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Peace activists attacked and injured at PPRC Friday rally

There was a pretty significant attack on the PPRC peace rally and march participants Friday at Pioneer Courthouse quare. There were minor injuries (lacerations, bruises, a previous injury was opened up and bleeding pretty badly), but none serious (as far as I could tell).

What was different about today's harassment and ultimate assault was that it involved planning and organizing by several people working in concert. As we experienced last week (from a different heckler), a single person started >aggressively harassing our rally as soon as we started. Several very courageous people tried to isolate him from our group, but he aggressively pushed into our circle and was yelling insults and obscenities at us. After a few minutes, we moved out on our march. (The person who was harassing us last week was identified as being present among the crowd that was standing close by, the crowd that this week's 'counter-protestor' was a part of.)

When we returned, about eight or nine young men were standing side-by-side blocking the usual path that we take back into the square, the Southwest corner (Yamhill & Broadway). The drum corps and most of our group went around them to the right, avoiding this rather belligerent, but ultimately ineffective "Maginot Line". Some peace marchers confronted them however, and exchanged heated words. At some point shortly thereafter, the true assault began.

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