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corporate dominance

"Made In Oregon stores" are a JOKE!

I was flying to Missoula, by way of Portland, when I found myself with way, way too much time on my hands, waiting in the Portland airport 3.5 hours for my next flight. Damn near could have driven to stump towne with that much time, damn near. So this being amerika, what did i do? The consumer thing. I went friggin' shoppin', but to a place I thought I could trust, the Made In Oregon store.

I purchased a really kool blanket, from Pendleton Woolen Mills, a type for a picnic or an outside concert like the Britt Festival in Jacksonville. The blanket rolls up and has two little handles like a little duffle bag, and it was Made In Oregon. But before I could get out of the store I looked at some Pendleton shirts all displayed on a rack near the entrance to the store, and this is where I nearly lost my lunch, my kool, and my Oregon pride. The shirts had labels printed "Made In Hong Kong."
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