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New Bush / A21 / University of Portland Info

a few CONFIRMED items about Bush's visit to the University of Portland:
I have confirmed with 2 independent and trusted sources, both U of P employees, that the president will be on the University of Portland campus THURSDAY, AUGUST 21.

One source stated that he would be attending a "dinner event". The other source was only certain of the date.

Nothing more about the exact time of Bush's arrival or schedule is known to me so far.

1 source confirmed an earlier rumor that U of P facilities crew (or Secret Service, etc...) would be building a fence around the campus, as ridiculous as that sounds.

I'll post more when I get confirmed info...until then, get the word out:

Portland Says No to Bush, August 21!

a fence? 05.Aug.2003 18:40


a fence? oh my goodness, that's some grand symbolism, at a minimum, and a grand challenge on other levels.

a fence. 05.Aug.2003 18:59


Yep, a fence. Fencing the campus (as my source indicated) seems like overkill, but then again, a lot of things happening right now seem to fall into that category.

I suppose the U of P might be worried that we'll trample their grass or something...?

don't fence me in 05.Aug.2003 19:05


The U of P website calendar says they'll be orienting and dining with the international students the afternoon of the 21st, so there must be some contingency for those students to get onto and around campus that day.

Website also says the rest of campus is having their new student orientation on the 22nd, and classes start the following Monday, for what it's worth.

Daily Message 05.Aug.2003 19:20

Defenders of Liberty

Assignments follow - watch for RAVEN before beginning. PRPC will be on site.

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G*W - 43873/56558* !@:))[,
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N*E7 - 34233
C*C - 65654
R*Q - 73433
O*TC - 54663
S*F - 36545
O*S1 - 97988


always DOL
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WOW......TOO EASY 05.Aug.2003 19:51


cant you do better then this.................it's so boring.

Tee hee 05.Aug.2003 20:20

I love this

All of it.

the fence will come down 05.Aug.2003 20:35


shame on U of P! 05.Aug.2003 21:26

Mocks Bottom

Aren't there any U of P grads (or students ) out there? Aren't you mightily gladdened that your alma mater is hosting this, this, steadfast, moral and upright example of the best of Judeo-Christian values that is Dubya?
I sure wish U of P was my school or alma mater. NOT!

Translation 05.Aug.2003 21:38


Hmm..."fence" is what the zionists call their apartheid wall in Palestine. Anyway...

from an earlier "bandana" post:

..." i suppose city street and road closure schedule public information is being checked regularly. anything of unusually short duration over those days should be examined--is it for public works, or public jerks?

might look at regularly scheduled meetings (public and private orgs) normally held in the PU area , where a meeting that would normally be held around 8/20-8/23 is canceled, postponed or rescheduled. finding a couple of such revisions for the same meeting day could raise confidence as to where and when"

This effort could go toward determining the possible motorcade route.

Heard different 05.Aug.2003 22:30


I heard he was speaking at a luncheon.

Luncheon = 12:00 - 4:00

What Have You Done Lately? 05.Aug.2003 22:30

KG-13 tech

Hey...'Defenders of Liberty'...we've been entertained with you and your borthers'/sisters' displays of crypto conniptions for several days, now, on this bu$h welcome campaign. Show us some steganography. I've always wanted to see some of that. C'mon...show us!! See if we can break it!!

security fence 05.Aug.2003 23:15


1. perhaps mr. bush would feel more secure in baghdad among his liberated and adoring iraqi fans? surely he wouldn't need security fences and ss bodyguards to keep him safe there . . .?

Disinformation 06.Aug.2003 02:16


Defenders of Liberty makes the code so easy to break for a reason.
They want the authorities to read the disinformation.
Pretty sharp, for a while there they almost had me fooled.

from the actual repug invitation 06.Aug.2003 07:45

corporate scumbag

Event will be at the UP Chiles Center, August 21.

Luncheon slated for noon.

Doors open at 10:30 a.m.

Peace and freedom to all.

dinner = noon? 06.Aug.2003 08:12


My contact at U of P mentioned a dinner event (too?), but maybe he/she meant dinner in the midwestern sense, that is, breakfast, dinner, supper. In any case, thanks for the info. How'd you get an invite? Can you scan in a copy? I've always wanted one...

Mohammad ATTA used GPS Coordinates to locate WTC 06.Aug.2003 09:20

missing pieces

Hijacker in City Sept. 10
Used navigation tool to pinpoint WTC site

Daily News Staff Writer

The leader of the Sept. 11 hijackers visited the World Trade Center days before the attack to obtain coordinates for a navigation device, law enforcement officials now believe.Mohamed Atta, who led the 19 hijackers that morning, was in New York on Sept. 10 and perhaps Sept. 9, according to a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation.

