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Next month's west side Critical Mass

Lets work out how next month's washington co mass should go
I was a newbie at the freeway mass, and I have to say I had fun. I'm not out there to fuck with the cops, but to make a point to people in their cars. And where else better to do that than in the parking lot that is 26? We ride right by and make our point WITHOUT misdirecting their anger at us because THEY are the traffic jam, not us.

For suggestions, why don't we move it to the second friday of the month, to seperate it from the downtown Mass. As for routes, we can't pass up 26. There is a traffic jam there every friday which we can ride right by, both directions if we decide. Going elsewhere before, during or afterwards is fine, but we have to stick to our goals of making drivers aware of cycling as an alternative.

As for the cops, they generally knew where we were going and treated us VERY well. They were helpful on the highway and let us be otherwise. Maybe there's a connection there?

My friends and I will be there again, no matter what day it's on. We're out there to show people that bikes are an alternative. And maybe the west side mass can be an alternative to the crap that goes on downtown.