note also - as suggested in these comments - one person who will very likely attend A21 would surely be Molly Bordonaro, the Northwest regional coordinator for the president's re-election campaign.
Oregonian - Political Notebook - 08/08/03
 link to www.oregonlive.com

President Bush may visit Redmond this month when he is in Portland for an Aug. 21 fund-raiser, but no final decision has been made on the Central Oregon stop, a Bush-Cheney campaign official said Thursday.

Officials were still working on an itinerary, said Molly Bordonaro, the Northwest regional coordinator for the president's re-election campaign. She said she could not release any details of the visit.

Bush is scheduled to attend a $2,000-a-person fund-raising luncheon at the Chiles Center on the University of Portland campus, according to invitations mailed out by the Bush-Cheney campaign.

Bush, who is expected to raise more than $170 million for his re-election campaign, was last in Oregon in August 2002. At the time, he gave a speech in Medford to announce his plan to reduce the danger of forest fires and then flew to Portland to address a fund-raiser for Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore.