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This is actually Round 3

Don't mean to be too nitbicky, but...
This will be his third visit.

Before August 22, he came in the Spring sometime for that visit to the YO center, and the school way out in NE Portland. We didn't too well on that first round, but it was still Round 1, if we need to use the over-used sports lingo.
we know 04.Aug.2003 14:17

indy volunteer

The name may yet change but what we were referring to was that this was almost a year to the day after the a22 protests. So this is very much a follow-up to those protests. But yes, this is Bush's 3rd trip, and the 3rd time he will be met by a large protest. Even that other visit was not so small as I recall (although we do not have a page dedicated to that day unfortunately).