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Prisoner's Statements to the Break the Chains Conference

Statement from political prisoner Free (Jeffrey Luers) to the Break the Chains Conference (Eugene, OR, Aug. 8-10):
"The USA is flexing its muscles, daring anyone to challenge its power. From without it threatens with overwhelming military power. From within it threatens with fascist laws designed as much to intimidate as punish." Read More>>

If people are looking for a ride to eugene for the BTC confrence, you should post something on the BTC rideshare board below. If you have transportation there, you should do the same.


Statement from Anarchist Prisoner Harold Thompson
"I send warmest of anarchist greetings to all attending the Break the Chains Conference, from the belly of the beast of capitalism, this rural gulag fiefdom ruled over by prisoncrats! I stand 100% in solidarity with those of you wishing to build a strong Anarchist movement in the United States which will be a force for the monsters of the earth to reckon with in the future." Read More>>

Statement from Anarchist Prisoner Brian McCarvill
"I wish I were there with you. The camaraderie must be exhilarating, the hands-on personal interaction, the kaleidoscope of visual imagery, the realness of the revolutionary effort in practice." Read More>>

Ride shares to Eugene