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RedRed's New Public Statement

My name is Lori Chavez, known to most as RedRed. I am a Portland anarcha-feminist involved in autonomous community building and support. The purpose of this letter is to recap what happened to me while I was in Sacramento, and to ask for your support in my still pending felony legal case. On Friday June 20th, I came to Sacramento during a mobilization to shut down a meeting of the ministers of agriculture, including delegates from the USDA and the WTO. I came to take the streets and disrupt the business of genetic mutations, worker exploitation and land misuse. The destructive behavior of these institutions is not isolated; it is part of a system founded on the principles of exploitation. I came to help make the connection between the ministers of agriculture and the abomination that is capitalism. I had been in town less than a day when I first experienced the police state in Sacramento. While riding my bike down a major street, I was stopped by a police officer that demanded my ID. I refused to give it to him and stated that unless I was being arrested that I did not have to give my ID.
Before long three more cars and two bike cops appeared. The first question I was asked was about the "protest". I was held on the street and grilled by these officers about what "direct actions" I was planning on and whom I came to Sacto with. I then demanded I be arrested or released. The police then let me leave, but warned me that if I did anything illegal while in town I would "pay". After this, I was under heavy observation - I know this because my police report contained information on meetings I attended and even conversations I had leading up to the day of action. On Sunday June 22nd, my cluster hit the streets. The police presence was very heavy, there were scattered incidents of property relocation and DIY murals created on once ugly buildings, but no violence. After two hours of marching in the hot Sacto sun, I sat down to rest and re-hydrate. It was only for a few seconds, but long enough for my cluster to move out of sight. As soon as I did so, 26 sheriffs on bikes swung around a corner and pinned me to the ground. I did not resist, and I contend to this day that I had not committed any crimes, even in the eyes of the state. I was arrested for possession of a gas mask and taken along with four others to a special jail they had set up for the demo. I gave my name as Jane Doe, along with all my other comrades. Later in the evening, I was removed by force and taken to the main jail on new charges of felony malicious destruction of property and misdemeanors of possession of a slingshot and possession of a gas mask and graffiti. I was forced to give my prints and my legal name was discovered.
The sheriffs who guarded me while in Sacto County Jail were the same ones who arrested me and worked the demo. They verbally harassed me and attempted to intimidate me. At my first court appearance, the court dropped my charges; when I returned to my cell awaiting release, the police were there and re-arrested me on the same charges. I still question the legality of this. I spent six days in jail, and then was released on my own recognizance. I was told "they would have me back before the night was up." The remainder of my time in Sacto was spent in lock down. I could not leave the apartment of my friend because of squad cars parked outside that followed me when I went outside. I had to have an escort with me at all times.
I have had five court appearances and am still in the indictment phase of my case. The District Attorney is dragging out my case due to lack of evidence, but pressure from the Sacramento police department keeps her from dropping the charges. My private investigator has found a witness that can testify that the window was not discovered broken until Tuesday, my arrest was two days prior. I cannot be specific, but he was a state employee and has been since silenced and possibly terminated. I am holding up strong and fighting back in the face of state repression, and I need you to join with me to fight back as well. Currently, my amazingly supportive community is organizing a letter writing campaign and a fund raising campaign. We are asking members of our extended community to please write letters/emails/faxes to Sacto DA Jan Scully, demanding that my charges be dropped due to faulty evidence, and that the persecution of activists stop now. Also, I need to hire a more politically aware lawyer. I need fund for this and to spread the word of my case. I am potentially facing five years if the charges stick, and need your support.
I make this call for solidarity because I still want to be an active organizer in our community, and I fear what will happen to our movement if they continue to capture us one by one. Together, we can resist and overcome the forces of brutality that attempt to silence us.

In solidarity,

RedRed has asked that we contact the Sacramento DA and demand that the charges be dropped:
Sacramento D.A.
901 G St
Sacramento, CA 95814
ph: 916-874-6218
fax: 916-874-5340
email:  dawebmail@saccounty.net

New way to contact 05.Aug.2003 23:40

vt saveredred@hotmail.com

Apparently the e-mail address for the Sacramento District Attourney isn't working. To contact the DA, you can go to:  http://www.da.saccounty.net/main/contact.htm

note for RedRed 06.Aug.2003 16:51


This note is for redred and I hope you get this... this is jane... jane doe... (medic) I still have night mares of us and soem of the things they did to us.

I hope all charges get dropped and I can see you again some time

in love and solidarity

Redred, I want to interview you 11.Aug.2003 09:40

David A. Kulczyk

I'm a freelance writer who writes a lot for the Sacramento News and Review. I was one of the 3 authors of Seeds of Discontent.  http://www.newsreview.com/issues/sacto/2003-06-26/news.asp
I wrote the Black Block section. I'm interested in your case. The people of Sacramento were sickened by the actions of the police and I think that they should know about what is happening to you. I'd appreciate it very much if you would contact me.  dustbunny@sprintmail.com