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Time to Plan for Bush Visit!

Time to organize!
Last time Bush came to town, several thousand welcomed him with a spirited protest. When Ashcroft came to town, several hundred people showed up (with very little notice) to welcome him.

With nearly a month to get ready, we should be able to organize a pretty large, powerful, Portland-style reception. I see that Black Cross has committed to support actions, as others surely will.

But these few weeks before his visit will pass very quickly. We should get going on this right away.

Some things that would probably be good to have ready:

-A centralized meeting time and place for a massive protest, and tons of publicity to let folks know
-Affinity groups ready to go
-Lots of beautiful signs, puppets, theater, pageantry (can Art and Revolution host some work parties?)
-Other kinds of support like jail support, lawyerly types, etc

We don't need tons of structure to make this happen, but some organization would help.

I think we should set up spokescouncil or whatever meetings for the three weeks left before the 21st. Maybe on different days each week, since they are already lots of meetings happening. Anyone have access to a good meeting space? Is there an organization out there that is willing to commit some resources to this? What about a phone number, email, website to help folks plug in? What else is needed?

Let's make it happen!
Just my opinion 28.Jul.2003 16:12


Right now the best thing to do would be to get the word out. There are still alot of people out there that don't know Bush is coming to town. Make a flyer or something that says, "Unite against bush August 21st!" or something like that. Post them all over the city in Newspaper bins, on mail boxes, on street polls, where ever! All it needs to be is in big bold black letters on eye catching paper (like neon green or hot pink because it stand out, you can't avoid it with your eyes) so everyone can see and be informed.

Let's make sure everyone know's bush isn't welcome here.

One more thing 28.Jul.2003 16:15


You want some place to plug in for info look no futher. Hell, even the police check the site for info on upcoming events.

Simultaneous...both must start w/specifics 28.Jul.2003 19:07

Sabotage Cat

I definitely agree with Blank, in that the word must be gotten out now. But the a little organizing must begin as well (if there are spokescouncil or other meetings, please announce, then post results).

In addition...do we know for sure if the 21st will be the best day (I assume it is)? And will Shrub be for sure on the UP campus (which also looks very substantiated).

Both can be done simultaneously, and I will definitely be up for the simple postering as described by Blank. With less than a month, that is probably the biggest thing, since we must at least alert people to a certain day, with the specific place and time coming later.

Everybody keep up the good work, and lets all give a huge, warm, loud, Little Beirut welcome when Georgie comes to town. See you in the streets.

Clarification on location please? 28.Jul.2003 20:46


It seems that it the date of the Evil One's visit will be the 21st, but I have heard several different theories about location - there is some sort of mix-up.... Is he coming to University of Portland (private Catholic school, conservative, way far away from downtown) OR Portland State University (smack dab in the middle of downtown, lots of opportunities to create widely visible havoc, etc.)??? Anyone know for sure? This is an important factiod, and I know that it would also be more convenient for most people if he was at PSU. Thanks.

UP 28.Jul.2003 21:37


It is University of Portland - north end of town; one entrance/exit to the campus.

However, word is he will be staying in Ptown overnight. probably some downtown hotel? Methinks there will be other opportunities besides UP.

People Get Ready 28.Jul.2003 21:48


AP item in Statesman Journal of 7/26 quotes Molly Bordanaro, chairperson for bush campaign to get re-Selected in NW that "the president (sic) will be here (Portland) Aug. 21," and that "no other details can be released at this time." The Seattle P-I reported (earlier) that bush would be in the "Seattle area" on Aug. 22 to raise funds for the campaign. This suggests that he might be overnighting in Portland.

Rather than focus on just what day, IMHO, work should go to publicizing early with a tentative target of, say Aug. 20-22, to get the banners, signs, street theater and groups and tactics organized, with details to follow. Get signs, ads, posters up to get prepared, with the proviso that exact time will follow as w-day approaches.

Who gets the permit? How much advance notice is needed?
"I do not need to explain why I say things. That's the interesting thing about being president. Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say something, but I don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation."

-- George W. Bush, former governor of Texas

Call to Action (Spokescouncil Mtg.) 29.Jul.2003 00:43

AnarchoOni ACOG@email.ro

Forget about permits, they're your streets have the guts to use them how you want. If the police tell you it's against the rules, just remember that you're the one who's supposed to be making the rules, not them!!

This Call to Action has been circulating on some list serves:
(Summary: Spokescouncil/organizing meeting is at PSU Cafeteria at 12:00 on Saturday the second. Black Bloc is being called out.)

