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The Logic of Political Violence- a spoken word cd by Craig Rosebraugh

THE LOGIC OF POLITICAL VIOLENCE: Lessons in Reform and Revolution" was released today by Arissa Media Group in Portland. This 65 minute spoken word cd contains a live lecture given by Craig Rosebraugh at a bookstore in Portland in 2003.
July 31, 2003


PORTLAND, OR - "THE LOGIC OF POLITICAL VIOLENCE: Lessons in Reform and Revolution" was released today by Arissa Media Group in Portland. This 65 minute spoken word cd contains a live lecture given by Craig Rosebraugh at a bookstore in Portland in 2003.

"Within Westernized societies, particularly the United States, there has been a near universal acceptance that non-violent action has been the foundation on which the progress and/or success of political and social justice movements has been built. Yet, contrary to popular beliefs held by many in the United States, political violence has played a crucial role in advancing historical justice struggles. This lecture examines the historic role that both nonviolence and political violence have played in social and political movements both in the United States and internationally." - From the cd cover.

From 1997-2001, Craig Rosebraugh received international notoriety from his role as a spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front. Considered to be the top domestic terrorism threat in the United States by the F.B.I., the ELF has inflicted over $43 million in damages since 1997 to entities profiting off the destruction of the natural environment.

Rosebraugh resigned his spokesperson position in 2001 after believing that more directed and extreme action was need against the political system in the United States. In 2003, Rosebraugh co-formed Arissa, an effort to build a revolutionary movement in the United States.

"THE LOGIC OF POLITICAL VIOLENCE" cd represents the second release by Arissa Media Group, LLC. An Arissa related business operating out of Portland, Arissa Media Group, LLC was created to assist in building the necessary revolutionary consciousness in the United States. By releasing various forms of educational media, the company hopes to educate the American public on the need for a political and social revolution in the United States.

"THE LOGIC OF POLITICAL VIOLENCE: Lessons in Reform and Revolution", a spoken word cd by Craig Rosebraugh is available for $12.00 ppd from Arissa Media Group, LLC, P.O. Box 6058, Portland, OR 97228.

Arissa Media Group
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I am curious 31.Jul.2003 23:22


How about a response to this Craig:

Are you willing to take the first bullet if it came down to that? I'm assuming you are if you are promoting this agenda.

You either face the reality of the failure of reform, or you hide from it. 01.Aug.2003 10:18


Hey Fluffy!

How does speaking to the failure of reform in America equate into advocating an agenda?

In addition your question "Are you willing to take the first bullet if it came down to that?" exposes an ignorance of the personal sacrifices that Craig has made in his personal life attempting to promote social justice in a corrupt bought and sold government.

Have you ever had your arm broken by the cops? Have you had your house raided and possessions stolen multiple times?
Have you been labled as a terrorists for standing up against tryanny in an effort protect people and our planet?

The bottom line is that it is essential for all activists who care about being effective to take a hard look at what tactics have failed and what has been successful throughout our countries short history. Otherwise our actions are reduced to feelgood protests that only serve the ego while failing to acknowledge what works and what doesn't.

Craig's research in this area is as groundbreaking as it is taboo.
In my opinion he is a modern day hero and a "image liberals" worst nightmare in that he is not afraid to say "the emperor has no clothes" to those who are unwilling to concede certain obvious realities.

We all need to decide for ourselves what level of personal sacrifice we are willing to make and how best to use our individual talents to expedite the coming revolution. We also need to open our eyes and admit hard truths regardless if they appeal to some traditional liberal dogma that has been taught to us by the very people who seek to maintain the status quo.

His best talent 01.Aug.2003 17:54


I won't discount the fact that the man had his arm broken or the way in which he has refused to testify in front of grand jurys. That is to his credit and I applaud him in that regard. But this effort to encourage an armed struggle movement that he has recently undertaken leads me to believe at this point his best talents lie in encouraging others to take part in things he is not willing to undertake himself.

How would you know? 01.Aug.2003 18:27

Michael b

I am a local anarchist organizer commited to building support for a revolutionary movement locally. I saw him speak at laughing horse the night this was recorded. Nothing I saw or heard that night leads me to believe that craig wouldn't support or ingage in a local revolutionary effort. In fact most efforts I've seen from Craig lead me to believe that he is trying to provide intelectual tools to anyone who wants to learn about the need for revolution in this country. Craig isn't some kind of vangaurdist commie out to lead us. He's a hard working person clearly dedicated to building a much needed revolutionary movement. He's not alone.
Your cowardly insinuation that craig is asking others to face harm he wouldn't face is has no foundation in reality. Look to the history of this country to see what has happened to people who have demanded revolutionary social change. When Craig speaks for revolution he isn't just asking for social change, but for a fundamental challenge to the social consiousness, and political reality of the united states. Are you prepaired to take that kind of risk for social change? Think about it.

you know where this movement is heading... 05.Aug.2003 01:33


Morons such as Rosebraugh and others affiliated with the ELF will become increasingly frustrated at their methods. Arson of unfinished construction projects are currently characterized as being directed at capitalist earth-raping profiteers. A simple review of the effects of past actions by these bozos would demonstrate that each and every project has been rebuilt on insurance dollars, because there still is a need for the project to be completed. Rebuilding efforts have been accompanied by heightened security, and those costs have been past on to the consumer, which will inevitably become the ELFs primary target.

Currently, the ELF targets property and the 'greedy capitalists' that profit from 'destroying' our environment. It is just a matter of time before the ELF concludes that the 'greedy capitalists' are merely satisfying the needs of consumers, and will rationalize a solution that entails harrassing, threatening and even attacking those that buy urban sprawl housing. After all, won't THEY eventually profit on resale of the house? The ELF has spraypainted SUVs belonging to consumers, and it's just a matter of time before they take the torch to a new house occupied by a family of four.

The current operatives in the ELF are pyromaniacs hiding behind a cause - the next wave will doubtless be rife with murderers hiding behind the same cause.