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human & civil rights

Patriot act forum tonight! Indymedia calendar is wrong!

The listing on the indymedia calendar shows the Patriot act forum at PSU as being tommorow night, it is actually tonight Tuesday August 5th.
7:30 pm - 9:30 -
Title Uniting and Strengthening American Patriot Act
Portland, Oregon

Location: Portland State's Smith Ballroom(2nd floor of Smith center)on SW Broadway between Montgomery and Harrison
Speaker Congressman EarlBlumenauer, civil liberties legal expert Dr Caroline Long, Kim Wilson St Clair and Kathleen Saddaat
Phone Contact Jennifer DeLaO 503 762-4032 or B

Topic / Issue Human Rights
Sponsor Lesbian Community Project & Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

What does the Patriot Act mean for people who look suspicious?...who aren't U.S, citizens?...who protest? Congressman Blumenauer and four panelists will summerize how this legislation changes legislation governing issues such as privacy protections and surveillance thresholds, look at ways the Patriot Act is impacting people in the minority in this community, and review the current status of proposals to add to or extend "Patriot" legislation. Public discussion will follow their presentations. sliding scale donation $2 to $4 at the door
Somebody please report on this event! 05.Aug.2003 18:55

cannot attend

Somebody please report on this event!