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Tactics for Bush Protest

when czechloslovakia was being invaded the citizens all spray painted over all the street signs and covered up their house numbers so that the invaders would be lost; since the locals knew their own turf like the back of their hand they could still get around fine and were able to nonviolently expel them from the area - why not cover up all street signs on all the major streets around university of portland the night before? maybe this would confuse the driver - i remember the time before the last time that bush came to town they sped by in a limousine which indicates that they were going by street signs to know where they are and they probably do not have a local driver - or something of this nature anyway....think creatively!
Don't forget the tarp 05.Aug.2003 00:17


Don't forget to use a large tarp to cover the entire U of P campus, just in case shrub decides to fly in via helicopter.

Oz: Unhelpful 05.Aug.2003 06:13


It never fails, does it? I'll take this one: Oz, if you can't say something nice, go piss up a rope. Your pithy opinions aren't so unwelcome as they are irrelevant. We'll let you know when you can join our club. Until then, sit quietly in the corner and wave your flag (any flag will do).

why 05.Aug.2003 07:39


why the petty arguments.. why the condescending remarks? Lets get together as a people and brainstorm ideas, good and bad, bad ideas lead to great triumphs. Keep the mind open and the revolution will come sooner than you think.

I think we should block the president from getting into UoP, and/or be visible with thousands of people and bikes on the road so he can see just what he doesnt want to see, Little Beirut, gone BIG.

two cents... 05.Aug.2003 07:56

this thing here

i'm sure this has been said before but, posting tactics on a freely accessible public forum just isn't real smart. that's like opening up your playbook for all to see.

why not announce for all to see that you are planning on doing something, but keep the tactics/objectives a little more under cover?

yeah..... 05.Aug.2003 10:58


considering even the local news gets its material from this website and we know the police bureau has someone checking this site 24/7, we need to think of a different way to communicate about plans. its like holding a planning meeting that kroeker and katz are invited to attend. there needs to be a message board on a different website. one that requires a password (possibly just one password which could be easily spread through word of mouth). of course they would probably hack into that or maybe we could setup some sort of decoy site. come on, we are all smart and some even computer savvy. i check this site constantly and i am still not really clear on what exactly is going on the 21st. unified plans are a must.

Some comments 05.Aug.2003 10:58


The turnout of large numbers of people, peacefully expressing their opposition to the Bush regime is essential to achieve critical mass in political thinking. I believe this is more important than a small number commiting petty acts of needless vandalism.

Don't get me wrong, I love an energetic crowd. But if you want to reach the little old lady in Iowa- Bring your Grandmother, and her anti Bush sign.

And if you must get arrested, carry your flag (don't burn it} and let the TV image show the cops beating up some American kid with a flag AND an anti Bush sign.

It would be great if the thousands that turned out against the War would show up. Some probably would, but as the day gets closer, the media will be replaying the A22 police riot and a lot of people will be scared away.

Perhaps those who feel they can't make it down there could volunteer to stand by stategic corners throughout the city and hold signs in Solidarity. Everyone should put up a Solidarity sign in there window.

If you have any constructive comments on the above. Please reply, If you just want to be sarcastic save your energy I get enough at work.

Yours in Peae,

unverified reports say.... 05.Aug.2003 11:00

im with stupid <--------

i dont know but i heard that rocks and bottles make good prjectiles. though i wouldn't recommend anyone try it until the theory has been thuroghly feild tested.

is their any truth to this?

Stupid 05.Aug.2003 11:14

four eyes

I heard that if you fill a squirt gun with tempra paint and squirt it at some one wearing glasses they won't be able to see out of them.

Is there any truth to this rumor?


Shoots 50 ft
Shoots 50 ft

Agree with this thing here 05.Aug.2003 11:14


Yeh, always wave a jaunty hello to officer meyers any time you post anything here.

As for Oz, don't pay attention. He's not actually trying to be productive here -- read his posts on other strings. First clue: Keeps referring to "you 'progressives.'" Like, ouch, man. Don't we fit in with your ideal of what progressives should be? Oh, wait. Maybe that's cuz that isn't necessariy a label we all wear.

Another thought here, why is bush coming here exactly one year after A22? Do you think he's really coming? I mean, can he really be that much of a jerk? (Yeh, I know he can.) Maybe this is all an elaborate trap or something. I just keep thinking there's got to be more to this than meets the eye.

To anon 05.Aug.2003 11:49


Hmmm. Sounds like whoring for the corporate media to me. I know that sounds sarcastic, but it isn't meant to. The truth is, the media will NEVER tell your story to the little old lady in Iowa, any more than they will tell it to the world full of other people who also must be reached. Weren't you there last August? I was. Lots of grandmothers were there too. And people with little children. People with flags right side up and upside down, American flags and black flags and red flags. For the most part, it was a "normal person" extravagaanza.

