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Peace Encampment Member Pleads Not Guilty to Charge of Interfering with a Police Officer

An October 27 trial date was set today for Todd Kurylowicz, a longtime Portland Peace Encampment member, who pleaded not guilty to charges of 'Interfering with a Police Officer' and 'Obstruction as Nuisance'. Kurylowicz was taken into custody on Friday, July 11 for allegedly crossing a police line that had been set up around the Encampment while several Portland police officers took campers' property from the sidewalk across from City Hall on SW 4th Avenue.

The Multnomah County District Attorney added the charge of 'Obstruction as Nuisance' just before Kurylowicz's arraignment today at Community Court in the Justice Center downtown. The DA, however, reduced both charges from misdemeanors to violations, eliminating the possibility of jail time.

Community Court Judge Jerome Cooper offered Kurylowicz the option to plead guilty and have the charges expunged from his record upon the successful completion of 32 hours of community service and a 2-page letter stating 'How I Got into Trouble and Why It Will Not Happen Again.' Kurylowicz refused, saying that he broke no laws and was arrested by Sgt. Sara Westbrook and Lt. Bill Haunsperger as a retaliatory measure for exercising his free speech rights against the American war on Iraq.
Kurylowicz had been talking to a reporter from Street Roots newspaper in front of City Hall following the July 11 PPRC march when he noticed that police had begun taping off the Encampment and taking property. He was arrested when he crossed the street to protest the seizure and began moving property to keep it from being taken.

Kurylowicz faces a maximum fine of $600 on each violation, plus court costs and fees, if found guilty after trial. He asked that his phone number be published with this article so that any interested parties may contact him to discuss the Peace Encampment, which has been ongoing 24 hours per day since the American invasion and occupation of Iraq began on March 20. Kurylowicz can be reached at 971-570-7018.

An Example Of Integrity, Named Todd 05.Aug.2003 21:21

Den Mark

Todd has shown excellent & continuing integrity in the face of a corrupt political/judicial system. I hope his closest supporters post how others can join in that support. If he has fines to pay, for example, how about a fund-raiser. Does he need character witnesses at trial. And so on. Let us know, now or later. Thanks. And thanks to Todd.

Den Mark, Vancouver

suggestions 06.Aug.2003 05:16

a close supporter

i am certain that some solidarity with the peace encampment in the form of personal visits and delivery of food and such would be a good start.

stop by the encampment and talk to the people there. it is truly a thing to behold, a lively location where a great deal of communication and message sharing is going on 24/7. it is centrally located.

i have found the people to be engaging and genuine. it has been a real benefit to be a part of the vigil as bad craziness surrounds us, from our local police brutality to the global war on everything just.

go there and say hello. go there and stay a while, for a few minutes, hours, or days. you will be a better person for it, as i am, and you will be glad you went.

why is peace camp apparently failing as an action? 06.Aug.2003 09:13

Randy Leonard - the Peoples' Commissioner

I'd like to avoid making anyone defensive, but want to at least hint around at my opinion of the situation. When the war started, I thought the peace camp was a good idea, but could predict even then that it would turn into the Critical Mass of bums in lawnchairs. What is the point now? First it was about the war, then about homeless issues...now it just seems like a pissin' match with city hall about everything. Maybe the public (or at least activist community) would be more involved if the peace camp folks came up with a convincing argument for doing what they're doing.

they lack focus 06.Aug.2003 09:55


Nobody knows what they do and nobody cares what they do because . . . they lack focus! I pointed this out several weeks ago in a posting. I tried to do it again yesterday in a tounge-in-cheek sort of way and had my posting composted (DON'T make fun of IndyDarlings!!!! The Editor Elite have noooo sense of humor).

Has anybody noticed that the police raids have slowed waaaay down? Just the calm before the storm. I predict massive invasions once the city finishes tinkering with its ordinances to sweep away the encampment.

Supporter of the Peace Encampment 06.Aug.2003 10:30

they accomplish a great deal every day

Everyday when people drive, walk or bike by the Peace Encampment they are forced to notice that there is continuing opposition to the illegal and ongoing war on Iraq. If just for a second people are reminded that Iraqi civilians and US soldiers are dying every day for no reason then their presence is both important and valuable.

Will the Peace Camp achieve world peace? Probably not but that is not the primary accomplishment of the Peace Encampment's ongoing vigil. They are presenting an option to turning away and ignoring a problem. They are doing something. They are standing up for what they believe. Sitting in folding chairs or lying on the sidewalk in no way diminishes their message.

Of course the Peace Encampment's presence pisses off everyone from the fascists in City Hall to liberals without a cause. The Peace Campers are acting with integrity, honesty and courage - something most people of all political affiliations know nothing about.

Note: Enforcing city ordinances and changing city ordinances to penalize certain individuals impinges on the Peace Campers First Amendment rights. It is unconstitutional and an abuse of authority. The city is going to find themselves in court for their treatment of the Peace Campers they should not make it worse by further arrests, acts of conversion, or passing ordinances that are unconstitutional.

some IMC folks have a sense of humor 06.Aug.2003 13:52

Randy Leonard - the Peoples' Commissioner

to amused: it's unfortunate that your posts regarding the tactical value of the peace camp were composted. I've found that if you make sure that the dimmest bulb in the pack understands that what you are saying is a joke or coming from a more radical (or thoughtful) position than the target which is being mocked, you'll be ok. Otherwise get ready to be called "troll".

In the consciousness of the sun 07.Aug.2003 07:11


No one owns the sun. What the systems of the earth are doing is mind made.The peace camp stands as an example ,a lesson and focus for change . If I do not like what is going on ,I pray for an understanding of what could I do to change what Isee to what I want to see. Alas I have never beeen able to do it and neither has anyone else. The reality is what is . The systems of the world are in chaos, false leaders are everywhere talking to media about how they,The collective negative mind . are goint to deal with a situation which is out of control. On the bottom, on the street to the dimmist wit on the street to the laptop at lunch is where validity is.
The peace camp?
What is happening .I live in Victoria B.C. The peace camp here was also broken up by police and the people arrested.Right in front of the Christian Church. Betty our frontrunner forest activist is in jail and not a note on Victoria IMC, Eye. M. See.The tryants have taken over and out protest is taken to backalleys and park hideaways where we can speak freely about the trouble with poverty and with a system that doesn't care.
Change comes from the bottem . I would like to know the status of the peace camp now. Thanks from an aged disturbed activist.