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Portable radios tuned too a station carrying live coverage of the protest can galvanize disparate groups.
If most people who came to the--- welcome 2 portland -mR.. bu$$h--- event had portable radios tuned to the same station there could be better coordiantion and more noise. Maybe KBOO could be where communications were centralized. Before the protest (even days/weeks before) we could all get our old transistor radios, boom boxes and make sure the batteries are good and see that those who don't have radios could get one. KBOO could promote this form of peoples communication nad gain lots of permanent listeners. Some portable radios are dirt cheep and many are available secondhand. . Let's use our community airwaves as the voice of the resistance.
KBOO Assistance? 03.Aug.2003 22:22


How many of you are aware that the chief engineer at KBOO is a pro-war military man? Sounds strange, eh? How much help do you think you'll get with this naieve radio communications idea, even without this technical impediment?

kboo is your resource 04.Aug.2003 01:46

community radio

remember the night the war broke out (maybe you were on the streets). Well kboo was broadcasting calls from volunteers on the street.
remember last time bush came to town--kboo was broadcasting from the streets
dont worry about the pro war guy--he works for you.
but as for split second communication and tactical planning, i think walkie talkies or cell phones are better--check out what they are doing in europe with IM on cell phones lately. kboo has its tecnical limits, and has to provide a service both for the listeners and the people who are out to greet george--tactical communications may not keep people tuned in who want to know whats happening.

better yet 04.Aug.2003 08:25


better yet, kboo should play an entire evening of dance music and hip hop. everyone carries radios and everybody dances.

Don't overlook scanners 04.Aug.2003 10:05


Don't overlook police scanners. Maybe I should transcribe the configuration of my scanner and post it here. (Note that you need a scanner that can follow trunked communications, and it's something of a bother to program it. But you only have to do that once, then you can follow conversations with ease.)


Better Yet Again 04.Aug.2003 11:50


Use people on bicycles as messengers to help coordinate the protests. Cops pepper-spraying babies again? Spread the word for video or nonviolent support. Bush sneaking away in his limo again? Let people know where to go! This tactic worked well in San Francisco when thousands of people shut down the city for three days following the start of Bush's war on Iraq.

Communication...all good ideas 04.Aug.2003 12:25


Nitpicking aside, these are all pretty good ideas. What's important is that we're all thinking in terms of coordination, information...the tactical picture and not just the strategic one. A widely disseminated plan will be known to and countered by the PoPo. Has anyone considered the usefulness of centralized leadership of several different marches, exercised by a tactical executive or collective? The only consistent edge the Man has over us is leadership. Communication is one of our big problems, but when are we going to start talking about things in terms of circumventing the machinations of the Man by making the most of our advantages? They can be beat...what's more frustrating to them is that THEY CAN BE RENDERED IRRELEVANT. It seems to me it takes communication, leadership, and planning. Some dialogue perhaps?

In SF 04.Aug.2003 13:39


The BB was basically wired to mics and stuff underneath their face coverings, so you'd be going along next to someone and you'd hear them talking under their covering, keeping track of who was where and doing what. I don't know how they rigged it, but it seemed to work.

Also, if you try radio - remember that in NYC the cops cut the lines to WBAI just as the protest was getting underway. You have to have a back up of some sort, of be prepared for sabotage.

Cops have scanners too 04.Aug.2003 18:32


What if the police are monitoring our communications? Radio frequencies and cell phone networks are easily snooped by curious cops... I used my cell phone to great effect during the M20 anti-war protest, but I was concerned that my conversations were being monitored.



You people will be rudely surprised at a counter-resistance protest.......