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I found ths at the end of come artical on indymedia about PPRC and indymedia or something... whatever.
I think ill stop useing UNITE RESIST as the end to my posts and Emails....
i think this will be now.
thanks whoever you are indymedia geek.

----------I would like to see more tolerance on this site for different views and approaches. The idea of indymedia is that it can be a diverse forum for people who seek justice and positive social change. Towards that end, it would be fruitful for more people to refrain from repeatedly criticizing a group they think is too radical or too liberal and leave those people room to use the site.

Also, it would be helpful if posters made more effort to stay on topic. Too often the comments quickly devolve into well worn arguments and conflicts rather than helpfully adding to the original post. Too much energy gets lost this way, and the site loses focus. One can ask oneself, Is this comment I am about to post a useful contribution? Got extra time and energy? Go write a story about one of the many issues in the community that does not get enough coverage here on indymedia.

can you what? 05.Aug.2003 21:42


compost anyone?