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Forest Defenders declare war over destruction of old growth ecosystem in Straw Devil sale

On March 24, 2003, following the death of Sparrow, a press release was sent out to announce the tree-sit and occupation of Straw Devil where some of Sparrow's ashes were placed. The press release included this quote:

"Sparrow will always be a part of the forest and will forever be inside each of us, affecting our thoughts and actions. Any attempts to log this forest will be akin to a declaration of war and is an audacious attempt to desecrate the sacredness of this forest," said Karla Wiley, a forest advocate and friend of Sparrow.

Basco Logging of Sutherlin, Oregon, under contract with Starfire Lumber (Engel Investors) of Cottage Grove along with the U$ Forest Service have just destroyed units 1 and 2 of the Straw Devil timber sale. They knew what this forest meant (especially these 2 units) and they knew that they wouldn't get it without a fight, so they sent in an infiltrator (and then that infiltrator was one of the people arresting our comrade after logging began); they orchestrated a "hard and fast" operation - building a road, marking unit boundaries, and felling trees - all at once -- completing the units in less than 2 days. More than 10 loggers and handfuls of law enforcement were sent in at once to do the job as quickly as possible. 4 units still remain uncut........

They have destroyed a sacred place and have desecrated the memory of Sparrow -- All in the name of GREED and PATRIARCHY. Friends of Sparrow will not forget and they will not forgive.....war has been declared. [ Read more... ]

Update on arrested comrade
The person arrested last week at the Straw Devil timber sale while active logging was occuring in units 1 and 2 showed up for their arraingment this morning in Lane County Court. They were informed that charges had yet to be filed against them because the investigation was still going on. The person was orginially told they would be charged with "Interfering with an agricultural operation". Now, they just need to wait and see if/when charges will be filed.

Logging is now complete at units 1 and 2 with the exeption of a small area surrounding the tree-sit in unit 2. All the trees are still on the ground - they have not been yarded out yet. Dozens of activists are now focusing attention on the other 4 units yet to be logged.

We need your help! We need more people in the forest , more people in town, and donations of money, supplies, rides to and from the forest, etc etc.[ Read more...]

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