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Was Dean's Son Working for the CIA When He Was Killed?

I'm sorry, but this is bizarre . . . . if Dean's son was with the CIA, what was he doing with the McGovern campaign? I'm starting to wonder if the Dean penchant for deceit goes a lot deeper than we realize. Time Mag has basically told his life story, and it's becoming more obvious by the minute that whether we like it or not, Dr. Dean will be being shoved down our throats by the powers that be for the next several years.

"Three decades later, Dean's second-born son Charles also sought adventure in Asia. In 1974 Charlie was traveling with a friend and ended up in Laos. He had worked for the McGovern campaign two years before, and the Laos trip may have been a way for him to connect antiwar politics with the real lives of Southeast Asians. Or he may have been working for the cia. (The agency won't discuss the rumor, and family members say they aren't sure.) Whatever the case, Charlie was killed around December 1974 by members of the Pathet Lao, the communist group that won a long civil war to control Laos. "

Dean's Son's 17 years old 04.Aug.2003 14:23


Dean's what!?! Dean has two sons, one is 17 years old and one's a hockey player at Yale. None of them work for the CIA. You're referring to his BROTHER Charlie who was executed by Laoitian Communists in the 70's. So you have conclusive, undeniable proof that Howard Dean's brother Charlie maybe could have possibly been a CIA agent. And your point is? Vote for Kucinich? This is pretty trashy, even by Indymedia standards.

Yes, his brother, not his son, but the question remains 04.Aug.2003 16:29


The article had me confused by starting this section without a reference to Dean Sr. and I was skimming it - it's ridiculously long to get through - but yes, this was his brother.

Nonetheless, the situation seems bizarre, if this is true, and is not sick or wrong to question, simply because he was killed - it's a legitimate concern if Dean's family is already connected to intelligence agencies, as the Bush family has been in the past.

Furthermore, the question of why his immediate relative - be it son, brother, whatever - was apparently both working for the McGovern campaign and also working for the CIA, remains to be answered. And why was he killed? How many people do you know in the CIA are also working for anti-war presidential campaigns?

These are unanswered questions, not sick innuendo. This is TIME magazine putting this info out there, not some conspiracy site.

Dean for President! 04.Aug.2003 20:32


everyone come to the Dean for President Meetup on Wednesday, learn more about it at his site - www.deanforamerica.com

Howard Dean, the Electable Warmonger 05.Aug.2003 03:40

the Dirt on Dean

Dean is being promoted by the certain sections of the American Establishment as a Kinder, Gentler Warmonger than George W. Bush who has alienated too many people to be "useful" to the American Empire.

jumbo 05.Aug.2003 13:57

Fred's gone fishing

Fred, your really reaching on this one. Let's take a look:

"Furthermore, the question of why his immediate relative - be it son, brother, whatever - was apparently both working for the McGovern campaign and also working for the CIA, remains to be answered. And why was he killed? How many people do you know in the CIA are also working for anti-war presidential campaigns?"

The first question: Dean's brother Charlie was working for the McGovern campaign. Nobody knows if he was working for the CIA. You state it like fact when it's pure speculation.

Why was he killed? Ask the Loaitians! They're the ones that killed him.

And question number 3. I know of know CIA agents currently working on anti-war presidential campaign. Again, what this has to do with Charlie Dean, Howard Dean, universal health care, protecting the environment or, uh, ANYTHING AT ALL is beyond me.

You are implying, based on a mere skimming of one article in Time, that Howard Dean is part of a huge CIA conspiracy to do something really bad and his dad's involved and the Bush's and and...Whatever.

Do a little more research (step 1: look up the word Fact in the dictionary) and come back when you have something that actually means something.

It's all connected 05.Aug.2003 20:35

It's true

I heard Dean's German shepherd was a volunteer canine sniffer at the WTC site. Who's dog do you think found that passport?


Fred for president? 06.Aug.2003 02:00


Unfortunately, some folks just don't take Indymedia - or the time of us who read the articles - seriously enough to know what they're writing before they post it.

On 14 July, Fred posted an article he called: More on Howard Dean - "I was against the war, but I wasn't a protester." His article never said where or when Dean had said that and I was confused as to whether that was actually a quote or Fred's sarcasm as to Dean's attitude. After tracking down the source of the phrase (which Fred helped direct me to) and after reading Fred's response to my third comment, I realized that Fred still didn't understand that Dean had uttered his statement in relation to the Vietnam War, not the Iraq War. I determined the context of Dean's statement by taking considerable time to find the source of the quote and then THINKING as I read it. Apparently Fred had been in such a hurry to post and argue that he just didn't have time to clarify for himself what he was posting - let alone write it so it would be clear to readers.

In regard to the article posted above, a little thoughtfulness would have informed Fred that Howard Dean wouldn't have had a son off adventure-travelling with a friend in Asia in 1974. But when criticized for posting an article about "Dean's son", Fred defends his (mis-)information on the basis that his source was "ridiculously long" and that it was in Time magazine.

If Howard Dean's teenage brother worked for the CIA, that would be noteworthy and potentially troubling (though certainly not conclusive of anything, in and of itself, even if the speculation about a Charlie Dean/CIA connection were verified). And, in fact, long-term NSC official Rand Beer resigned in protest over Dubya's Iraq War and soon went to work for John Kerry's campaign - another potentially suspicious connection. Do I detect a pattern here that repeats itself every 30 years??? I can't rule it out absolutely.

But I believe if I thought that such sketchy innuendo (and it really is, as presented here) were that important to report, I would contemplate the meaning of my earth-shattering information and proof-read my short article before posting it. Well, as bad as Howard Dean appears to be, I guess we can at least be glad that Fred isn't running for president.

