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George W. Bush is a Reflection of American Values

A question for you all AmeriKKKans.
Why do you spend so much time attacking George Bush? Are you Democratic Party sympatherizers of some kind or another? Do you actually believe that the Democrats are any better than the Republicans? Or that your America is a democracy to begin with?

It seems to me that Americans like to find political scapegoats for the evil that America stands for in general. They like to cling to the Big Lie that America is fundamentally good--when it clearly is not and will never be--and that the only problem they have is some bad leaders that should be replaced. Bullshit.

From the perspective of the rest of the world, we don't see Bush as the enemy or problem. We see America itself as the enemy and evil that should be destroyed.

Liberals in America are just as guilty as Conservatives as they attempt to pathetically perpetuate this lie. However, all of your haranguing of Bush impresses no one--only yourselves.

If you want to show solidarity with the rest of the world, you should do one thing: Destroy your America itself.

If you don't, we will do it for you someday. Make no mistake.
we will destroy it for you? 03.Aug.2003 04:34


The thing is, the amurikans you talk about, liberal and conservative, are the one's who have to destroy amurika for themselves. Please continue helping all of us destroy amurika, but don't do it for anyone other than yourself.

"Someday" ain't someday soon 03.Aug.2003 08:42


"If you don't, we will do it for you someday. Make no mistake."

"Someday" in that case is quite a ways off. Right now the rest of the world is unwilling to do much more than pout, stomp its feet, and say "But that's not very NICE." When nobody's even seriously talking about a concerted diplomatic effort like a program of economic sanctions against the USA, any concerted military effort just isn't on the horizon.

(That's not to say that the international bad will fostered by the outrages of US imperialism won't prompt further terrorist attacks.)


You got it all ass backwards 03.Aug.2003 11:33


bush was never elected, and even if he was elected he still does not represent the platform he ran on.
bush is a good salesman for the Joe Sixpack types but he is losing ground.
And by the way, he is doing a pretty good job at destroying America without help from any of us.
If you want to destroy America, just watch bush and take note.

If you think bush is a reflection of us, why do you come here?
Why don't you go to FOX NEWS where that might be true.
This isn't exactly the baby bush fan club you know.
And we don't want to destroy America, we want to destroy bush.

We corrupted bush... yeah, right.