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Pacific Green Party's Portland Metro Chapter launches newspaper

I stopped by the Red and Black to see what was up the other day and saw a stack of something called "The Green Zine" on the lit table. I always like to check out what people leave there so I picked it up and sat down with it. Turns out it's a new newspaper about local issues and events, and it's being produced by the Portland Metro Chapter of the Pacific Green Party. Now I'm not much one for electoral politics -- I don't see the point except at the very local level, and even there we need to overthrow it, not reform it -- but I do appreciate when people organize to inform the public about things that the corporate media ignores, and that's what the Green Zine is doing, and doing well in this first issue.
The Green Zine is professionally laid out and features an interesting selection of stories about local issues and events. The articles are written in a standard journalistic style but provide information about how to become involved if you are so inspired. The lead story (front page, above the fold) is about the Public Power measure that has made it to the ballot for the November election. Inside, you can read stories about the possibility of pesticide being sprayed over Portland to prevent the West Nile Virus, an article criticizing the Indpendent Police Review board (which is not very independent at all), recent legislative activity in Oregon that has threatened civil liberties, and articles about what Greens have been up to both locally and around the world.

The name "Green Zine" fits with the theme of "DIY (Do It Yourself) Democracy" that the editors espouse. The basic idea of DIY Democracy seems to be that you can't rely on major political parties to effect real change in the world, and that self-empowerment through alternative institutions like the Green Party are the way to go. "We have created the Green Zine to be a vehicle of that change," they write. "As in DIY Politics, sometimes you have to self-publish to get ethe word out." Right on. Or rather, "Write on". :-)

Publishing is still male dominated and it's important for me to find newspapers and magazines that are clearly making an effort to achieve gender equity. (The Nation and Z are both terrible in that department.) While the listed staff of the Green Zine is leaning male, there is an even split between male and female names when you look at the bylines, and that's important. Also the photographs that go with the stories are not all of men.

According to one of the editors (whom I ran into at the Red and Black a couple days later), the Greens are publishing 10,000 copies of this first issue and distributing them "all over the area", including the 'burbs. He also mentioned that the editors are seeking stories that provide coverage of local events, and that he hopes that people who write for Indymedia would like to contribute to the Green Zine. If you are interested, call the Green Party office at 503.235.0300.

photo didn't show up 28.Jul.2003 15:35


trying again with photo

Hummm 28.Jul.2003 17:55

nony asoum

I would be even better if that paper had a UNION LABEL on it!!!

Keep local money in local peoples pockets, including the workers...

Come to the 1st Green Zine Meeting for Issue 2 28.Jul.2003 18:09

Green Zine Staff green-zine@pacificgreens.org

We appreciate the poster's comments. We are holding our first meeting for the second issue for the Green Zine on Wednesday, July 30. There is a lot to be done and we encourage people to join our staff. Even if you're not a strong writer, there are many areas to develop your talents. The meeting is at 6 PM at the Multnomah County Library in the public mtg room (US Bank room). If you are unable to attend, but are still interested in contributing, contact us at  green-zine@pacificgreens.org. Hope to see some of you there!

local printing & stuff 28.Jul.2003 21:54

Green Zine contributor

This is for "nony asoum": I think that the paper was printed in Camas or Washougal, Washington by the same folks who print the Portland Alliance newspaper. Not sure if it's union, but I'll ask around. I guess it could be a bit more local than that, but at least we're not talking about slave wages in a Third World country.

To the original poster: Thanks!!

To all of the Indymedia reporters out there: If you'd like to write some solid journalistic pieces and have them printed with a large distribution, we'd love to hear from you. Please send us your exposes, investigative journalism, whatever the community needs to know but the mainstream media refuses to print. This is just one more tool for getting the word out.

This article is SOOOOOO fake 29.Jul.2003 09:09


It is painfully obvious this article was posted by one of the Green Zine people attempting a bit of self promotion. Here's an idea. If the Green Party were more honest and less manipulative they might be more worthy of trust. As it stands now, if one of the GP "bosses" tells you the sky is blue, you better check for yourself.

article in green zine in on homelessness 29.Jul.2003 10:19


An article in the Green zine about homelessness makes greens out to be something they're not. The article written portrays the Greens to have some knowledge of working with the city, or other groups concerning homelessness. The truth is the Greens have no clue about what is going down on the streets. To invite the BHCD, instead of homeless people working in the trenches is one example. If the Greens are serious about affordable housing and homelessness they'd better start working with the busted workers on the beat, and advocates who are coming up with alternative approaches instead of the established institutiuons that keep homeless people walking the streets from agency to agency. Good luck.

"lkszerng" is a wee bit jaded 29.Jul.2003 12:27

Green Zine contributor

To "lkszerng": I hate to burst your bubble, but the article was genuine and unsolicited by the Green Party. Although someone with an apparent grudge against us like yourself wouldn't believe it, we don't rely on spin. If we were going to promote the Green Zine on Indymedia we would have stuck with an announcement of the publication, as well as a description of the features, without any of the editorial commentary included in the above article. If you've seen any of our other "self-promotion," such as that for the Volunteer meeting we're having tomorrow night, you'd see the general format we follow for announcements.

To "gogo": The main focus of the forum you mentioned was affordable housing, which is why the BHCD and other groups were invited. We also had several people from Dignity Village in the audience offering their opinions, as well as a number of homeless people. In our follow-up forum on June 15, we tried to focus more on panelists who worked directly with the homeless through organizations like Crossroads.

Interesting... 29.Jul.2003 14:48


"I think that the paper was printed in Camas or Washougal, Washington by the same folks who print the Portland Alliance newspaper."

I'm wondering how you can have something called "Green Zine" when its printed on paper which comes from trees in the first place?

Trees are green 29.Jul.2003 23:04

Green Party Minister of Information

I don't know what kind of trees you're used to, but all the ones I've seen were green. Ha ha, but seriously, trust us, we have everyone's best interest at heart. Make sure to come to our volunteer meeting to find out how you can "plug in". And keep your eyes open for a bunch of green candidates coming soon to a ballot near you.