Atta is seen here boarding Boston-bound plane in Portland, Maine early morning of Sept 11.
The FBI found transactions that show Atta used a credit card in Manhattan the day before the planes crashed into the World Trade Center. Until recently, law enforcement officials could not figure out why he was here.

New evidence has emerged that leads investigators to believe Atta made a last-minute visit to double-check coordinates of the twin towers and plug them into a sophisticated Global Positioning System device bought by the hijackers, the source said.

Investigators suspect Atta's trip to the Trade Center was necessary because they believe the hijackers were too inexperienced to handle the jumbo jets without help. They know the hijackers bought GPS devices in the months leading up to the attack.

The FBI's New York office declined to comment on what the bureau knows about Atta's final hours.

The unusual flight paths of American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 — which traveled from Boston and into the twin towers — indicates the hijackers used the devices to guide them as they flew across the country toward what was about to become known as Ground Zero, the source said.

Federal prosecutors say that on Aug. 25 — three weeks before the attack — one of Atta's co-conspirators, hijacker Ziad Jarrah, bought GPS components.

Flying Equipment Bought

Atta himself bought flight deck videos for jumbo jets and several unnamed items from Sporty's Pilot Shop in Ohio in November 2000. Sporty's owners said FBI agents investigating the Sept. 11 attacks asked about a Garmin GPS III Pilot, a hand-held device that simplifies aeronautical navigation.

And Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called 20th hijacker now indicted on terrorism charges in the Sept. 11 plot, also tried to buy a GPS receiver, prosecutors have said.

With the coordinates of the twin towers entered as the desired destination, the devices would tell the hijackers when they were off course as they flew thousands of feet above the ground.

Experts noted that the hijackers could have obtained coordinates of the towers from available maps, but visiting the site with the device would ensure that the specific data were pinpoint accurate.

It's not clear how long Atta was in Manhattan before the attack. The source would not discuss the credit card transactions here except to say they took place in Manhattan.

Sometime on Sept. 10, the FBI believes, Atta traveled to Boston and rented a blue Nissan sedan. He and Abdulaziz Alomari then drove to Portland, Maine.

Seen on Video

They checked into a Comfort Inn in South Portland at 5:43 p.m., then visited two bank ATMs and a Wal-Mart, where they were captured on video.

The morning of Sept. 11, they checked out of the motel at 5:33 a.m., arriving at Portland International Jetport in time for a last-minute boarding of a 5:45 a.m. flight to Boston.

They arrived at Boston's Logan Airport just in time to board American Airlines Flight 11, departing at 7:55 a.m., fully fueled, with a scheduled destination of Los Angeles.

Sometime during the flight — as the plane headed west over upstate New York — the FBI believes Atta, Alomari and three others hijacked the jet and turned it south — toward the towers of New York.

By Land and By River 06.Aug.2003 09:31

just an observation

University of Portland is along the WIllamette.  http://www.up.edu/pdf/campus_map.pdf

I doubt they will build a fence that encircles the entire campus.

Does anyone have a boat?

Amphibious Landing? 06.Aug.2003 10:01

Wharf Rat

Is there a dock or similar shore landing facility at/near the campus precincts? If, so he might be delivered by the Coast Guard...probably wearing some nautical costume and "driving" the boat for the photo op--maybe wearing some spiffy deck gear and baseball hat with embroidered "commander-in-chief".

down by the river 06.Aug.2003 10:58


University of Portland is situated on a bluff a few hundred feet ABOVE the Willamette, also separated from the water by a Union Pacific railway. There appears to be a dock or something just south of campus.

See mapquest, or better yet, visit campus when you can.

Of course, the hill is climbable, with lots of trees, so don't let that stop you...

More plans 06.Aug.2003 11:47

Wisey McSmartypants

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another use for a fence 06.Aug.2003 13:28

sleeping giant

a fence does two things.....it keeps people out...but it also is a cage from which those inside have a hard time escaping if the exits are blocked.

If the exits are blocked 06.Aug.2003 14:27

are blocked...are blocked

Hey, that's a really interesting idea. Not that he doesn't have a helicopter and stuff, but it's just always so fun to watch him have to flee like a rabbit from the voice of the people. Remember the inauguration, where he had to race past in a speeding limo for fear his "adoring" public might catch him and tell him what they really think?

Look before you leap! 06.Aug.2003 20:42


The docks you can see in the photo above are part of a COAST GUARD STATION. Probably not a good idea to try to make a landing here. There are however plenty of places along the river were a raft or small boat could land. But one thing's for sure: the CG will be patrolling the river around UP. These guys specialize in port security, so it would be foolish to try to get to UP this way.

