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Organizing rides to a21 Bush protest (don't come alone)

I know, I know, it's only North Portland. Tell me if you think I'm wrong, but I believe:

We could get 10,000 protestors EASY if the protest was downtown at Portland State University. We're going to have to work HARD to get even 3,000 to the University of Portland. To get a big protest out there we need to plan. Here are some preliminary suggestions. Any other ideas?

If you are going to drive, drive with a FULL load.

SUGGESTION: Use MeetUp.com to set up breakfast/car pools meetings. They have a full set of Online tools.  http://www.meetup.com/


Lots of folks have never ridden out to the University of Portland (its a beautiful ride along the Willamette) I don't recommend a critical mass style caravan -- we'd make too easy a target. But I do recommend a more decentralized way of sending out bike troops. People could meet on NE Alberta, N Albina, SE Belmont, at the Red and the Black and downtown at the North Park blocks. AND all the local universities.

SUGGESTION: Find alternative coffee houses willing to sponsor meetings and offer a discount on a cup of coffee for riders. Use the bulletin board at the coffee house and Indymedia to organize gatherings.


Local colleges could organize teach-ins at the U of P protest. Just say no to school as usual.

SUGGESTION: It's been too many years since I've been in college. Anybody else?


Info from Tri-Met site:

From downtown MAX stop:

Walk northwest from 5th Ave/Mall MAX Station (SW 5TH AVE & SW MORRISON ST.) to 6th & Alder.

Board 1 Greeley to University of Portland.

Get off at Portsmouth & Willamette

Walk 0.2 mile southeast to University of Portland (5000 N WILLAMETTE BLVD.)

SUGGESTION: Use the slogan "Get on the #1 Bus!" on flyers

homepage: homepage: http://www.meetup.com/

Remember, St. John's bridge is CLOSED 30.Jul.2003 14:52


Hi.....remember that the St. John's Bridge is closed for renovations. I am pretty sure it will still be closed in A21.

So......the only way to UP is Lombard, Portland Blvd, or up Interstate/Greeley.

I would not doubt if at the last minute......with all of us stuck up on the penninsula that they will change the location to downtown Portland. Cause...if a lot of protesters show up (and they will), what a perfect smokescreen.......get us stuck in N. Portland with only one rather long way out......... By the time we figured it out and got to downtown, Bush will have already left in AF1.

Just a possibility. We have to protest where we are told he will be..........but nothing will surprise me.

University of Portland has few access routes 30.Jul.2003 21:21

Peninsula (rhymes with "insular") resident

His Heiny can get to UP three ways: via helicopter; via Willamette from the south ('cause the St John's bridge is out), or down Portsmouth (via Lombard, perhaps). Hello? If he comes in a limo, those arterials - and therefore the bus lines (#1,#17, #40, #16, & #75) will all be kaputsky.

Better to sleep in here overnight - not that we in NoPo have all that many peace types - or good camping spots, or motels. Dunno where that leaves us. Back to the drawing board, mebbe?

Another thought: UP has a HUGE contingent of ROTC. And some PPD wannabe "security."

I forgot the river - but the various blue meanies probably haven't.

I keep thinking of big, fun, splashy things to register my rage - huge signs painted on the street, or huge banners everywhere, including ones visible from helicopter that the bastard couldn't miss... but I get stymied trying to think of how to actually succeed before getting busted. And the "offending" stuff wiped out. Argh.

School not in session 31.Jul.2003 16:24


On August 21 most Portland colleges and universities won't be in session. Classes resume at the U of P on August 25, and at some Portland schools not until late September or even (if memory serves) October.

ride yer bike 04.Aug.2003 10:44


ride bikes to portland, lets all think of a place to meet, or take the bus. but driving, driving the oil that he is fighting for is not good, lets all meet.. when where? huge flock of bikes showing up would be AWESOME.....

Two-wheeled people, hang on ... 06.Aug.2003 13:22

... will be getting something together ...

... I plan to ask Indymedia about having a page / listing of some type that's organized to show meeting places for biking. In the meantime, post your ideas here for meeting places in your neighborhood for beginning a bike ride.