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"My Truth" by prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers

This is a poem by anarchist prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers. He is currently serving a 22.5 year sentence for the burning of 3 SUVs in 2000. Free needs your support. See the website below to see how you can help.
My Truth

*the majority of this was written when I was 16. However, I have now added and
changed a few things.

Rage is what I feel
Forced upon me by a society
I call hell.
Whose schools force feed
patriotism and allegiance.
teach never question,
never rise,
never challenge the system.

They crammed these beliefs
down my throat
From the day I was born
until the day
I choked.

Well, I've had enough
of the fucking whores
I won't listen to their lies
I'm tired of all their
jingoistic moves
where ruler are loved
when they should be loathed.
Where money is power
and the rich run it all.

I've had enough
of these well placed lies.
I'll speak my truth
Until I die.

There are pawns
in this game
And their master who
runs it all.
They don't own me
because I'm a free soul.

You must open your eyes
to see past their cunning
They've been exploiting
the people from
The beginning.

They call me a terrorist
But there's no blood on my hands
They only point at me
to give you an enemy
to focus your attention
Away from reality:

That is they who hide
Behind their happy face masks,
(with their army of thugs)
who smell like death.

homepage: homepage: http://www.freefreenow.org

Humility is a New Beginning 29.Jul.2003 18:39

marc mbatko@lycos.com

Thanks Free for your passion and your light!
Hundreds of translated articles await you on my website www.mbtranslations.com. Among the life-giving articles are: "Faith Heals Reason" by Dorothee Soelle, "The Strong Alone is Helpless" by Theo Sommer and "Crisis as a Chance: Exodus from the Accumulation Logic" by Maria Mies. You'll find over a hundred articles on anti-militarism. a hundred articles on economic ethics as well as articles on political theory and liberation theology. Enjoy the feast!
Only dead fish swim with the stream! The power of language can overcome the language of power!
I also uploaded "Against the False Prophet George W. Bush" by Jurgen Fliegen and "Obsession and Peace" by Horst-Eberhard Richter on portland.indymedia.org.
I welcome your comments and hope that we can finally put the horse before the cart. Normalization of war, militarization of foreign policy and ramboization of language should call all of us to resistance. Kairso time is time of decision and replaces everyday time, the time of the hyenas!

uh. he's in jail 29.Jul.2003 19:47

friends of free

you do realize he is in prison.
they dont give you internet access there.
we post his writings for him but he doesnt have access himself.

Thanks! 30.Jul.2003 08:09

Just Another Supporter

As usual Free's writings are both beautiful and honest.Is there any sort of a letter writing campaign or maybe even a petition to get him a retrial or released from jail.Not sure of what is or can be done but he has served his rightful time and truly does deserve to be FREE!Thank you Free and to whoever does these postings.

there sure is! 30.Jul.2003 09:43

friends of free freefreenow@ziplip.com

there sure is something you can do. Free has requested that people write the attorney general about his appeal. Remember to be polite and write your own letter. Below is a sample letter with the contact information. Writing the Governor and urging him to investigate this issue is key as well. He will say he can't do anything about it but you can urge his office to look into it as it is a tragedy that took place in Oregon and is a grave misjustice.
Also, anyone interested in getting regular updates should sign up to the 'Free Jeff Luers" list at

Sample Letter to Attorney General

Mr. Hardy Myers,
Attorney General-State of Oregon
400 Justice Building
Salem, Oregon 97310

Re: Jeffrey Luers, Appellate Case #A115208

Dear Sir,

I am writing in regards to the Circuit Court appeal of Jeffrey Michael Luers. Jeffrey is appealing his conviction and sentence relating to the 2000 arson at Romania Chevrolet and attempted arson at Tyree Oil Company, both in Eugene, Oregon.

Notably, this includes conviction on three separate counts of Arson 1, with enhancement to Measure 11, for a single fire at Romania Chevrolet, a fire in which no one was injured. At trial, the State's witness testified that they were in no danger of injury. By his own admission, Jeffrey stated that great care was taken to prevent injury to anyone. The fire was intended to damage property, and property was all that was damaged - less than $40,000 worth. While not dismissing the serious nature of the crime, enhancement to Measure 11 is unwarranted, as there were no injuries and damage was relatively minor.