Black Bloc Call to Action (August 20-22)

Attention Anarchists, anti-capitalists, anti-authoritarians and activists
of all types, this is a call for a Portland demonstration and Black Bloc in
response to President Bush's scheduled visit to Portland on Aug. 20-22.
Portland has shown time and again that we will not sit idly by when corrupt
and power hungry politicians come to our city. Now we have been given an
opportunity to show our defiance to these war mongering criminals in an
effective and noticeable manner; by doing everything in our power to shut
their leader and figurehead out of our city. We must come together and make
Portland a city free of politics (and politicians) if we hope to further our
revolutionary ideals and make anarchism, anti-authoritarianism and
anti-capitalism significant portions of Portland's culture.
We call upon you to help organize and affect this resistance. A
spokescouncil meeting (we invite all like minded affinity groups interested
in disrupting Bush through direct action, if this meeting turns out to be
less affinity groups and more random folks then it will change to an
organizing meeting) will be held on Saturday, August 2nd at the Portland
State University cafeteria (in the Smith Center) and regular updates will
be posted to indymedia and other listserves. It's time to take back our
streets, take back our city and take back our lives.

Anarchist Community Organizing Group

my input 29.Jul.2003 01:43


I have to say the only thing I am against specifiaclly for this event is getting a permit. I think it's rediculous to ask "permission" to dissent against a man who stole the presidency. that's just my opinion based on pure principle.

decentralized dreams 29.Jul.2003 12:23


Look, The cops know how to deal with the centralized location plan.
It gives them time to prepare, we have less time to adapt.
We should run this like WTO n30:

Everyone get into Affinity Groups,
We chose multiple targets that are IMPORTANT SYMBOLICALLY
Let there be public art, and activities for Older folks, and food made available if this goes on for hours.

Good Irrigation 29.Jul.2003 12:26

Thomas Jefferson

"From time to time, the tree of liberty must be watered with
the blood of tyrants and patriots."

Yes, we need to organize 29.Jul.2003 12:26


It's nuts for the president to come to UP. The St.John's Bridge is closed. It's kind of creates kind of a cornered off section of town on a penninsula. But, far be it from me to figure out how THAT man and his handlers reason things out.

I think we need to give Bush a very LOUD welcome home. I posted another article on here about us rallying our city government about the city having to pay the exhorbitant security bills for the republican party candidates. Bordonaro has said that fundraising is a reason for the visit, "beyond that has not been determined."

Of course our city is going to follow the time-honored custom of paying for security for the prez, BUT we should still make a stink out of it. Taxpayer funded fundraising events for repukes? Disgusting! Anyways, if my post shows up.......I have never posted here before.......read it and get a letter to your editor, the mayor, whoever.

I think Columbia Park Annex right down from UP would be a GREAT place for us to congregate before the protest .........

agreed 29.Jul.2003 12:30


I would like to honor DJ Shadow,

This is good vision and I echo the sentiment that Spokes Council organizing would be the best move.

The Forms that we shall use whilst resisting the Tyrant shall be the Architectural Columns of the world our Children shall Inhabit.


Anarchist for Panarchy

AnarchoOni ,

What kind of political doublespeek are you posting? I am a lifelong anarchist and have been at spokescouncils since I was born, and I have to tell you that the idea of calling a spokes council for "Like minded people" is one of the most unilateral, authoritarian things I've ever heard.

The whole damn point of a spokescouncil is to acheive coordination between multiple veiw points.

You know, I was only of the people screeming "DIVERSITY OF TACTICS!" to the NGOs during Quabec.
But, right now I have to say the same thing: unless the spokes council supports a DIVERSITY OF TACTICS, it is just YOUR spokescouncil.

Reply to Dreamer 29.Jul.2003 13:24

Quivering, fixed on the scent of light

On choosing targets that are "symbolically important" - It's a beautiful plan, but will work even better if done in conjunction with targets that are CONCRETELY important - That way we make a monetary impact as well as a demonstration of sentiment. As Martin Luther King Jr. put it (shortly prior to his assassination when he was growing more radical), such a tactic is not just a "statement to the broader society", but an action that "interferes with its functioning at some key point." We should think nonviolent freeway/bridge blockades, shutting down the Port of PDX (if so we should contact the workers there first), etc.
Again these tactics are in addition to traditional forms of protest, not instead of.


The mass murderer stamp of approval 29.Jul.2003 14:05


"From time to time, the tree of liberty must be watered with
the blood of tyrants and patriots."

Yeah, Tim McVeigh wore a T-shirt with that saying on it when he blew up the building in Oklahoma. It's always interesting how the fringe left and the fringe right converge into one big clump of fucking nutbags.


i find it interesting 29.Jul.2003 14:33


I find it interesting that people still cling to meaningless reductionist dichotomies like "leftists" vs "rightists". Since Jefferson authored the quote, would he be considered fringe left or fringe right? One thing is for certain, he was certainly on the fringe, and look at all he was able to accomplish.

sanity 29.Jul.2003 16:17

Sue Donim

Yeah, and a guy who wants to build whole new classes of nuclear weapons to destroy evildoers deep underground whom he claims might someday themselves get such weapons, he must be completely levelheaded. No fringes there, huh? Why, that's just good business sense! His buddies at Lockheed Martin et al aren't complaining! Why quibble over the future safety of humanity when there's money to be made, evildoers to destroy, and new nuke toys to play with?

