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Text Messages for Bush's visit

Text Messages for Bush's visit
Do not remember who did it but the day the war in the Iraq started (some say it never ended 12 years ago) Portland Indymedia had a posting from someone made a list for text messages to be sent out to cell phone users.

I know the text messaging was useful to me and several of my friends how were there. I'm not very computer savy plus I'd rather be on the streets instead of at my computer monitoring the police scanner.

Would who ever did it before be willing to do it again?
smartmobs, flashmobs and weblogs 04.Aug.2003 17:21

your cellphone

Media activists in Melbourne, Australia, have developed an amazing system for individuals to report and webcast on breaking events -- particularly events overlooked by mainstream media. The PIMP (phone indymedia patch system) converts phoned-in audio reports to MP3 and posts them to the Melbourne Independent Media Center Website. Other volunteers transcribe the reports to text.

The system was first used to cover a demonstration against an isolated detention center for migrants in Woomera.

Despite the widespread acceptance of the internet as a news resource in the developed world, there are many occasions where access to computers is limited or non-existant. In such circumstances, a more `low-tech' solution is called for.
The PIMP allows anyone with access to a telephone to submit reports to indymedia. It was originally developed to allow up-to-the-minute reports to be made from actions such as Mayday and Woomera, where computers are in short supply, or not easily accessible to the `people on the ground.' Reports are submitted to indymedia as audio files, and indymedia followers not physically involved in the action are encouraged to transcribe these.

Yes, it will happen again. 04.Aug.2003 19:51

no one in particular

Yes, the service will be up and running on the day of the protest. Look for an announcement about a week beforehand...

Priority 1 Message 04.Aug.2003 22:30

Defenders of Liberty

Having learned of pending action planned by the anarchist and leftists during President Bush's visit in August it is time to activate FALCON. Watch posts regarding our President's visit for further information. As usual protocol "tango6" will be used unless comprimised. We must take action in kind to prevent this from occuring.

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Use normal channel 4 priority only if necessary.

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Hooray for the Text Messaging volunteers 05.Aug.2003 11:11

May Eve mayeve@riseup.net

I, too, found the text messages MOST helpful at the war protests. Glad to hear this will be happening again.