I also question the conviction on three separate counts of Arson 1 for a single fire. Jeffrey was sentenced to 22 years, eight months, a sentence far greater than that faced by many offenders convicted of violent acts against individuals. For example, Manslaughter 1 carries a 10 year sentence; Attempted Murder, only 7and a half years; Rape 1, 8 years four months. Clearly, Jeffrey's sentence is vastly disproportionate to the crime of burning three vehicles. In fact, his co-defendant received only 66 months. It is my belief that Jeffrey's sentence is due more to his political beliefs than to the severity of the crime.

Therefore, Mr. Myers, it is my sincere hope that you will take these points into account with regards to Jeffrey's appeal, and that you will consider allowing the State of Oregon to concede to a lesser sentence in the interest of justice.


your name & address

Midnight Rant by Jeff Luers 30.Jul.2003 13:05


Midnight Rant
by Jeff Luers (July 2003)
I wonder sometimes as I sit in my cage. How did all this happen? How did
things get to be like this? How did we forget?

How did we forget where we came from, what gives us life? We bury it in
concrete and asphalt. We dam it and tame it. We do everything in our power
to domesticate it. But still it is there wild and free.

It flows in our blood. All life is interconnected. We knew this once. Once
upon a time our languages were based on this knowledge. Our cultures and
lifestyles honored the life around us. Because we knew that it fed us and
nourished our bodies as well as our spirit.

Life is sacred. Living is sacred. We must remember this. Life is about
living to enjoy the experiences of life. It's about giving back what we take
in order to continue the cycle.

This civilization is not life. It is not life affirming. Are you happy?
Honestly? The structure of society today does not even provide for basic
human needs. How many are homeless, hungry and in need of warm clothes?
Before civilization this never would have happened. These needs would have
been met by the community and by the abundance of life around it.

Now, I know we've far too many human beings and far too little space to ever
go back to that. We have evolved, we have expanded and developed in ways
never thought of 1,000 years ago. But we've lost sight of what we are. We
are loving, compassionate human beings. That is what we need to remember.
That is what we need as the moral base of our culture - NOT consumerism,
expansionism or capitalism.

The world is far too small for us to not think like a global community. Yes,
separated by thoughts, beliefs and languages. But does that make us

We need to build community. We need to provide for the needs of that
community. And then once that is done we need to reach out to other

You say impossible, in today's world it would never happen. And I say what
if cruise missiles delivered food instead of warheads? We have the
technology, why don't we use it for good things?

Change starts with you. It starts with your attitude. It starts with
accepting that change is possible - that there are different ways other than
this. That is the first step.

The second step is talking about it. Cultivating ideas. Building the
foundations to build upon. Stepping outside the lines to embrace people who
aren't like you.

The third step is starting. It's building affordable (ideally free) housing.
It's feeding hungry children. Reclaiming that vacant lot to grow food.
Developing a community watch and patrol so the need to rely on police

When we come together, when we change our way of doing things and embrace the
people we once were, when we learn to provide for ourselves and our community
without exploiting others, we will get as close to peace as we ever will.
When people do not go without what they need, when civilization nourishes and
cherishes life, when we can say we are living simply to live and fulfill our
lives with joy. Then we will know what it means to be human beings living on
Mother Earth.

Free of Attachments 31.Jul.2003 06:39

Bez Nachalie zagovor@boxfrog.com

In Popol Vuh (great music too) happiness is freedom from attachments. This is the freedom we are being forced to give-up. I guess you all know. 22.5 years for trashing 3 cars. But he has a freedom that they can never have, and I guess they know that. The car is now like an idol, and people are just bowing down to it. Perhaps they like having their asses in the air and their mouths in the dirt. Well let them enjoy it. It's just a stage in time, in the future there'll be no cars, no matter how many they make now - and they'll all be trashed. Realizing even that can help set you free. You're in the clink but you're freer than most of us Luers.