Tacticians needed 29.Jul.2003 22:54

The Watchman

Why U of P instead of PSU, "Blank2"? Been to either campus lately? PSU has buildings and treed park blocks only. U of P has buildings and huge surrounding lawn fields. Are you thinking helicopter LZ? You should be. Yes, the U of P is isolated in North Portland's peninsula, but it is easily accessible by helicopter. If the Prez's men get to believing that the streets will be blocked, he will chopper in and out. It takes very little force to hold an LZ, and there will be several to chose from. Those LZ's will be defended at all cost, and will be "free-fire" zones, like the Navy ships were at RoseFest.

The only possible way to prevent the Prez from arriving, speaking and leaving the U of P campus would be to occupy the LZ's ahead of the Secret Service and their PPB allies. That will be hard to do, as it will take a lot of troops to occupy those acres of lawn. A chopper needs only a minimum of 60 X 60 feet to land.

So, BlackBloc, get your 'Nam veteran's affinity group involved NOW, and their ex-grunts and airmobile people can tell you where the LZ's will be set up.

Chances, I give you one in ten of carrying it off. One in five if you can get the U of P students in with you.

The Watchman, jus' playin' the game

jail support is taken care of 29.Jul.2003 23:34


The General Defense Committee of the IWW will take on the jail support for the action day and hopefully the day before as well, since it is becoming common practice for the popo to disrupt and harass workshops the day before any big action. We're also planning some sort of fundraiser, specific to the Bush demo arrests for the middle of August. We'll give plenty of updates as things become more solid.

Is anyone putting a civil disobedience workshop together? We really want to see people prepared for arrest and knowledgeable of their rights. It makes your experience much better if you know what to expect before the cuffs go on.

The Giant Stirs 30.Jul.2003 00:17


the question raised earlier about "the permit" was in the spirit of consideration for diversity of tactics and diversity of the greatest community participation, with no disrespect for the more agile and mobile.

good to see things getting up and running. see you in the streets, exercising the peoples' rights in the face of cryptofascism--one way or another!

IMC tech: these A20-23 alerts and discussions keep sliding down the margin. any chance of getting a fixed banner or frame at the top of the first page? maybe a countdown ("so many days before w-day") frame? thanks for all you do!


We must be flexible, and organized, but not publicly 30.Jul.2003 09:35

Dr Winston O'Boogie cmarksbe@yahoo.com

I find it hard to believe that Mr. Bush's thinking henchmen will carry out this fundraiser in the manner "leaked" to us. I believe that representatives from the many groups representing themselves at this protest plan meetings to co-ordinate a few strategies and contingency options just in case Mr. Bush won't be going where he says he is. Obviously, if they are choosing a place such as UP with only one way in or out, there will be a clear security plan to keep us out. So, UP seems a good place to have people well in advance of security arrival, which one year ago was almost spontaneous to the motorcade. We need to be organized, but we shouldn't do it on a forum such as this that is easily followed by the security folks protecting the half-wit. We can make a major presence, and we can do it from different "base camps", many of them inside the perimiter of the anticipated security zones, if possible. These "base camps" can keep some sort of communication, (cell phones, walkie talkies, anything) to allow for the possiblity of suprise from the storm troopers. We need to co-ordinate, have contingency plans, and plan places to regroup in case of moving police lines, which we saw last year. We need to co-ordinate a strategy for slowing down the storm trooper's advances, if indeed that is what we will see. Lying down in front of barricades will be difficult considering the propensity for tear gas and kicking that is so common, but perhaps a few local TV reporters could be reached in advance to prepare some kind of media help. Last year, if we could have gotten ballanced reporting from local news affiliates, some of those images would have stayed on CNN for more than ten minutes, and people would have been more aware that it was OK to oppose this junta. I propose we organize, away from the internet, and prepare.

ˇya basta! 30.Jul.2003 12:25


No more comments please! Just deeds!

Prediction: He'll helicopter from PDX to UP 01.Aug.2003 10:34


If I were Molly The Skank, the Secret Service and Karl Rove, I would be thinking, "No way we're taking him downtown after what happened last year and to his Dad. And we're not going to use a motorcade where he'll have to pass by protesters. We'll already have Marine One out here for the tour of the Natl. Forest, so let's helicopter him from PDX to whereever he needs to go. And let's make it a private school with only two entrances, where we can have protesters arrested for trespassing on private land and keep everyone back in the surrounding residential neighborhood for their beatings."

