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IMC SAC Snippet 2

On June 23, 2003 in Sacramento, CA., IMC volunteers came together and showed the world what was going on at the corporate agriculture ministerial as ministers from over 100 countries met so to further take over planet Earth
movie clip 2
movie clip 2
IMC is the answer to the corporate media which whores itself as a branch of the Bush regime. Here you can see some jpeg photos and two streaming video clips which characterizes the kind of volunteer collaboration that takes place at an indymedia center. It happened in Sacramento. Please enjoy the clips. They are each 7 to 9 Mb so it might take awhile for the downloads, but are worth it.

The Rogue IMC extends a special recognition of partnership to the Portland IMC and to Mendocino Community Radio, KZYX. Making our own media is what its all about and working together makes it happen.

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