Pay no mind... 06.Aug.2003 03:08


...Fred is on a jihad.

Reading the Time Magazine article, the reference does seem a bit odd, somewhat out of place. The author just tosses that into the mix, then moves on every bit as abruptly. I'd not heard that before, so I did a bit of searching. (I'd heard about his brother's death, but not of the possible CIA connection). Dean has spoken of it before:

"In 1974, while exploring Southeast Asia, Dean's brother Charlie was arrested by Communist rebels in Laos, evidently on suspicion of espionage. The rebels were backed by Vietnam and opposed by the United States, which listed Charlie as POW/MIA. The U.S. Embassy to Laos pledged to push for Charlie's release, but he was executed. The rebels won the war and became the current Laotian government. In 2002, Howard Dean said he thought "the North Vietnamese basically ordered [Charlie] killed." Dean said he didn't believe his brother had been spying, "but for all I know he was in the CIA." Dean added, "We were bombing the hell out of [Laos]. We were denying we were bombing them while they were denying they were holding any American prisoners."


It is a bit strange, but hardly as "bizarre" as Fred would like it to be. However, if you really want to scratch your noggin a bit, would someone care to fill me in on what, exactly, Kucinich is talking about here?


"As one studies the images of the Eagle Nebula, brought back by the Hubble Telescope from that place in deep space where stars are born, one can imagine the interplay of cosmic forces across space and time, of matter and spirit dancing to the music of the spheres. Spirit merges with matter to sanctify the universe. Matter transcends to return to spirit. The interchangeability of matter and spirit means the starlit magic of the outermost life of our universe becomes the soul-light magic of the innermost life of our self."

Yikes. The soul-light magic? Is that the stuff they're putting in chemtrails these days? ( http://www.fas.org/sgp/congress/2001/hr2977.html)

Well, I can say this for Kucinich: He won't win the Democratic nomination, but he sure stands a good chance of winning the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest ( http://www.bulwer-lytton.com/)

It's true, I'm on a jihad James 26.Aug.2003 11:16


And why not? We're about to elect another lying corporate AIPAC stooge into the office of the president and pretend we live in a Democracy where politicians work for the PEOPLE.

Thanks for this post, though, because it covers the info on his brother pretty well.

The part I appreciate is that you don't appreciate the relevance of this situation, or why TIME magazine might *add* this in, appear to toss in, as an afterthought.

Could I be entirely wrong? Of course. Could I be right? I could be.

You choose to err on the side of letting the earth boil over because you don't believe in global warming. I choose to assume that a connection between a person running for office of the president and US intelligence, is both relevant and ominous. Yes, there are some good people in US intelligence, and even in the police and federal agents - I've seen them - but overall, this is where the most power in the world is held, next to the people with more money than entire countries.

Presidents come and go. CIA, DIA, NSA etc. don't go anywhere, year after year.

I knew Charlie 03.Sep.2003 03:36

Gerry gercohen@nc.rr.com

I lived in Charlie Dean's dorm at Chapel Hill 1968-1970, worked with him in the McGovern campaign in 1972, and in a lot of anti-war stuff. Charlie left on an around the world trip after the defeat of McGovern because he was disillusioned. I heard from him in a letter he wrote from Nepal in July of 1974, shortly before his death, Charlie was writing for an absentee ballot, political until the end. I seriously doubt he was working for the CIA.

more on Charlie 05.Sep.2003 05:20

gercohen gercohen@nc.rr.com

The interesting thing, Charlie's chief coworker in the McGovern campaign told me yesterday that he had been accepted for the Peace Corps in Nepal in 1972 and took a six month deferment to work in the McGovern campaign fall 1972. This refreshed my recollection about the letter from Charlie I read in July of 1974, I'm pretty sure he mentioned the Peace Corps in it.

A little clarification on Charlie Dean 06.Sep.2003 15:38

Karen kegray@nc.rr.com

As campus campaign finance chairperson for the '72 McGovern campaign at UNC, I worked closely with Charlie Dean, and considered myself fortunate to be his friend as well.

He was a brilliant organizer, and was totally committed to the anti-Vietnam war effort. He was the only paid staffer on the team, (he was chairman of the campus campaign) but turned every paycheck back in, uncashed, to be deposited back into the campaign. As far as I know, I was the only person who knew that he refused his salary. He had actually supported Nixon the first time around because Nixon had promised to end the war. When that didn't happen, he switched sides and supported McGovern. Orange County was the only county in North Carolina to carry McGovern, primarily due to Charlie's efforts on campus.

He was energetic, kind, and the ultimate idealist. He was accepted into the Peace Corps in Nepal after the campaign, but had taken a deferred entry because he wanted to travel through the Pacific rim and southeast Asia first. He had dedicated heart and soul to the anti-war effort, and wanted to see it first-hand. He was also disillusioned after the campaign.

I moved to Europe shortly after the campaign was over, and Charlie left on his travels. We lost touch. I did not hear about his death until I returned to Chapel Hill for graduate school in 1979. I cannot imagine him in the CIA. I think it's more likely that he was just being Charlie and snooping around on his own out of total curiosity, was taken prisoner because he was a long-haired American (most of us were in 1974) , and because they just couldn't figure out what to do with him. This was Laos, after all. They weren't the most pro-American people on the block. Charlie was not anti-government -- he worked through the system to try to accomplish change -- but he was NOT CIA material.

I don't know Howard Dean. I quit working in politics after I heard of Charlie's death, and am just now starting to follow the candidates fot this election. If Howard is half as good an organizer, strategizer, and manager, and a fourth as purely decent a human being as his brother was, though, he'd make one helluva president.