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BUSH STRATEGY ARTICLE #1 <Or The Importance Of Propaganda>

For legal purposes I must say that this is a work of fiction and I am not trying to
incite anyone to break any law. This is for entertainment only.
Right. So as I was saying...
<Or The Importance Of Propaganda>

For legal purposes I must say that this is a work of fiction and I am not trying to
incite anyone to break any law. This is for entertainment only.
Right. So as I was saying...

There was a moment the last time that President Bush came to Portland
where everything changed for me. Maybe it was when we got riot police
to cry and admit that no, they did not want to be there. Maybe it was
when I saw black kids shake their asses in front of the window where
rich republicans were eating dinner and writing "fuck you and the racism
that you rode in on" in chalk. Maybe it was when I explained to some
middle school girls what pepper spray was and why they should untie the
bottoms of their shirts. Or maybe it was just when I looked back and
saw people stretching as far as I could see, with a thousand diferent
messages and one voice- at last. The last protest caught media
attention on a national level. It shook people up and made
'pepperspray' a household word in Portland. The last protest had
snipers, secret service, riot police, at least five thousand protesters
and above all a sense of of solidarity that is rarely felt. And that
was one year ago. Things have changed. Now people have a reason to hate
Bush, now five thousand protesters seems small, our amazing little
president created a war that has turned into a mini-Vietnam, turned our
economy upside down and managed to piss everyone off. If you thought
last years protest was big...
The future is coming and currently it is about three weeks away.

Yesterday my girlfriends dad told her that he would not be satisfied
going to the protest unless he could bring a sniper rifle. Untill now I
was under the impression that he was a conservative republican.
Get the fuck ready kids, this is one opportunity that we can't let go.
It is extremely rare that we have a situation where everyone, literaly
everyone can be rallied together and stand as one in solidarity against
something. This goes beyond the war, this goes beyond the WTO and this
certainly goes against Ash croft who got hundreds of protesters on one
days notice. This is going to be big if we let it, huge if we encourage
it and historic in size if we fight for it. Do you realize how many
more people will come and protest President Bush than one year ago?
People will come if they know about it. Our job is to let people know.
we have three weeks, we have a cause and most of all we have an


So I say lets use this opportunity. I say we should reach for the sky
and take what we can get. I say lets organize like we never have
before. I say many things but I mean it: We have a chance to create a
protest that will wake people up like nothing ever before so lets not let Bush leave
Portland happy and with re-election money sitting still warm in hispocket.
The first step is to start a massive propaganda campaign to let people
know of bush's iminent arrival. We have the time so lets do it right:
lets keep the messages coherent and linked- people are much more
inspired when they see twenty flyers that all say "Portland Says No To
Bush Aug. 21!" than twenty flyers that all look completely different and have
different headlines.
Lets hit up the sub-cultures and flyer events like critical mass, punk
shows, raves, zoo bombs, hip hop shows, last Thursday (or first) and
every other event that you happen to attend in your free time.
Lets encourage the taggers to pick up on that one message and spread it
far and wide- in this case "Portland Says No To Bush Aug. 21!".
Lets be creative and hand out quarter sheets on the street, hang banners in front of
the weather cameras, do street murals, alter billboards, take out radio spots and
drop flyers from tall buildings.
Above all lets flyer the hell out of Portland and not just the already leftist
neighborhoods where we happen to live.

If we do all this I will be satisfied for now and feel better about planning the
actual protest in the next three weeks.
Our job is to inform people and get them in one place and there is no way that we
can control the masses or expect to be justified in doing so.
Lets get some angry people together in one place and see what they do. People hate
Bush so lets give them a little heads up and see what happens when he visits Little
Beruit again....

Power to the people!
I will see you on the streets...


- countzero@riseup.net
-also email  stopbushaug21@poetic.com for info about the protest.
yeah! 04.Aug.2003 01:27


Go riot porn in spoken word format!

Whoop Whoop!

Nothing to see here 04.Aug.2003 11:31

intelligence failure

Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider

Lunatic Fringe
I know you're out there
Your in hiding
and you hold your meetings
I can hear you comin'
And know what your after
We're wise to you this time (wise to you this time)
We won't let you kill the laughter

Uuuuhhh Huh

Lunatic Fringe
In the twilight's last gleeming
This is open season
But you won't get too far
Cause you gotta pay someone
In your awe and confusion
We're all on gaurd this time
It's the final solution

Uuuuhhh Huh

I can hear you comin' (I can hear you comin')
No, you're not gonna win this time (not gonna win)
We can hear the footsteps
Out along the water (Out along the water)

Lunatic Fringe
We all know your out there
Can you feel the resistance
Can you feel the Ahhhhhhhhh

N 42 50.90766' by W -84 51.33672'

GPS Coordinates
Latitude: 45 36' 44" N
Longitude: 122 40' 45" W
Coordinate system=NAD27

LAT 43 26.23' N LONG 70 26.38'

GPS coordinates: 45.46162, -122.67416

N 40 46.571'
W 119 15.823'

N 40 48.674'
W 119 07.302'

N 45 31.948 W 122 56.817 (NAD 83)
you're all invited
you're all invited

Whoa... 04.Aug.2003 23:42



I think that the article was really important and had some crazy good shit to say.


I wonder if there actually doing anything or there just spouting some random good thinking shit?

Makes you wonder. Keep up the good writing? and do some good work.

Ok, luna 04.Aug.2003 23:49


I'll bite, what's the Interstate Bridge have to do with this?

Sorry Luna Fring 05.Aug.2003 00:02


Forgot the neg on my coordinates...what's in the Riverview Cemetary? Is Charlie gettin' out?