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Portlanders gearing up for Bush visit protest

Time to Plan for Bush Visit!
Last time Bush came to town, several thousand welcomed him with a spirited protest. When Ashcroft came to town, several hundred people showed up (with very little notice) to welcome him. With nearly a month to get ready, we should be able to organize a pretty large, powerful, Portland-style reception. I see that Black Cross has committed to support actions, as others surely will. But these few weeks before his visit will pass very quickly. We should get going on this right away. [ Read more... ]

Bush in Portland and Seattle Aug. 21-22 (and how Cascadia needs to come together)
SOS. Bush will be in Portland and Seattle on or around Aug. 21-22. The dates and locations of both events are kept secret (because this prez is too popular). Our Corporate press outlets have leaked this info to us. Now we have to organize to STOP BUSH'S TRIP TO CASCADIA. Our victory is a CANCELLATION OF THIS TRIP. [ Read more... ]

City of Portland should not pay for Bush's Aug 21 visit!
We should stir things up about our already bankrupted city having to foot the security bill for Bush visit that is strictly for campaign fundraising. Write the Mayor; Write letters to the editors; tell your friends to just say no! [ Read more... ]

Some info to consider whilst organizing the A22 Bush visit protests
The group Direct Action Against the War sent a startling precedent last March when they help build a spokescouncil to direct the actions in San Fransisco's Market Street District. The following is a series of press releases, fliers, and posters from their work. [ Read more... ]

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