On the other hand, I would hate to live in the University Park neighborhood at that point. We're talking 5-10,000 peaceful protestors and 500 violent ones. Could do serious damage to houses, if the history of downtown damage is any guide.

I always stay registered as a Republican, even though I've never voted for one, for the very reason that I get invites to fundraisers like the upcoming. If I hear anything...

Dean campaign planning simultaneous Democracy Festival 01.Aug.2003 10:36


I'm a big Howard Dean fan, and I know that local Dean organizers are looking forward to W's visit as well. They want to have a Democracy Festival somewhere near the protest so families will feel they have safe place to come. I hope they do so we can have a big turnout overall!

Uof P 01.Aug.2003 11:31


The limited access to the U of P offers the opportunity to block out contributors trying to reach the campus.

lets turn it down to black and white 01.Aug.2003 14:35


violence is violence is violence is violence

List of activist organizations 01.Aug.2003 23:39


I am new here.
Where can one go to get a list of activist organizations?

I don't know about the St.Johns Bridge... 02.Aug.2003 11:46


...as I am up here in Seattle but it is good to keep in mind that roads thought to be closed for construction can be suddenly opened for a presidential visit.

No Mercy 02.Aug.2003 20:54

Arch lobo

No Mercy George

Tit for tat

for rustfust - list of activist organizations 13.Aug.2003 12:48

another activist

rustfust said: "I am new here. Where can one go to get a list of activist organizations?:

Answer: Left side of this page.

Thanks 13.Aug.2003 18:53


Noticed that.
Was wondering if there was a central organization planning for various protests.
Airport,downtown -if the stay is overnight and the Uof P?
Your sincere concern is noted.


ANTHONY see website

Hey Portland!!!!
First, a correction, it's not stopbushseattle.org, it's www.stopbushseattle.com
Second, we up here in the Seattle area have begun a huge bannering campaign...Go to
www.stopbushseattle.com to get up to the minute updates for times, locations and all the scoop...
I hope that the headlines this week will focus on the massive anti-Bush sentiment rather than
the standard "police vs. protesters" headlines we are used to...
That is the point of the Seattle rallies...as we will be out the day of the Bush visit, but in Seattle, not
Bellevue where he will be...Folks will be in Bellevue, but the main events are planned in Seattle for the day of the Bush visit and the day after...especially the day after...

Bush visit to PDX 19.Aug.2003 15:48

You guys are nothing more than the vocal minority

For every one of you there are 10 others that support the President. If you are really interested in making a difference, perhaps you should spend some time pondering doing something more constructive. Your protests do nothing to promote your cause (what ever that may be) except to come across to the vast majority of people as a bunch of vandalizing troublemakers with nothing better to do with your time.

perhaps 19.Aug.2003 15:55

vocal minority

But the pro-war rallies could never get a small fraction of people to show up that peace rallies have. That would seem to suggest that it's not a vocal minority. The administration and the media really want you to believe that they have a majority, which will make Bush's landslide defeat in the next election that much more amusing. But, hey keep the faith right? In any case, even if people protesting were just a vocal minority we must not forget that all positive social change has come from a vocal minority, from the revolutionary war, through the civil rights movement. Vocal minorities are only minorities until their ideas are accepted as truth and common sense. This movement may not be there yet, but it's not too far off either.

Schedule 20.Aug.2003 14:30

Jimmy Joe Bob

I noticed a schedule for the prez's visit. Don't see one posted on this site, but if it can be trusted, the implication is that the visit to the UP will only last until 1 or so... Mr prez has a photo-op in Central Oregon in the afternoon. It would be a shame if he missed it, but these political publicity stunts never run on time.

Vocal Minority addition 20.Aug.2003 20:09

Adam Standridge adamstandridge@hotmail.com

The reason that less people show up to pro-whatever rallys isnt becuase less people believe in it, its because they arn't fighting AGAINST anything, thats like saying "Lets go support the use of streets to get our cars around!" we already have streets, so why have a rally to support using streets? as pertaining to war, the war has started so why rally in favor of the war? and yet people against it can still complain to END the war. thats just my input. Also, you say change is instituted by vocal minoritys, but how is protesting a visit from our president a cause? what are you trying to accomplish? You are a vocal minority whos only point is "I hate our president", you mention that all changes have been made by a vocal minority, but do you have any idea how many vocal minoritys have failed in their attempt to cahnge something? way less then have succeded. Everybody have a nice day, and how about you all work on fixing problems, not just complaining about them.

Vocal minority addition 21.Aug.2003 00:25


We are working on a problem.
He arrives on the 21st.
There is nothing more American than the right to protest.
Nothing more patriotic than taking to the streets and letting your voice be heard.
Have a nice day.