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bU$H: when where, who knows? Molly does

Molly molly molly molly knows . .
it'd be nice 4 Bush if he could just drop unnanounced, out of the sky, into the Portland metro and pick his sites without any advance warning to oregonians @ all. But he can't. He's coming for Oregon's protection $$$$, so the state's ruling class elites will get a heads up on where 2 go, when, and how much $$$ to bring.
"President George Bush will visit Portland for the third time in two years, arriving in the Rose City later this summer, said a top Oregon Republican official.

"Details of the visit are still scant, but Bush will be in Portland in late August, said Molly Bordonaro, northwest regional chair for Bush's re-election campaign and a former Republican candidate for Congress.

"Yes, the president will be here Aug. 21," Bordonaro said. "No other details of this visit can be released at this time."

see for yourself: [http://www.kgw.com/cgi-bin/bi/gold_print.cgi]

Molly knows. [http://www.gallatingroup.com/who/bordonaro.html] - look @ her. They look so wholesome, the political establishment, don't they? so healthy, happy, content. Just try not to think about the people they fuck, like starving Iraqi children with no legs from "precision" US airstrikes. Here's Molly's email address: mbordonaro@gallatingroup.com. Here's her office phone: 503-220-0780

Her passions include "All sports - particularly skiing, golf, tennis and running, Family, Making a difference in the community . . ." Molly's husand "Matt is a money manager and an 'Italian cowboy.'" Omigod that is SO funny! money manager, cha-ching!$!! way 2 go molly!!!

plus, molly's in "strategic communications" - and that's not just some fraudulent passtime for rich political class fuckwits, but a real profession providing critical assistance in "corporate and political affairs, the news media and strategic communications." ha ha ha ha . . . I wonder if these fucks really believe they're worth what they're paid??? they couldn't be that dumb, but with republicans ya never know.

plus she RAN a marathon!!! MOLLY, all by yourself???? i hope you ran it by your medical team 1st. hard physical labor like that can be very rough on your delicate constitution. I just hope you had your mexican au pair attending @ the finish line.

it'll leak. molly knows. the aristocrats will be informed when and where. we'll find out, and we'll meet the police state on the streets outside, where the people GET OUR SAY!!! Not just politically connected corporate criminals, like Molly.

and if not, we can always protest @ Molly's place....

The Gallatin Group team 920 SW Sixth Avenue, Suite 1250 Portland, OR 97204 Phone: 503-220-0780 Fax: 503-220-0867

Dude 31.Jul.2003 15:23


think she'll tell us where the fundraiser is if we call her up and ask her? maybe pose as a rich plastic surgeon or something who wants to sign up for the fundraiser. think it'd work?

home phone - posted for entertainment purposes only 31.Jul.2003 21:57

little bird

One of these is probably Molly's home address and phone #, Matt is her Hubby. Maybe she'll let you in on the Bush details if you call her at 4am when she's sorta groggy.

Bordonaro, Matthew
4220 SW Torr Ln,
Portland, OR 97221-2738 

Bordonaro, Matthew
9222 SW Midea Ct,
Portland, OR 97225-2561 

Hmmm... 31.Jul.2003 22:42

Just a thought

Not a good idea to make things personal.

hmmm 01.Aug.2003 10:23


not personal, business . . . if you don't want to be outed, don't collaberate w/ the central regime.

Calling her at her home 01.Aug.2003 14:27

Just a thought

Calling her at her home at 4 am makes it personal.

I'm not protecting her. I'm saying that this doesn't make you look good.

If it were just business, you would call her at the office.

who cares how it looks? 02.Aug.2003 01:26

molly's evil twin

What difference does it make? When John Poindexter was forced to change his phone # and his neighbors were getting crank called, everybody was laughing at him. These people gave up anonymity when they became public figures.

Molly is waiting to hear from YOU, operators are standing by. Be one of the first ten callers and win one of those nifty onion slicers. Call NOW!

Molly's song 03.Aug.2003 11:33

another song bird

pepperspay children Molly, raise money attack infants molly, laugh at the poor molly and attack the youth Molly. molly, molly, molly, molly

Molly fi
Molli fo
molly fee

fee fi fo fum I smell a molly

Let us mollify her!!!

already to far, but lets go further 04.Aug.2003 07:12

laughing inside

Did anyone else catch this from that Gallatin Group website? Good golly, Miss Molly:

"I Took my newborn baby on a five day bus tour campaigning for President G.W. Bush (I know she will grow up to be a liberal Democrat just to pay me back.)"

Okay thats enough.

stop and think for a minute 06.Aug.2003 16:31


You guys are pathetic. Your rant barely even passes for political dialogue. I'll take a wild stab in the dark here and guess that you didn't even finish high school. I know Molly and regardless of what you might think of her political leanings, she is a good, decent person. I'm not quite sure how you can attack her personally on the sole basis of her political orientation. When people conduct such attacks based on race, gender, or sexual orientation, their actions are frowned upon. Why should politics be any different? Molly Bordonaro is a kind person whose beliefs you disagree with and (I am guessing) whose power you envy. Those are not the basis for the kind of half-witted, personal attacks you have levied against her. I know you aren't ashamed of your actions, but you should be.