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U.S. Dismisses Report Powell Plans to Leave in 2005

BushCo dicking w/ the People and Press! (Powell, Terrorism Futures Market (PAM), Air Marshals getting pulled then not pulled)

In as almost as many business days, there have been 3 BIG stories coming out of the Administration via the Press - via the most legitimate journalists (albeit, that's not saying much):

Air Marshals being pulled;

that PAM grotesque, twilight zone thing;

and now the Powell resignation folliwed within hours of "no, no one ever said THAT!"

U.S. Dismisses Report Powell Plans to Leave in 2005
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Secretary of State Colin Powell (news - web sites) and his deputy plan to step down in early 2005, The Washington Post reported on Monday, but the State Department said "there is no basis for the story."
Citing unnamed sources, The Post said Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage recently told national security adviser Condoleezza Rice (news - web sites) he and Powell would leave on Jan. 21, 2005, the day after the next presidential inauguration.
"There was no conversation between the deputy secretary and national security adviser Condoleezza Rice concerning any plans for 'stepping down,"' State Department spokesman Philip Reeker said in a statement.
Bush administration officials who asked not to be named said it has been assumed Powell was likely to leave after four years but they noted he always said he served at the pleasure of the president, implying he could leave earlier or later depending on Bush's wishes.

SNIP - go to link for story

***Ahhhhhh, MORE unnamed sources.

**Is BushCo just rolling out a new product called: "New Marketing: Information Awareness for Fascists Technique! Just leak a story with sources and everything... ..check the PULSE on the internet and if it doesn't look good... ... PULL THE PRODUCT!"???

Or is this all a Department of Homeland Security/DOJ Internet chatter testing program? Can you see the madmen sitting in their bunker speculating about ways to determine what GOOD internet chatter is versus BAD internet chatter is?

"Yeah, Donnie, Look... ... let's throw out some information ... with good sources and everything and then test out our 'new internet ears'. Since we KNOW the story DID get out... ..we will know what the good chatter is and what the bad chatter is. Kind of like a CB radio -- We can calibrate the squelch... .. So that when future info on something related to Terra starts flowing like Niagra Falls on the internet, we will know how to calibrate it."

I honestly believe this theory! And these madmen should be thrown out of office... ... .don't even take time for the impeachment. Bill Clinton got a blow job; but our entire country is getting totally dicked around!

This pattern of Big stories coming out... ..the people reacting to it as if it is true, the Press being discredited, and then the WH pulls it as "Noooooo, that wasn't going to happen... ..it isn't a sure thing. There was some talk about xyz... but not to this extent. Noooo... ... you guys got it all wrong."

**Shoot... is this just one of Bush's "penal consequences" on the Press for being so mean to him lately???? Hell, is this the new product that got even ARI not willing to playing the game? LOL

WHEN ARE WE GOING TO TAKE TO THE STREETS in a major way and Just Say No?! Hell, let's go to Crawford and protest this madman! The mildest argument that can be made is that they are clearly INCOMPETENT and should be ousted. But the most likely and scariest conclusion is that our country is being run by madmen!
he should leave NOW! 04.Aug.2003 18:37


If George Bush is elected (not RE-elected, of course) in 2004, this country is going irreparably down the tubes. It may ALREADY be too late.

As for Powell, he should leave NOW! He has lost all credibility, using cartoons at the United Nations to argue for war, and is also a war criminal from his crimes during the first Gulf War.

What a f*cking loser.

not just powell 05.Aug.2003 11:28

tremendously entertained

Powell and Armitage are both leaving. It looks like the smarter rats know when to jump off the sinking ship.