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Statement from Political Prisoner Alvaro Luna Hernandez

Statement from political prisoner Alvaro Luna Hernandez to the Break the Chains Conference (Eugene, OR, Aug. 8 - 10):
"From within the belly of the fascist beast, we, inside and outside, must strongly oppose these war crimes by this government."
Alvaro Luna Hernandez
Alvaro Luna Hernandez
Alvaro Luna Hernandez
Statement to the Break the Chains Conference
[Alvaro Hernandez Luna was sentenced in Odessa, TX on June 2-9, 1997 to 50 years in prison for defending himself by disarming a police officer drawing a weapon on him (unarmed). The trial evidence clearly showed Alvaro was the victim of a police-orchestrated conspiracy to frame or eliminate him due to his organizing activities in the barrio. For more information see  http://www.freealvaro.org]
September 11 has been especially repressive for those of us on the inside already considered "enemies of the state" by the reactionary, elitist government of the United States. Some of us, innocent, our only "crime" being that the government considered us a threat because of our organizing activities in our own communities and barrios, were railroaded into prison, and now thrown into the beast's colonial cages termed "administrative segregation," a prison within a prison for more torture, and surveillance by the political police. Our political writings are closely monitored, and our everyday thoughts scrutinized in attempts to further criminalize the legitimacy of our movements for national liberation, where we come from, subject to discredit and slander, to further isolate us from those movements and from the people that support us.
We dared to speak-out and stand-up against racist, fascist, militarist government and ruling class guilty of horrendous acts of genocide, barbarity, state terrorism and other war crimes, especially against oppressed ethnic, indigenous peoples and nations and other revolutionary movements and its leadership, that makes September 11 look trivial. But, despite such political, criminal repression, we continue to march forward, never backwards, gaining political courage and strength from the reality that our cause is just and our movement righteous. You on the outside are our life-line, and sometimes stand between our total annihilation and survival, by those who would brutalize us and murder us in the name of their reactionary "patriotism" and to serve their twisted style of "freedom" in defense of capitalism and imperialism. Corporate Amerikkka and its pretextual "war on terrorism" is but another stage of the government's opportunism for seeking world hegemony and imperialist enslavement and subjugation of other people's material wealth and resources by the many multi-national corporations that own and control the White House. Human rights mean nothing to them, and all the double-talk about bringing "freedom" and "democracy" to other parts of the world is false, and behind it begin to appear the true, ugly face of the monster of fascism that seeks world control.
From within the belly of the fascist beast, we, inside and outside, must strongly oppose these war crimes by this government.
May this "Break The Chains" conference clearly define the realities that we face as a human race, rejuvenate in all its participants a renewed spirit of solidarity, struggle and self-determination, with all other progressive movements in this country and the world over, to join ranks and struggle to free all political prisoners, and prisoners of war held in US jails and prisons and to oppose this fascist madness, On behalf of the Chicano Mexicano movement for the national liberation of our occupied homeland, and internal colony AZTLAN, we salute you and extend our revolutionary solidarity to "Break The Chains" activists and participants. POWER TO THE PEOPLE! FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS, POWs! FREE AZTLAN!

July 27, 2003

Alvaro Luna Hernandez #255735
Hughes Unit
Route 2 , Box 4400
Gatesville, Texas 76597

The Break the Chains conference will be held Aug.8-10 at University of Oregon in Eugene. It is dedicated to fighting repression, supporting prisoners, and eliminating prisons altogether. By providing anti-prison education, building on existing prisoner support efforts, learning from veteran prison activists, and initiating new campaigns against the prison industrial complex, this conference is intended to initiate a new era of heightened prisoner support and anti-prison activism.

For more information about the conference, including our full mission statement and a list of speakers / participants, see:  http://www.breakthechains.net/btcconference/index.html

Break the Chains Housing Message Board Exchange information about housing needs and available housing for the conference:  http://pub152.ezboard.com/fbtcrideboardfrm8

Break the Chains Ride Share Message Board Exchange information about transportation to and from the conference:  http://pub152.ezboard.com/fbtcrideboardfrm7

homepage: homepage: http://www.breakthechains.net
address: address: PO Box 11331 / Eugene, OR 97440

I really thought I knew it all wrt US political prisoners 05.Aug.2003 22:29


And then I read about this guy on Indymedia.

That has got to be one of the most egregious cases I've heard of. Latino man in a racist redneck Texas town with a history of petty police harrassment against him (motivated by his blowing the lid off other cases of police abuse), has a cop attempt to arrest him w/o a warrent. Cop gets agro and draws his gun when Hernandez has the termity to ask to see the warrent. Hernandez fears for his life (who wouldn't), knocks gun out of cop's hand and runs away.

Uh-oh. Touched a cop. Bam! Assault charges. Into the clink for fifty years. Either get shot extrajudicially or sent into the slammer for probably the rest of your life. Some choice, that. And all for being an activist and making it a little more difficult for the establishment to commit injustice.

"If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention."