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Bush in Portland and Seattle Aug. 21-22 (and how Cascadia needs to come together)

San Francisco, Arcadia, Ashland, Medford, Eugene, Portland, Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle, Bellingham, Vancouver, Juneau, Cascadia. (and all the lesser-known places we left out)
Week of REVOLT! And Cascadia rain on Bush's fundraising parade Aug 21-22.
We need all of Cascadia in on this.

SOS. Bush will be in Portland and Seattle on or around Aug. 21-22. The dates and locations of both events are kept secret (because this prez is too popular). Our Corporate press outlets have leaked this info to us. Now we have to organize to STOP BUSH'S TRIP TO CASCADIA. Our victory is a CANCELLATION OF THIS TRIP.

Bush is on a re-election campaign finance swoop with corporate donors and others' willing to pay 1,000 dollars a plate to listen to his dribble and make millions in return. Bush thinks he can sail up the coast of California and enter Cascadia without alarm. We say "No fascists in Cascadia!"

We for once do not need to make our grievances known because our grievances have been so well know for so long. We could start with the American coup of 2000, or we could talk about the Kyoto Treaty, or the Anti-Personal Land Minds Treaty, or a Machiavellian 911. But that is beside the point when we have systemic detentions and deportations of Arab and other Asian immigrants, the Patriot Act creating more fear and distrust among people and the whole US government telling the world to "bring it on". We also have the highest rate of unemployment in the country as our most petty grievance.

We have great problems on our hands. We have the whole world watching, for real.
If you cannot make it to either Portland or Seattle on or around those dates, organize other events to lend us support.
I'm hearing Aug 21st for Portland 29.Jul.2003 10:40


I know a son of a riot cop who has to fly in for one day to Portland from his vacation in Colorado. That day is August 21st.

This is an opportunity 29.Jul.2003 12:50


I have some concerns about your stated goal as Bush Calceling his Trip.

If he cancels his trip, we will loose an important opportunity to rebuild coalitions and revivify our community.

Re: This is an opportunity 29.Jul.2003 18:08

White Lilac

It's a sad day when it requires the extreme impetus of an impending visit from the world's most powerful fascist to enable us to rebuild our coalitions and revitalise our community. If we need Shrub & Friends™ to help us get along then we're already doomed.

If that's truly the case (of course it's not), then I don't see how you can talk about our 'community' with a straight face. This sounds like it would be forced cooperation driven by sheer desperation to me.

We have so much to unite us ... and we already have enough smog this summer without Shrub's contribution (air force one, motorcade, security, plus the CO2 from all the speeches and lies). I'd definitely count it as a victory if his trip gets cancelled, just as I count it a victory when we stop nazi skinhead organizing and force the cancellation of racist shows.

"portlander" -- you're also forgetting that cancelling the trip would also put a dent in his pocketbook, one of the few things he respects. (Actually, I'm not sure how much money portland has to give him right now anyway, but those who can afford the price of the dinner probably aren't affected by the economy at all.)

Let them eat cake 29.Jul.2003 22:54


bush donors are just giving kick-backs from his tax reduction for the rich. no problem bush getting donations in the worst worker's economy in the realm. one exception might be getting a fat check from paul allen, whose fortune crashed from 40 billion to only 20 billion.

salmon defense 31.Jul.2003 08:55

fish man

this is an article about bush's august sched: [ http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A64792-2003Jul29.html] --- apparently, bush is going to visit a national forest, do the fundraiser, & then visit a salmon habitat. ---

Later in the month, Bush will tour a national forest in Oregon and raise money in Portland, then visit a salmon habitat the next day and headline a fundraiser in Bellevue, Wash. On the same day as the Bond fundraiser, Bush will attend one for himself in Minneapolis, and will speak to the American Legion's 85th annual national convention.

question: how are we gonna find out which national forest? and where? imagine protesting in the woods with the federal nazi police forces in camos and shit?

question: what's the most likely oregon salmon habitat for a DC fed to visit?

anyone have any info on this?

Re: This is an opportunity 01.Aug.2003 14:29

Clark Kent thecompassionateconservatives@yahoo.com

White Lilac is 100% on target -- if there's money involved, the trip will not be cancelled. Choosing that as a goal is noble, but perhaps a tad misguided. Instead, we should get organized and try to remain level-headed. Anarchy in and of itself is not the problem, but acts of random stupidity (e.g., bricks through shop windows in Pioneer Place, et cetera) are not going to sway anyone to our cause. Instead of endlessly preaching to the choir, we need to win the "hearts and minds" and VOTES of Joe Q. Public, who has been hoodwinked by BushCo for too long. Given the choice between a deceptive Shrub and a bunch of hell-raising protestors, Joe Q. is going to choose Shrub every single time.

We can kick Dubya's AWOL butt. Let's just think it through.

Info on actions planned in Bellevue Aug. 22 and in Seattle Aug. 23 02.Aug.2003 11:35


A website from organizers of a Bellevue, WA response to Bu$h's visit:  http://www.stopbushseattle.com/

A website from organizers of a Seattle, WA response to Bu$h's visit:  http://www.mvp-seattle.org/pages/pageactionalert30718.htm

It is disgusting to know that many of the local millionaires will heap cash on the Bush/Cheney junta, when sixteen (16!!) homeless people are known to have died outside so far this year, in the Puget Sound area, many of them violently, such as a homeless woman shot to death in her sleep on July 12 - and cuts in city services to the homeless just keep coming, with private and church charities' budgets straining under the burden, the economy is in the toilet....

Of course we can find out where Bush will be... 03.Aug.2003 17:41


I don't understand why exact times and places can't be posted well ahead of time, because they are known. Just ask some old right-wing relatives! I'm sure those people paying $1000-plus per plate know exactly where Bush is going to be!

Seattle August 22 03.Aug.2003 18:05

Impeach Bush

The Seattle Times reported that he'll be at a luncheon in Seattle on Aug 22..... Doesn't say where, though.

Seattle is a hose! He'll be in Bellevue! (other side of the Lake Washington) 03.Aug.2003 18:17

Impeach Bush

This is according to the Seattle PI dated Sat, Aug 2 2003

Rep. Jennifer Dunn, R-Wash., will have a memorable recess in two ways. She is scheduled to join several other members of Congress in London in the middle of the month for a conference on homeland security. More significant, she will be the host for President Bush when he visits Bellevue Aug. 22. The rest of the month, her spokeswoman said, will be devoted to meetings in the district with constituents and local officials.

O Where, O Where! 05.Aug.2003 00:55


O where, o where will evil Bush be? O where, o where will he be? With his ears cut short and his tail cut long, o where, o where will he be. gk.

U of P, August 21. 05.Aug.2003 19:09


He'll be many places, but it looks like the University of Portland, afternoon-evening of the 21st is a go.

just an observation 06.Aug.2003 15:14


If the president of the United States has to lie and hide from his own people because of the threat of THOUSANDS protesting his mere presence, you would think he'd have gotten the point: No one likes him!

what should our primary message be? 06.Aug.2003 17:04


dear friends,

perhaps this forum could articulate what constructive message ("i hate bush" just isn't going to cut it) we can ply that is short enough and sweet enough to both be picked up by the soundbite-obsessed corporate press and sway those "hearts and minds," (see clark kent's "this is an opportunity" above) that watch that stuff. best of luck and i'll see you there

How about No to Fascism? 10.Aug.2003 01:29

Black Flag

What should the message be? How about no to war. No to economic pillage and capitalist looting of nations, at home and abroad. No to Stealing Elections. No to a Hi-Tech Police state. No to the destruction of civil liberties. No to environmental destruction. No to jingoistic American nationalism. No to Christian Fundamentalism....

In short, no to the Fascist American Empire which the Bush Regime represents in everything but name.

Where will Bu$h be 11.Aug.2003 18:54

Pink Emma

The shrub may take a side trip to Redmond ...

Bush stopover in Redmond is possible, Bordonaro says
Oregonian - Political Notebook - 08/08/03

President Bush may visit Redmond this month when he is in Portland for an Aug. 21 fund-raiser, but no final decision has been made on the Central Oregon stop, a Bush-Cheney campaign official said Thursday.

Officials were still working on an itinerary, said Molly Bordonaro, the Northwest regional coordinator for the president's re-election campaign. She said she could not release any details of the visit.

Bush is scheduled to attend a $2,000-a-person fund-raising luncheon at the Chiles Center on the University of Portland campus, according to invitations mailed out by the Bush-Cheney campaign.

Bush, who is expected to raise more than $170 million for his re-election campaign, was last in Oregon in August 2002. At the time, he gave a speech in Medford to announce his plan to reduce the danger of forest fires and then flew to Portland to address a fund-raiser for Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore.

The Human cost of the invasion of Iraq 14.Aug.2003 09:54

A concerned Citizen

The best estimate on the number of people killed in the invasion of Iraq is around 33,000 people.

This includes almost 300 American soldiers, about 6000 to 8000 Iraq civilians, and 20,000 to 40,000 Iraq soldiers, so I have picked the figure of 33,000 as a middle case best estimate. The President's "16 little words" in his justification for the invasion has had a tremendous cost, but he does not appear to be aware of this. We have been deceived once more by the Bush Adminstration.

A concerned American Citizen

where to go? 15.Aug.2003 17:32

genevive demonsbox@yahoo.com

how to get to the University of Portland? what time on the 21ST? where to park? I'd love to be there!

when? 20.Aug.2003 11:12


If you really want to try and disrupt things you'll have to wake up early. Most of the traffic coming in or out of the University of Portland is going to take place between 7:00 and 10:00 am. According to my sources at the university, as of today the 20th, all people attending this luncheon will have to be in their seats by 10:30 and traffic will be halted at about 10:30 am.

Also, there will be a fence erected alond wilamette blvd. and Portsmouth along side the campus. This fence is going to go up tonight, the 20th, and will supposedly take many hours to construct.