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500 tickets were given away this morning, and it's all sold out. If you didn't get a ticket to get in, you can join us outside and let the Hillary fans know what's really up. Meet outside Borders Books, 708 SW 3rd Ave, TODAY at 4:30 to gather. She will be speaking at 5:30pm.
If you can, print out information -- like excerpts from the long chapter of Palast's book that was published in the comments of the original announcement, for example -- to disseminate to the crowd.

Here is the original call to action:

So what happened? 06.Aug.2003 09:34

Arnold the Pig

So what happened last night? I haven't heard anything at all!

Yeh, what happened? 06.Aug.2003 14:31

Did anyone go?

I didn't go. I just don't have another protest in me right now. That, and I confess, I didn't really want to protest Hillary. I know, classist, calculating politician. Democrats are as bad a republicans, they're all elitist parasites, and all that. But I just...well, I just would rather protest dubya. I would love to see Hillary Clinton in the whitehouse, if anyone has to be in the whitehouse. There. I said it. I know, no one should be in the whitehouse, and Hillary is certainly as flawed as the next politician. But...I just think it would be cool.

Is it possible? 06.Aug.2003 16:44

Arnold the Pig

Is Hillary planning on running? I haven't heard her name mentioned. Maybe she'll show up at the last minute?

Have you read her book?

I hung out there for awhile 06.Aug.2003 18:11


There were people who have frequently shown up at various anti-Bush, ant-war events. Most of them were just handing out fliers. A lot of people were standing in line to meet Hillary. I tried to look into the store and catch a glimpes, but didn't see here. There were pro-bush protesters, but I think the police suggested they not cause any problems. Mostly I stood on the curb by Borders, heckling the heklers.
Nothing to report really.

This is strange 06.Aug.2003 18:29


Where are the people who were fervently encouraging this protest that never happened?

Could they have been Republicans trying to trick "radicals" into harassing Hillary?

I'm just curious.