Climbing up the bluff would be difficult but not impossible. The bluff is very steep and in most places there is a lot of underbrush you would have to crawl or hack through, but in a few spots there are trails. One trail you can actually see on the photo above. It's in the lower right corner of the photo, right above the CG docks. This trail dumps you off on Willamette Blvd just before it turns the corner by UP. The other trail is above the letter "S" on the bottom of the photo. This one leads to the back of the Commons There is a road going up the bluff from the superfund site; you can see that to the left of the baseball diamond. Beware that there most likely will be Blackhawks patrolling the area, and they MAY have infrared gear that could detect a person hiding under trees and brush.

I doubt that they'll build a fence completely around the UP campus. They are having some student orientation events that day and I'm not sure how they'd work that with a fence. Keep tabs on the UP website ( http://www.up.edu/); perhaps they'll cancel those events...hell, they may HAVE to ;>)

On the other hand, it is possible to totally encircle the campus and it is at least likely that they will put a fence around a large portion of it. They may try to fence the main entrance, the parking lot (don't want anyone's Lexus SUV getting scratched, right?), bush's landing zone (assuming he flies in), and the Chiles Center (a VERY likely place to hold this event, unless they only expect a few dozen to show up). The fence will most likely be a standard, non-electrified chain link fence, which means that--yes--it can be pushed over. The idea of the fence isn't to keep you out but to slow you down, and moreover, to stand as a SYMBOL of authority. It's like putting a sign up that says "no trespassing!"; the sign itself doesn't keep you out, but the authority (and threat of punishment) that it represents does--or should I say may? In any event, the fence will not serve as the main line of defence. Be sure that der Fόhrer will be very well protected by his SS guard; the SA's who will be beating and tear-gassing us have about as much chance of seeing him as we do.
UP campus
UP campus

one if by land . . . 06.Aug.2003 21:30

paul r.

TWO if by . . . Willamette river . . . ? this is getting good! ya never know when the historical forces might decide it's time for a domestic regime change . . . did the american revolutionaries know for sure that the boston tea protest would inevitably lead to the overthrow of the British? do we know for sure that one of our direct actions won't set in motion events that lead to something that nobody can now forsee? things aren't looking good for the american status quo politically: economy in tank, college educated techies unemployed and planning highly sophisticated street protests, military occupation of two islamic states, civil unrest, california a political circus - what happens if street protests sprial out of control, the military decides it's had enough of guerilla war and decamps for home with "it's own most wanted list," california's recall results in 6 rivals all claiming victory with statistically equivalent vote counts, political radicals force the executive power to flee the pacific northwest . . . BUCKLE your seat belts folks . . . things are looking up for the people!! maybe i'm too optimistic, but the senario doesn't look so far fetched, does it???

Conclusive evidence 06.Aug.2003 21:35

expert analyst

Is that a chemical weapons factory I see on the sattelite picture of the UP campus? The British think so.

Two as if by land 06.Aug.2003 23:07

Redundant Data

Ha, think things are looking up for the people? Yeah, right. And if it looks like the voice of the people might just rise up and be heard? What would it take? Maybe a staged nuke attack on LA? Made to look like the North Koreans done it? Wake up to instant martial law, curfews in every city, checkpoints everywhere, instant passage of Patriot II, III and IV. Say one word out of line and get thrown in a detention camp. Yeah, they could easily put down the "voice of the people".

The more I look at it the more I think choosing PU was a very good tactical decision on the part of the President's planners. Almost half surrounded by water - easily patrolled. Only one major street running in front of the campus - easily to block off. No nearby location for people to converge. Yes, the nearby parks could all be easily contained, and the narrow, residential streets could all be easily controlled. Yeah, those unemployed college techies are going to have to come up with some really creative ideas to have any kind of major protest get anywhere near the PU campus.

Basically, the problem is that the protesters have to either converge on the campus - risking individual tresspassing arrests on the way in. (Remember, PU is private property.) Or converge in one of the nearby parks and march to the campus. On narrow residential streets, a march could be easily contained, even if spread out over several streets. Wonder what the people in the PU neighborhood are thinking? Might have to deal with a little CS leaking through the windows? If it gets thick enough, nothing will keep it out. Just ask the residents of Capitol Hill about their experience with the Seattle WTO. Riot in the St John's district? Might just be fun.

