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Dustin Keller

How come no discussion of Dustin Keller?
I've been surprised to see virtually no discussion of this case, here or anywhere online where Portland lefty-cyclists might be likely to hang out.


in case you somehow missed the story.
I guess what it means.... 03.Aug.2003 18:29


Is that there's bad apples in every barrel. Being a bicyclist doesn't automatically mean you are incapable of doing evil or selfish things.

I already had a liberal work-within-the-system-obey-all-the-rules friend try to ask me a loaded question that mentioned this recent hit-and-run and Critical Mass in the same sentence, as if the two were somehow related. (Hello? It had nothing to do with CM. CM didn't even take place on the day the crime being mentioned.) Needless to say, I didn't let such a line of "reasoning" get very far. I don't follow the Establishment media as closely as I should, but something tells me they're probably trying to a) use it to question "bicyclists" as a group, and b) smear CM by mentioning this crime and CM in the same sentence a lot.

Automobile-caused traffic injuries (and, worse, fatalities) happen with much more regularity than bicycle-caused ones. If car drivers discussed the dirty laundry of their transport mode of choice on Indymedia, this site would be so cluttered with such discussions that it would be hard to find anything but.