So what happened? The cops beat them all up. They pepper sprayed them all. No provocation, no excuses, no justifications. It was truly the most disgusting display I had witnessed all year. Under your theory, it should have been the story of the century. Babies were pepper sprayed. Little old ladies with american flags were pepper sprayed. I think I saw a little old lady from Iowa blinking maalox out of her eyes. Did you see any of that on the corporate media? No, on the corporate media they continually re-played a single shot of an empty plastic water bottle bouncing off the cement near the cop lines, with the phrase "someone threw a bottle" rolling over it like a mantra. Over and over they attempted to imply that the police orgy of violence was a reaction to someone throwing a bottle. Nevermind that the PPB's own videotapes discredit that account. Nevermind that anyone who was there saw that there was absolutely no provocation for it, that the empty plastic water bottle was thrown long after the offense began, and that hundreds of people were doused with chemical weapons and not just one crazy, bottle-toting incitor.

Stop asking other people to be polite to the system so they'll look good on TV. Any time anyone speaks out against the system, they will be portrayed negatively by the corporate media. Don't blame the victim of this misrepresentation, and don't blame the people who are out there in the streets struggling to be effective against the monster that is American imperialism. If your story is not being told well, it's by design from the very top.

Were you on the streets after the bombs started dropping on Iraq? On March 25th, an unarmed man stood on the sidewalk holding a sign. He watched as riot cops plundered their way to the scene. He was ripped off the sidewalk, thrown to the ground and repeatedly assaulted by police officers. He was cuffed, pepper sprayed, and beaten with a metal cannister. Why? Because he was there. The corporate media was given videotape of this incident, but failed to show it. They're not gonna show "the cops beating up some American kid with a flag AND an anti Bush sign." Get to know it.

On the same day, March 25th, a woman was assaulted by a grinning, leering police officer with a cannister of pepper spray. He attacked her repeatedly, as she was wedged between a parking meter and a newspaper box. Again, the corporate media was given video footage of this attack. One station showed it, but not before cutting out all but 13 seconds. Was it a matter of time constraints? No. If that had been the case, they would have shown the ratings-grabbing "money shot" in which she was repeatedly doused with pepper spray. Instead, they cut all that out and only showed a tiny clip of the woman turning toward the officers. They then asked viewers to "make their own judgement" about whether or not this woman had actually been assaulted. It was utterly slanted, and all too representative of the only coverage you will ever see on the corporate media.

Go ahead and dress nice if you want, smile for the cameras, but don't expect it to win you any friends in American living rooms. I understand the pain you must feel every time you see your movement and your ideals discredited by the corporate media, but please don't blame the people out burning flags or breaking windows. If it isn't them, it will be something else. Or the story just won't appear at all.

If you want to get the real story out to little old ladies in Iowa, or to anyone else, you're going to have to tell it yourself. Get a camera, get out there and tell it. Direct people to see for themselves, direct them to check out independent media, make copies of indymedia videos and distrribute them gratis. Whatever, just stop pandering to the corporate cameras.

hey catwoman 05.Aug.2003 15:36


i believe willamette week, which many of you disparage as 'corporate media,' actually wrote an article about the woman who was pepper-sprayed. hell, they included pics of the attack and the leering cops.

ah yes, here it is:


but then, you all on the left in portland never give ww any credit. it was because of that paper's reporting on may day 2000 that the cops were proven to be liars and katz and city council were forced to investigate the affair, which some on the left regarded as a victory. it also helped create an environment where citizens stood up and demanded police accountabilty. that again forced council to take action--ok the system they came up with is a problem, but it's a hell of a lot better than old piaac.

but then only a year later, activists (typically, the new to town and aren't we cool crowd) were verbally assaulting ww reporters at protests, and alleging that there's no difference between the oregonian and ww.

so when you start tossing around the 'corporate media' taunt, please remember that there are exceptions.

there is no difference 05.Aug.2003 16:10

independent reporter

If you are beholden to your advertisers your bias will reflect that, regardless of whether you are the willamette week or the oregonian. The ww did not do its own reporting of march 25th, all they did was take the photos from this site( http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/03/53447.shtml,  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/03/54153.shtml,  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/03/52886.shtml) and wrote a story about them. I'm sorry, but I can't take that kind of "journalism" too seriously. There may be good individuals who write for the wwW as there may be good individuals that write for the oregonian. But they have made their choice, to serve the interests of corporate power, instead of finding a place where they can report whatever and however they choose. The ww has chosen to do write numerous anti-activist and anti-community stories (including the one linked above) so don't expect that writing one story mentioning police abuse is going to suddenly see them as beneficial to the city. They are looking to sell something, and it would be wise not to forget that.

to "ex-pdxer" 05.Aug.2003 19:01

see through you

Thank you Nick Budnick. Oh yeh, WW is just a superb example of award winning journalism. Or you know, NOT.

As you know, Nick, er I mean "ex-pdxer," WW excused the police for their violence and mishandling of anti-war protests and justified their abuse. And for the record, I personally block WW every chance I get. And I've lived in this town since the 1980s, so fuck off.

i love you CatWoman 06.Aug.2003 20:19

sarah statesmasher

i read articles and ponder commenting till I read your comments and you already said it.