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Third Coast Redwood Summer Continues

Third Coast Redwood Summer Continues

UPCOMING ACTIONS: Protest at MAXXAM Headquarters this Monday, August 4 | Help make posters and watch films the night before the protest. | Plan your own protest... Here's how! | MAXXAM exposed

LATEST: MAXXAM/Pacific Lumber takes another hit in court! | MAXXAM orders towing of cars of menacing meditating activists. | Read SACRED's statement on Trust's departure from the Memorial park symbolic treesit. Some activists were visited by police looking for Trust. Make sure to check out these handy suggestions for how to deal with police.

BACKGROUND: Drawing attention to Houston-based MAXXAM's role in the logging of trees in Northwest California, two forest defenders climbed trees in Memorial park and set up treesits (hear an interview from the treesit).

They were also protesting increasing violence against their fellow activists in California who are trying to stop irresponsible, and illegal logging by Pacific Lumber - owned by MAXXAM. The banner between their sits reads, "Stop Max-Scam from clearcutting our ancient forests - Jail Hurwitz, $50,000 reward," in reference to the Charles Hurwitz, MAXXAM's CEO and majority shareholder.

Through the efforts of groups like SACRED (Southern Alliance of Coastal Redwood Earth Defenders), Houston area activists have become closer allies with activists working in California. Read a report from Saturday's teach-in, hosted by SACRED. Listen to Gypsy's cousin and Rod Coronado's presentations.

Coronado's call for no compromise in defense of mother earth was followed up on by Dirty South Earth First! with home demos. Activists traveled to the homes of MAXXAM exec's Diane Dudley and Charles Hurwitz demanding a stop to destruction of old growth forest and increasing violence against non-violent tree-sitters in Humboldt California. Activists from the Dirty South Earth First continued the campaign against MAXXAM and visited Paul Schwartz, president of the multinational corporation, at his home. Then they went to MAXXAM headquarters in Houston's Galleria area to deliver their message to the the directors and the people in the office building.

Every Monday, you can participate in a weekly meditation outside of MAXXAM's headquarters as SACRED/Coalition for a Better Way launch the Green Ribbon Campaign.

Listen to a Houston Indymedia radio show that reported on what's turning out to be a redwood summer on the third coast! | Hear David Rovics perform at Supper Happy Funland during a benefit to David "Gypsy" Chain.

7-22-03 press release from SACRED 03.Aug.2003 08:24


SACRED's statement regarding the departure of Trust the Tree-sitter

"Trust vanished from Houston just as mysteriously as he appeared," said Raya Green...

For immediate release 7/22/03

Today the Houston Police are making their rounds to the homes of Houston
activists involved in the "Redwood Summer on the Third Coast". They are
looking for Trust the tree-sitter. Trust has a warrant out for his arrest due
to criminal trespass charges. Under the glow of Luna he came, and in the
same stillness of the night he vanished.

The tree-sitter Trust and his partner, Artemis, came to Houston to
protest MAXXAM Corporation for its destruction of ancient Redwood forests in
Humboldt County, California. The pair called themselves Coalition for a Better
Way and set a platform 80 ft up a Ponderosa Pine in the heart of Memorial Park.
It was here that Trust made his nest for two full weeks before vacating.

"Trust vanished from Houston just as mysteriously as he appeared," said
Raya Green, Director of SACRED (Southern Alliance of Coastal Redwood Earth
Defenders). "But we feel that they accomplished everything they set out
to do here in Houston- to put the spotlight on MAXXAM's destructive and illegal
logging practices, and to unite Houston community on this issue while raising
public awareness."

Trust and Artemis came to Houston from Humboldt County, California, to
address the environmental degradation in their home town perpetrated by
MAXXAM, its CEO Charles Hurwitz, and its President, Paul Schwartz. MAXXAM engaged
in a hostile takeover in 1986 of its subsidiary, Pacific Lumber, using junk
bonds and creating a public scandal. MAXXAM then tripled the rate of logging,
mowing down the forest at a rate 2-3 times that of re-growth.

The environmental impacts of MAXXAM's liquidation logging practices have
caused irreversible damage to our environment. The citizens of Humboldt
County suffer through increased flooding and mudslides each year due to
MAXXAM's cutting on steep and unstable slopes. Erosion caused by MAXXAM's continuous
clear-cutting practices has devastated the Coho Salmon population.
Similarly, due to MAXXAM's logging of ancient trees, some 2,000 years old, the marbled
Murrelet (a migratory sea bird that nests only in the moss and lichen of old-growth
trees) is now an endangered species.

"We want people to know that MAXXAM is not a model timber company, as
they claim to be," said Nikki Romaszewski. "MAXXAM is responsible for the
death of my cousin, David Nathan "Gypsy" Chain. After his death in 1998, my aunt,
Cindy Allsbrooks, filed a wrongful death suit against MAXXAM and has since
created the Forest Peace Alliance." David "Gypsy" Chain was a Houston activist
who had relocated to Humboldt. He was killed when a tree was felled by a
MAXXAM logger while activists were documenting illegal logging on MAXXAM land
near Grizzly Creek State Park.

Trust and Artemis were glad to receive all the support from Houstonians
and were impressed to see how many people in Houston are concerned about
MAXXAM's continuos violations of environmental laws on our nation's forest.
Houston has seen an uprising of new groups dedicated to this cause, including
Southern Alliance of Coastal Redwood Earth Defenders, the Dirty South Earth
First!ers, and Children of Earth. Each group plans to continue fighting for
justice in the Redwoods until permanent changes are made and the environment is

Upcoming Redwood Events in Houston and National Call MAXXAM Day 03.Aug.2003 08:29


Wednesday, July, 23, 9-10 pm Greenwatch TV- with guests Remedy, Raya Green/
SACRED, and Peter/ Dirty South Earth First! -Channel 17 Cable Access

Thursday, July 24, 7:30 pm David Rovics honors Gypsy at Super Happy Fun Land- Fundraiser- $3 Suggested Donation

Monday, July 28, ongoing 5-6 pm weekly Meditation at MAXXAM headquarters, 5847 San Felipe

Wednesday, July 30, 7:30 pm HIMC July Film Screening: Defending the environment, The Rice Media Center, on the Rice University campus,
inside of Entrance No. 8

Monday, August 4, 10-1 pm BIG PROTEST in front of MAXXAM headquarters- Bring posters, signs, noisemakers, drums, chants, and anything else to draw attention on MAXXAM's destruction of the earth!

**Monday, August 4, 8 am- 4 pm NATIONAL CALL MAXXAM DAY Note: Mornings are the best time to call.

This will launch a weekly barrage of calls- Mondays in August are officially declared "Call MAXXAM" days! Make sure YOU call MAXXAM every Monday in

Main number (ask for Charles Hurwitz, CEO): 713-975-7600

Paul Schwartz, President: 713-267-3685

Joli Pecht, Attorney General Council: 713-267-3720
713-267-3702 (fax)

For more detailson these events, visit www.SacredRedwood.org and www.houston.indymedia.org"
or call 713-858-0074