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Stop New Seasons?? Neighborhood Meeting on Land Use Announced

New Seasons Concerns Neighborhood Meeting announced for Wed August 13, 7PM @ the Red and Black (22nd and Division). All are welcome to learn about Land Use, the City's Comprehensive plan, zoning changes, and the process of a Land-use hearing.

In light of all the interest in New Seasons's plans to build a store in our neighborhood, HAND neighborhood Land Use Chair will be present to explain the process of a land-use hearing. If you have concerns about New Seasons (whether for traffic safety issues, gentrification issues,threats to local businesses, zoning irregularities, the destruction of a historic property, the location of dumpsters, etc) but want to learn how to articulate them effectively to the hearing officials, then please attend. If you want to hear what your neighbors' concerns are, then please attend. If you want to build a movement of local neighborhood activism, then please attend.

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