Guerrilla tactics, not frontal attack. 07.Aug.2003 02:26


The more I consider this, the more I think that any kind of massive convergence on UP would be pointless, for all the reasons mentioned. On the other hand, guerrilla tactics might be very successful. Many small groups of people could cause considerable chaos, and if the chaos is directed at the right places (ordered chaos?), the ability of people to get to bush's fundraiser could be severely restricted. UP is easy to defend because it has only one side in need of defense; but that means there is only one way in or out.

So it needn't be a measure of our success whether a large mass of people gather near UP. Rather I think we should have as our goal preventing bush's wealthy donors from getting to the fundraiser. This we CAN do, and, ironically, for the VERY SAME REASONS why it would be hard for a large mass of protesters to get anywhere near UP.

tactics 07.Aug.2003 08:53

tipping point

Bush may arrive by helicopter, but there's other bigwigs attending this thing, presumably, unless he is speaking to an empty room.
So one tactic should be to prevent them from getting there. blocks the streets, block the Interstate, etc. They won't ALL be arriving by helicopter.

Also, care should be taken to warn the neighborhood that this is going to happen. We should be putting up posters and handing out flyers in the area. There may be enough outrage in the community to cause a huge stink -- perhaps even beforehand. It's one thing to have a police riot downtown where no one really lives, another in a residential community.

Oregonian Confirms 08.Aug.2003 12:56


The Oregonian confirms Bush's luncheon plans at UofP.

"Bush is scheduled to attend a $2,000-a-person fund-raising luncheon at the Chiles Center on the University of Portland campus, according to invitations mailed out by the Bush-Cheney campaign."

I know that the Oregonian is corporate media, but this is a good confirmation.

Recon 09.Aug.2003 11:01


(this was posted earlier on the wrong thread)

While 'migraineboy' didn't furnish the URL for the O article, let's say that his posting gives fair confidence of the donor/bu$h party location: Chiles Center.

With that given, and that the CC is right on the NW corner edge of the campus, does it look like the security perimeter will not be the edge of the campus (Willamette Blvd. and N. Portsmouth Ave.) but a block away, maybe, like N. Harvard St. and N. Van Houten Ave? Could it even be two blocks away from the campus edge?

If it's one block away, that leaves only narrow corridors (streets like N. Hereford Ave., N. Portsmouth a block NE from the campus corner, Willamette Blvd. a block NW from the campus corner and Warren St.) for "addressing" the visitor and friends inside the dome at the NW corner of the campus. Most of the crowd would be free-speeching and assembling at the fronts of residences along Harvard and Van Houten. The blocks look to be about 250 to 400 ft. on a side.

There are a number of intersections to conduct shifting and rolling scrimmages over. Shifting masses in the residential neighborhood would be more exposed to aerial surveillance (and potentially responded to more rapidly) than in the downtown canyons. No dumpsters either.

The SE flank (N. Willamette Blvd. and N. Olin Ave. vee intersection) looks interesting.

What's the latest on fencing the campus? How likely is it that there would be enough uniformed to occupy the entire NW and NE edges of the campus? At the event of a couple years ago, when bu$h came to the NE suburbs high school, the uniforms were frolicking around the playing fields on ATVs

Whence the attendees 11.Aug.2003 00:07

Jacob Astor

Assuming that very few of those attending will be actual St. Johns residents, and with the Bridge closed, anyone hoping to block access to the campus should only have to worry about closing off one direction - the east. And, there are only two eastern approaches that matter, unless the organizers are going to snake people through residential streets (which they might?): Lombard/Portsmouth and Willamette/Portland/Greeley. Blockades wouldn't even, necessarily, have to be that close to the campus to cause access problems.

The Freeway doesn't go close enough to the campus to matter.

I'm glad someone brought up the point of giving local residents notice.

Then again.... 11.Aug.2003 00:36

Jacob Astor

If people reaaaaly want to throw themselves in front of big trucks (or if y'all attendees want to sneak around any protests on Lombard and Willamette) there is always Columbia. Fessenden through the former Villa might also offer unique scenery for both protestors and Bushites.

The Villa 11.Aug.2003 16:35


It would be nice if Bush and Co. had to travel through the Villa to get to UP, but unfortunately that will not happen. Too circuitous. WAY too easy to blockade. Colombia Blvd doesn't seem to be real attractive either. Even if people come via Colombia, they'll be blocked by actions closer in.

It is very unlikely that there will be set up in advance, as a FIRST choice, any kind of circuitous route through the neighborhoods. Nor will the popo be able to keep every possible route clear. It seems more likely that they will try to keep clear the shortest, most direct route(s). But that will create a convoy of cars that will be easy to locate and attack. So, in any case, it is simply not necessary to block every possible route to UP. There are certain key intersections that will suffice. To determine which ones, check out a map of NoPo, and then, more importantly, go visit some time to scout things out.

