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Portland Independent Postering Initiative – Call for Posters Announcing the Shrub’s Visit

Let's put the word on the streets!
Portland Independent Postering Initiative - Call for Posters Announcing the Shrub's visit

Are you fired up about Shurb's visit to our fine city? Excited about the chance to meet the "leader" of the free world? Can't wait to hear his stammering speech up close and personal? Why wait?

Use the energy now creating and postering the whole city. Maybe even the suburbs. Sure, there is plenty of planning to do to get ready, but postering will help get our message out into the somewhat broader public. Besides that it's easy and fun!

Make Posters!

I've talked to a fair share of people that are not even aware that the Shurb cometh. Postering is and easy way to solve that problem. The more the better. It will also get the date cemented in people's minds so they can plan to be there. Postering is good.

Convinced? Time to get to work!

Make sure and include:
Who (that's easy)
What (a protest, rally, whatever)
When (August 21st at 9:00AM?)
Where (Downtown?, maybe someone can help me here)
Why (WAR, Global Warming, Election theft, Civil Rights, and more!)

Also use a big picture if you can. To find fun pictures, go to www.google.com and do an image search under the image tab. (If you do this, google only returns small pictures and you can browse for your favorite.)


Let's go for saturation. Get you friends involved. Try and put up ten a day. Give them away to people you know.

Let's share. Post any posters you make here on indymedia so people can download them and start postering. Before you know it we could have a gallery.

OK, I'm working on my posters, expect them out beginning next week or as soon as this weekend. I have a bit of a distribution team as well. Anyone want to see who can get the most on the street?

Happy propagandizing!

The glue-stick
this was posted to the newswire earlier today 31.Jul.2003 16:39



I tried to print it but Shrub's face didn't print! tried something else and it all printed just fine... maybe my printer is allergic to photos of his face!

poster postin mad-man 01.Aug.2003 07:59


allready started on this and i plan to be postin this weekend , im hope that there is going to be a lot of postin because im sure that there are a lot of peoples out there that want to do something but they havent tapped into the community yet (too busy watching the t.v. telling them they are alone mabey).

does anyone know what the legalities of postin posters are ?

so mabey, if the police want to tell me no, i can tell them yes because i know my rights?

or do i just get a ticket?

anyone know how to paste flyers?(what do ya use as paste, where do ya get it?)

anyone know of a printing shop sympethetic to the cause that can give a discount to people wanting to print flyers for this event?

or how about the cheapest place in town?


poster postin madman 03.Aug.2003 10:02


see ya on the streets.
resident bush
resident bush

use this one 03.Aug.2003 10:22


this flyer is the same as the other one but it tells people to go to "portland.indymedia.org" instead of just "indymedia.org"
resident bush
resident bush

new poster 03.Aug.2003 13:09


here's my A21 poster - see ya on the 21st!!!!!