Notice, for instance, that between the two main arteries, Lombard, and Portland/Willamette, the streets running east-west end at Wabash. This is like a wall. Also notice the position of the north end of Colombia Park relative to the east-west streets. Thus, you can blockade just east of Wabash with great effectiveness.

SMALL, highly MOBILE groups can disrupt things here in a way that will be very hard for the popo to counter. Strike fast, then retreat. You want your movements to appear to the enemy to be chaotic when in fact they are planned and highly ordered. At the same time, you must be flexible. That is why small, autonomous groups are best for this task.

For more on this topic, take a look at the comments on this thread:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/08/269367.shtml

Transport 12.Aug.2003 00:12


any thoughts on the capacity and frequency of tri-met services handling the er...surge around 10am?

the "frequent service" looks like #4. the "less frequent" service looks like #s 1, 40 and 75.

#s 1, 4 and 40 intersect the eastside fareless square.

#75 ("less frequent") is a transfer from the #6 ("frequent") out of the eastside fareless. transfer at Lombard and MLK jr.

there is a park-and-ride at columbia park...parking area full (?) of communter vehicles.

anyone, please verify.

UP alumni are NOT proud!!!!! 12.Aug.2003 10:06


In response to an earlier comment, UP alumni are NOT proud that a SELECT FEW in the administration have invited BUSH to use the Chiles Center for his fundraiser. In fact, alumni are organizing a letter writing campaign to the administration sharing our disappointment and disgust. I for one will be up there protesting, and asking my school why in GOD's name they are allowing a mass murderer on campus. I also know of several other alumni and professors who will be there to protest. I'm sad to think that there is an ignorant soul out there who believes all UP alumni and staff are the enemy! Come ON!

In response to someone's question about the park and ride near Columbia park, it is very tiny---it's basically a very small parking lot of a church that's right by the park. I wouldn't rely on this park and ride as having a spot. From my experience of living at UP, 2 buses go directly to UP--the 40 and the 1. The 75 runs up and down Lombard so this would also be a good bus to take in order to get to Columbia Park.

I hope to see lots of people on Thursday!!!!!

Link to Oregonian confirmation 12.Aug.2003 12:59


Sorry for the lack of a link in my earlier posting about the Oregonian's confirmation. If you want to read it here is the story. It is about halfway throught this poorly formatted story. Look for a section about Bush's possible stop in Redmond, OR.

help the geographically challenged 12.Aug.2003 16:00

sadder but wiser

Some of us are from out of town and need a little more explanation. I've found the park with the help of my trusty Thomas Guide, but where do we park? Or where do we catch a bus to get there? Saying #1, #4, #40, and #75 doesn't help us at all if we don't know where they come from.

Please keep us posted.


Bus schedules 12.Aug.2003 22:15


There's no good place to park near Colombia Park or anywhere else in North Portland. Take the bus instead. Most of the buses that go to North Portland come from the downtown bus mall (on SW 6th Ave). You can drive downtown and park (but try to stay away from City Center Parking a.k.a. PMC--they're bastards) and then take the bus in. Bus #40 goes right by the park on Willamette, and bus #75 passes the park on Lombard. (But beware that #75 doesn't leave from downtown.) Bus #1 goes to UP. Also take into consideration that bus service may be disrupted even if nobody shows up to protest, simply on account of the pResident's visit. Bus #4 will get you near the protests if the other lines are not running or are delayed. Bus #5 will get you into North Portland, but not very close to the protests (about two miles away).

Check out these links for more info on individual routes:

And download the city-wide bus map, PDF-style:

Bus # 75 13.Aug.2003 14:12


The 75 doesn't go downtown, but it does go up 39th Avenue from SE Portland. It's a longer trip, but direct for people who live near 39th/Belmont, 39th/Hawthorne, 39th/Division, etc. It intersects the 8 at 15th and Dekum, so people who live on or near 15th or downtown can transfer there.

Thanks 14.Aug.2003 11:17

sadder but wiser

Thanks for the info. I understand now why the U of Portland was such a good choice for the Bushies--it sure makes it a lot more difficult to get near there to protest than to do it downtown.

last minute info 20.Aug.2003 11:25

goobie (up insider)

A fence is being erected tonight, the 20th, along Wilamette blvd and Portsmouth along the campus.

Also, all traffic coming in or out of the University will likely take place before 10:30 am. My info as of this morning says that all people attending this luncheon will have to be in their seats by 10:30 am and that all traffic will basically come to a halt around that time (meaning no one allowed in or out).

Please take caution as all of this is subject to change.